Notes On An Energy-Deprived (and Efficient) Future That Is Still Awesome.

I wouldn’t resent peoples bad science CO2 delusions if these same people were reasonable individuals who we could come to some practical compromises with.

By first hydrating the landscapes, we can get the carbon into the soils. Thereafter we can get the carbon into the buildings:


There is a kind of natural welfare for fit people that can be had. Which involves building spectacularly beautiful high-rise buildings but with no lifts. Here the shop is on the first level, The rich people have a powerfully luxurious second floor. As the floors go up the building slowly tapers for structural strength purposes. But the rents get lower and lower. Until you get to a floor that is still luxurious, though quite a bit smaller. That floor can be rented out to people for a nominal amount. Since they have so many stairs to climb. That may seem stupid but we want to house everyone and we want societies that function well even under wartime conditions. Right now if we are being attacked all our power goes down.

Combining New urbanism ideas with some form of Georgism:

Does car parking get much of a look-in? No under Georgism and new Urbanism principles you’d probably have high-rise parking on either side of the high-rise strip. Being at either end maybe the parking buildings would be higher than all the other buildings in the middle. Surface parking cannot really justify the expense of it all. Its probably better to build High-rise parking places at either end and encourage people only to drive between high-rise town areas. Not within them. Even if parking is communist. Things may go so far as to have almost no carsheds even where there are two story houses. People might get on their bicycles to retrieve their car to go for a long drive out of the city.

For that matter, we have to strongly consider that under Georgist assumptions we would want to be pretty conservative about putting in new roads anywhere but always have good budgets for new tunnels. Since tunnels don’t have to justify the surface value of the land they represent….

New tunnels Good …. New roads pretty dubious. New roads if they are tar-sealed have about ten times the construction costs of gravel. They take up too much land. They involve high energy costs for transport. Really we want cargo transport to involve very flat rail, sea, canal and dirigibles transport as much as could be possible. We have to take a 5000 year view of things here.

From here on in parking needs to be even more high-rise then apartment buildings. Urban areas should be walkable. New population growth should be in small towns. The other really high-rise buildings would be mostly just those right near to the train station. Yes they would need lifts, these really tall buildings. But there ought to be no parking. These might be the poorest people in the community that lived in these luxurious high-rise next to the station. And most likely you’d want them to bike a mile or so to retrieve their car from high-rise communist storage if they wanted to go for a long drive every month or so.

To get every car thats not moving right up in the air the communist carpark buildings might look a bit like this:

Except maybe scaled down in volume a lot and hopefully more aesthetically pleasing. It will spiral upwards and be more open air.  Hopefully it will be a good chance to overuse arches for ventilation.  However they design the car parks, it should be clear that car parking simply cannot justify all the surface space its taking.

New urbanism suggests that you want to have every possible thing you need within about a 400 metre walk. They emphasise 5-8 storey buildings. I’d perhaps go a little higher with the upper floors as natural welfare for fit poor people. But in the main I defer to their expertise.

I think as the buildings taper to a point where they are still big enough for a passing dirigible to drop cargo off, perhaps the last couple of floors could be water storage, hot and cold. This is because we are facing a great deal of energy deprivation the rest of this century and we want to get that water up in the air with intermittent energy and let it come down naturally when we need it.

A pretty bizzare and paranoid approach to energy? Well white maggot scum have planned it that way. Yes I know I know we could be doing the whole thing on thorium. And I’m glad that “Legalise Sedition” has weathered well and matured in his thinking (over at Catallaxy) and is in favour of this sort of thing. But its going to be decades before we get out of our energy deprived status.

Consider the poor fit guy on the twelfth floor who pays only nominal rent? He’ll always have a part-time job delivering the cargo from the dirigible to everyones door. Its a beautiful system really and we want to make it one that allows society to function well under conditions of extended nuclear war.

Naturally the small high-rise towns should be surrounded by permaculture farming.

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  1. Really rather good isn’t it? And the black girls are just the icing on the cake. The caricature of the Prince is fair enough. But the Prince has weathered well and he is my Prince also now.


  2. A ditch is there to drain away troublesome water. A ditch goes from up to down. It changes altitude. A swale is just a ditch that is all one altitude. In practice a swale will follow the contour of a hill. But the idea of a swale is to try and get the water to sink under the soil, where it cannot be subject to dehydration, without going through a plant first.

    Converting a hill into a situation of banks and terraces achieves much the same result. But swales are cheaper and swales are a first easy step towards terraces. Note how the Chinese and Peruvians terraced their hills hundreds if not thousands of years ago and yet our version of capitalism is so dysfunctional we cannot do it now.

    Carbon will naturally follow the water into the soil but if we have real intention in this matter then that will be excellence in carbon capture and storage. All other forms of carbon capture and storage are basically irrational and ought not be attempted. If your operating principle is heavily weighted towards silvopasture and permaculture then we can increase rainfall. Trees increase rainfall. I’m not sure how they do it exactly but they do it, and also they pull water clean out of the air, being as their leaves at a microscopic level have a massive surface area. So water condenses on these leaves. While they transpire a lot of water they are net water producers.

    So you know. If we want a wetter continent, one where there aren’t any more heat waves, and where we intern huge amounts of carbon in the soil …. We can have these things. But its not going to happen automatically. We have to go out and do it. We need to make policy in such a way as to a


  3. Yes they are both very obvious. In the case of Biden you can go on youtube and find as many examples as you want. And what you will find is that he can now only perform adequately if he is at his place with a teleprompter. What else would you need beside a home visit, a medical license and an ice block stick to put in his mouth?

    With the nuclear explosion you saw it with your own eyes. And if you want to see the two missiles that is there for you to see as well.

    In both cases its the same. You see the truth right in front of you. Your mind is repelled by the implications. To have a conspiracy theory you need a theory. There is no theory here. In both cases its just an observation. The reality is there for you to observe. You have observed these things. You refuse to recognise what you are looking at. This is quite different then theorising about a man with dementia or theorising about an explosion far away and a long time ago.

    You have both seen the nuclear explosion and witnessed the man with dementia. You didn’t need to theorise about it. There was nothing to theorise about. You just needed to see what you were looking at without prejudice.


  4. Actually its the exact opposite of what the diagram suggests. Supposing the American deep state wanted to blow up the Beirut wharf with a nuke in order to stop China’s belt and road initiative in the region. All they would have to do is frame up Israel. Because as soon as Israel is to be blamed you cannot see the five pointed star any more. So you can have the deep red smoke that proves that the perpetrator overdid the red smoke meme. You can have the missiles on camera. The nuclear explosion on camera. As long as every last piece of evidence points towards Israel you are good. Because we are fully programmed to reel from accusing these people.

    This technique has actually been used by the British deep state. The British have gone that extra mile to put the blame for Jack The Ripper on a completely innocent Jew. In doing so they are letting themselves off the hook for the team effort that was Jack The Ripper. Team Jack you might say. Blame a Jew and you are good. Blaming the Jew is equivalent to burying the crime.


  5. Trajan’s bridge. More than a kilometre long. 15 metres wide. 19 metres high. People get too excited about new technology. But most of our problems will be solved with a more vigorous application of the old stuff. The technology of the future is old technology, more vigorously applied and better integrated with other elements.


  6. “Every day, diesel is killing us.
    A 27 Feb 2019 post headlined “Nearly 50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel: study” begins with:
    “Some 385,000 people worldwide died prematurely in 2015 from air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust emissions, a US study found Wednesday, which singled out diesel engines as the main culprit.”

    I don’t know whether this is exaggerated but I certainly agree that many diesel engines can be pretty toxic. The rest of the post quotes Art Berman who I see as a serious expert on the hydro-carbon industry. But I do have one problem. And that is that WE CANNOT DO WITHOUT THE DIESEL ENGINE.

    The diesel engine is more important than electricity even. And we cannot do without electricity. The diesel engine is more important than computers and the internet also. So the complaints about diesel killing people, while at least believable, they have to be framed in the proper context.


  7. “Coal (powerplants) are such comic book villians nowadays.There is just no rhime and reason to them, no matter how you turn it.”

    This is all fantasy talk. Hix considers solar and wind to be alternatives to hydrocarbon depletion. Solar and wind ARE HYDROCARBON DEPLETION. They don’t reduce hydrocarbon depletion they are hydro-carbon depletion. Hix would consider that the more we would subsidise solar and wind the less we would deplete hydrocarbons.

    But in the real world the more we subsidise wind and solar the more rapidly we will deplete hydro-carbons and the more CO2 we would release into the air for less net energy. This is a basic disconnect from reality that is shared by almost every person on this blog. The people who think otherwise must have been filtered out somehow.

    There is only two ways we could have solar and wind NOT increasing hydro-carbon usage. 1. We could stop subsidising them and just accept them as a slowly growing niche source……. and 2. We could move the production of these goods to France. Have the French manufacture them on condition that they used nuclear-electrical as much as possible.

    Now guys you have to get this right. This pretence that solar and wind aren’t indicative of hydrocarbon usage … Its kind of nutty.


  8. “No, terminology is important. By ‘effective’ scientists working in the field mean a measure of how a vaccine offers protection against a disease in “real world” conditions. ”

    We WISH they did. Thats not the same thing. Since as noted few vaccines are subject to an all causes mortality test. Even with the claim you are making, you yourself implied that we are only talking about the disease in question, and not all causes mortality. I think its pretty obvious that every vaccine should pass an all causes mortality test, and not be merely focused on the one virus or bacteria at a time. If people knew that all vaccines available had passed such a test you wouldn’t have problems getting people to use them. I suspect that to pass such a test the vaccine makers would need to get rid of all the adjuvants and go for multiple jabs.

    Its a pretty scary situation when the left starts trusting all these big corporations. They don’t deserve your trust. Really they don’t. Vaccine makers haven’t had skin in the game since the Reagan administration made them free from liability


  9. “TryToRemember: I don’t see why bus companies should get into the energy production or storage line, beyond the opportunities open to any business like rooftop solar panels and, especially, V2G.”

    In the case of the Antelope Valley Transit authority they’ve saved a lot of money doing so and the boss seems to think that their supply security is much better this way. The thing is that these bus companies have a lot of parking space. Therefore they have a lot of places to stick up solar panels. They seem to be doing very well from it and they aren’t destabilising the grid.


  10. To put it as a balance of probabilities issue is to keep it in the theoretical. Its an industry dysfunction issue. Or its something to do with realities and practices on the ground. Its less to do with what we hope that vaccines ought to be. Vaccination is a fine concept to many of us who suggest they ought not be mandatory.


  11. To put it as a balance of probabilities issue is to keep it in the theoretical. Its an industry dysfunction issue. Or its something to do with realities and practices on the ground. Its less to do with what we hope that vaccines ought to be. Vaccination is a fine concept to many of us who suggest they ought not be mandatory. This is not something that can be sorted out on an a priori basis.

    Plus there is this error which says that only double blind, placebo controlled studies are evidence. This is a medical industry conceit. What it means is that when a child gets a vaccine and is damaged this is thrown out as evidence. Even if the experience is repeated ten thousand times over. Actually the double-blind stuff is very weak since all the case study information is thrown out in order to fit matters into a statistical test. This is a reversal of quality of evidence standards. You can get the one-to-one correlation of aluminium to Alzheimer’s autopsies …. and thats not related to long-term vaccine use as a potential cause. Because it didn’t come out of a double blind study. Its not like these medical people are qualified philosophers here. Their errant evidence hierarchy is theirs alone.

    With the HPV vaccine I was interrogating some people at quora. Trying to find out why they were claiming it was safe and effective. It can be like pulling teeth. The first layer was that it produced antibodies for a virus. They had shown that HPV was correlated with cervical cancer. Correlation is not causation. Yes but did the vaccine reduce the cancer? Well they could show the antibodies right? Then after a long period of filibustering I also managed to drag out of them information which showed vaccinated kids had less incidence of the HPV virus being detected in them. At that point the “successes” ran out. In fact the cancer of the cervix was increased. So these proxy measures are not the same thing as effectiveness. Had cancer incidents fell, which they didn’t, that too would be insufficient. We needed to show all causes mortality improvements. We have a problem where the industry is calling failure success. Where they don’t even seem to know what success is. Seems to be a problem not restricted to the one profession.


  12. In the absence of sufficient information ‘flatten the curve’ was a reasonable logical response.

    Thats fair. We were snookered. I was willing to give them the first three weeks of lockdown.

    What rot. The information that was made available was horseshit expressly designed to dupe the world into a panic (Niel Ferguson). The proven efficacy of HCQ was and has been deliberately ignored (Lancet retraction). Mortality rates have been consistently fabricated from the outset (CDC).

    The ruthless treatment denial was baked into the terrorist attack. Surely there is some retrospective thinking here. I only found out about HCQ by going back to 2005. Then I smelt a rat when the first studies came out and it was clear they were designed to fail. But how many politicians have that mentality and how many politicians will read the body of a study with the attitude of a hanging judge? They don’t look at all or they just look at the summary.

    So I had it down very early. And still I was willing to give them 3 weeks because of the planned denial of equipment and treatment. But I’m not believing Macca had things sorted that early. Because for me to have it sorted this early it took a lot of work. A lot of work at the time and a lot of prior work on related subjects.

    So a bit of charity should be extended here. Its not that they locked down in a situation of total ignorance. Its that they didn’t bring things back to near normal more quickly. The ruthless treatment denial is still ongoing. They aren’t telling us to sunbathe. Large doses of vitamin D3 are still highly restricted. Ivermectin is being given the big yawn treatment. No plans for intravenous high-dose vitamin C are in place. This is all a murderous disgrace. But we can give them the first three weeks I think. I think we can make allowances for about the first three weeks.


  13. The Jews nuked Beirut. Then were bombing them again later in the month. For the two month before they were buzzing the airspace above. And we caught the Jew missiles on tape. So you know. The Jews did it. Again.


  14. Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz, Joseph Rosenbaum. Three Jews down. No wonder these lunatics are trying to lock Rittenhouse up and throw away the key.

    Those three Jews were there trying to get black guys to do damage. Trying to get the gentiles killing each other. They will not be missed. But it looks like Rittenhouse is going to be hounded all his life. They are trying to find his cell now to murder him.


  15. James if the hydrogen is not going to be produced on-location and used almost right away its a stupid idea and it cannot work. The Japanese experiment will not prevail, because its non-viable right from the start. It just has to be seen as an experiment on the part of the Japanese that we already know will not be successful.

    What we don’t know is how much money entropy-demons can steal and waste prior to these undertakings being abandoned. While money is being borrowed or created from central banks it appears you can have a great deal of waste and destruction before basic thermodynamic reality catches up with you.


  16. The Jewish Question. What if the Jews could have reformed after they murdered the Kennedy’s. No there is no chance of internal reform. The Jews must be brought under strict supervision from the outside.


  17. Your theory involves not only a series of improbable coincidences multiplied to a probability of one over infinity. It also demands we believe that the Lebanese are these stupid mud people who don’t know not to put a welder, fireworks, and fertiliser in series. How about that hey. Same time and place that mud-person welder the fireworks and the fertiliser all came together. Thats the obvious thing right Steve?

    Face it Steve. If you are not one of them you really aren’t that bright.

    Fool you once. Shame on Jews. Fool you twice. Shame on you.


  18. I don’t expect tears Makka. Certainly I have no tears for the three guys that our new hero shot a week back. But perhaps the rest of you have some tears for the 3-Nil victory of a week prior? Or has the cat got your tongue? Your typing hands broken in three places? But fear not …….. let me take up the story on your behalf in a little while.

    Firs, t lets just check how these fake-ass psy-ops develop. See how the writers broaden and deepen the story. Until there is nothing (except for one thing) that we cannot argue over:

    NECK: Layer by layer dissection of the anterior strap muscles of
    the neck discloses no areas of contusion or hemorrhage within
    the musculature. The thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone are
    intact. The larynx is lined by intact mucosa. The thyroid is
    symmetric and red-brown, without cystic or nodular change. The
    tongue is free of bite marks, hemorrhage, or other injuries.
    The cervical spinal column is palpably stable and free of

    See thats a fake event. He’s not dead. So don’t you be crying for George Floyd, let your heart not be troubled. He is still with us. And that policeman with a giveaway name was a friend of George. That was an event where the writers are all sniffing the air to find that perfect balance of disagreement. But the one thing we cannot disagree on is the gear change that needs to happen once the cuffs are on.

    Now for the important stuff. Fortunately not all events are fake events. And a new hero has emerged in our midsts. This hero came up against dozens of assailant wannabes and two of them wrestled with his rifle. They are both dead. Another one pulled a handgun on our fine young man and now his bicep has been blown off.

    The name of his three opponents are:

    Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz, Joseph Rosenbaum. Its just those things that make you go MMMMM. At the moment the media is trying to back out of manifest Sayinim reality by portraying these three as kind of standard white trash never do wells. So the writers have an answer to every problem. Even when they are caught out 100%. Rittenhouse always left it until the last moment and still he won and they lost. Rittenhouse 3-0 though he gave all three a head start.

    Here is how the action unfolded:

    Kyle is attacked trying to put out fires. The place did not burn down. One fellow tried to take his rifle . Kyle didn’t miss. Another fellow assaulted him and tried to take his rifle. Kyle didn’t miss again. AT THE SAME TIME another fellow points a handgun his way. Kyle shot him in the arm from an uncomfortable sitting position and took his bicep clean off.

    Thats some fine shooting young man. You should have had a tight team of six or more, and some with less lethal weapons. But if you Catallaxians ever need someone to guard your girls, may I recommend this young fellow?

    The other thing thats come out of this young man’s awesomeness is the fantastic value of the rifle-sling. With the second antifa tribalist, Kyle didn’t even shoot until after the rifle had been tussled over. Thats incredible restraint. Without the sling he would have had to have shot earlier. Making it much harder to know if we ought to be supporting Kyle now. Because its just too hard to know who is in the right when you are forced to shoot early.

    Now why aren’t you tough guys celebrating this real event rather than trying to get fake event cops off the hook? There has got to be a reason all you tough guys and retired soldiers are a bit cagey about this story.

    Hmmm. What could that reason be? Just those things that make you go Hmmmmm.


  19. Tragedy lurks around every corner, Mr Powder. It stalks you.

    Thats great but the story you talked about was fictional, not unlike the George Floyd story. There was a happy ending. Justice was served because the handcuffed fellow would have been judged more harshly by the legal system. The risk factor was probably too high because where were her colleagues? Did she get a financial bonus for her misfortunes? You see there is a lot of things going on here.

    Notice how in that particular script there was one lady police-person alone but in the Floyd script there was a whole bunch of them. So the scripts differ but the principles remain the same.

    The scripts are designed and embellished in real time in such a way as to leave you and that other fellow able to argue day and night and still fell good about yourselves. Thats the point of the exercise. Keep everyone arguing so we are paralysed and cannot move towards a better world, or even stop being thieved off.


  20. Look, I agree with you. The Templars are up to their necks in this. Much like Kayser Soze and the Devil, as narrated by Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects, ‘the greatest trick He ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.’

    This Black Emperor/Kaiser Solce thing is very important.

    If we structured our public service to work in terms of tasks, rather than topics we could have flatter hierarchies and therefore much more powerful productivity. Because as Robert Townsend pointed out to us, every new level of management reduces communication 25%.

    Now what this means in practice is we have fantastic inefficiency. Because the world is run by crypto-crats who must deal in strictly linear fashion, as contrasted to all real productivity which comes with either little hierarchy or wide spans of control.

    So how does the cryptocracy maintain control then? The answer is that they have to maintain control via the Kaiser Solce methodology. They have to keep strictly linear command hierarchies. And they need to keep jumping management layers for quality control purposes. So these bigshots have to interject themselves every few layers of supervision or they can get nothing done.

    This is a very important principle to understand. All demonstrated in this clever movie. A bit too clever for its own good, but a fine movie just the same.


  21. If we structured our public service to work in terms of tasks, rather than topics we could have flatter hierarchies and therefore much more powerful productivity. Because as Robert Townsend pointed out to us, every new level of management reduces communication 25%.

    This is the good stuff. This is what we need to look deeper into. My enquiries into the public service revealed something counter-intuitive. My findings were that to have a really great public service a lot of these guys had to be, in some ways, living like pampered potentates.

    We want to have a great public service. So we have to dig deeper. You guys never dig deep enough. You always cut off the enquiry too early. I just get to where I’m slapping dudes around and then the enquiry is curtailed.

    I’m saying that almost everyone should have access to the public service for some time of their working career. And should they get to the third level of hierarchy or higher., they should be subject to some things, that would make them feel like a Pharaoh. If only for a few years at a stretch.

    This is IMPORTANT people. We need to get these things right.


  22. A very extensive enquiry into the evil Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton almost definitely was brought up as a Jew in a slave culture. Hamilton spent his entire life setting up the United States as a global Jew enrichment system. These days most people that work in high finance have become these ridiculous welfare queens. Their mind has been colonised and now they all think like Alexander (Levine) aka Hamilton.

    At one stage Hamilton was referred to by the British in secret papers as “Agent 7”. Which of course is the same integer as “Agent 007.” Before and after being an Empire of territorial claims you might say that Britain had been an Empire of usury. When the option for a country ought to be simply to renounce ones debts, and forevermore run surplus budgets, obviously cancelling debts would not be what an Empire of usury had in mind. So they’ve got to have all these agents running around to keep countries from being quits with their debts. Debt is not any kind of neutral or technical thing. Its a hateful version of slavery and its tied up with deception, manipulation, blackmail and murder.

    Take Game Of Thrones for example. All the way through you would be wondering why the players didn’t just trash their debts. They have the weapons right? Why pay back the bankers? The author got around this by the mantra “A Lannister Always Pay His Debts” But in real world history, forcing the repayment of debts with interest is incredibly grubby and subterraneous stuff. You think that the Jews spent all their time on clerical book-keeping? How could that even be true? Who would voluntarily pay back a Jew? What hold would the Jew have on you? The answer has to be all manner of dirty tricks. The phenomenon of usury implies nothing other than this.


  23. How the violence started. The Jew and corporate financed hoodlums start a fire in a wheely bin. After all that hard work Kyle just walks up with a fire extinguisher and quickly puts the fire out. So thereafter he appears to have been targeted by the mob, but particularly by Rosenbaum.


  24. Okay here is the Washington post lie:

    “The idea that these officials have deliberately allowed violence and restrained police from restoring order is crucial. In reality, officials are working amid extremely complex, fast-moving conditions to balance the restoration of order and public safety with respect for civil liberties and peaceful assembly, while (ideally) avoiding abuse of the awesome powers of state violence….”

    Washington post is CIA. The CIA actually got Jeff Bezos to take over this disinformation rag, and so the paper is a creature of oligarchy. So the Washington post lies all the time. Yes the Mayors and Governors have been deliberately taking away police protection in order to get the violence going. When you see this all you need to do is look at their campaign donors to find out the ultimate perps.

    Here is the historical principle involved: This type of violence happens when people in power (not necessarily the government) gives out the green light. When they give the green light out, in come the psychopaths.

    This was the same for the KKK. On the surface of things KKK actions seem to have been about racism. But racism is a constant factor. It doesn’t always lead to violence. What happens is that the local leadership gives the green light … out comes the psychopaths, the black families have no police protection, and as you can imagine the most sickening things happen. So thats what has happened here and notice in the last protest it wasn’t black men causing the problem. It was white psychos of German extraction with a rap sheet as long as your arm. Its they who had been given the green light and the police had stepped down only showing up to give the local boys (Yes Rittenhouse is a local lad) some water.

    Now here’s another lie going on: “urging right-wing vigilantes” There is no right-wing vigilantes in this story. They are not to be found. A vigilante would track down the bad people to where they are and meet out summary justice.

    Now imagine if these psychopaths were bussed into Albury/ Wodonga? People on either side of the border are sociologically and mentally and in all other ways part of the same community. These boys may reside either side of the Illinois/Wisconsin border but they are locals. They were locals defending a small business/residential mixed use suburb. So there were kids in their beds nearby. It wasn’t some isolated business area. So these are not vigilantes. Thats another media lie. They are unpaid security in a situation where outsider psychopaths, from a long way off, have shown up to destroy their own communities businesses. Barely a black oppressed victim in sight. Thats their friends and employers they are looking out for. Thats not community protection. They are not tracking down white BLM members far from home.

    And the boys did a great job. The business damage was limited. Those employers are still there to give jobs to the young men. And none of the good guys got shot. No black man was hurt. The German descended psychos were not spawned from disadvantaged communities. No oppressed minority was damaged in the violence that was created 100% by rich men, corporate donors, and the left.

    The left isn’t even the left any more. They are rich guys trying to get everyone else fighting.


  25. “Good analysis.”

    Thats just ridiculous. Think of what has happened here. All the disinformation media you follow, including the Guardian and those two dummies on that program you like ….. they have been repeating the misinformation meme “PEACEFUL PROTESTS”. Thats a lie. Many people have been killed, beaten up, intimidated …. and approximately half a BILLION dollars in small business and community property damage has been done. Thats not a peaceful protest and its not meant to be a peaceful protest. Yet all publications that you read have been turning everything on its head.

    “Good analysis.”

    So thats the context. You’ve got an alternative reality going. Obviously if rich men pay psychopaths to destroy things there MUST be a response. And then you guys are like kids who say “he pushed me first.” But thats not factual. The restraint so far has been incredible. But this Rittenhouse kid was well-trained clearly. He didn’t even kill anyone who didn’t attack him. Thats not what usually happens. What usually happens is people either lose their nerve in front of the mob and the mob runs amok. The people who fail to shoot get hurt. Or alternatively the guys with the firearms will wind up shooting everyone they can. Not this kid. This kid was amazing. He only killed those guys who were tussling over his rifle or trying to shoot him. Thats amazing. One fellow tried to shoot him with a handgun and the kid blew his bicep off.

    So the kid was well-trained and he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. Protecting his own community.


  26. Okay so the article was written by Jeffrey Goldstein. Sounds like some sort of joke right? And on the side bar we have “More Stories.” All of them anti-Trump. One written by Deborah Pearlstein. Another by Anne Applebaum. Another by Jeffrey again.

    I remember this mag as a centre-left affair pitched to rich New York WASP’s. You think this is a credible source? That what you telling me? Still believing in the fairies at the bottom of the garden?

    But Biden putting down Trump for minimising the injuries due to Iranian retaliation. That was a good call on the part of whoever wrote that stuff for Biden. That was a solid left uppercut after a good setup but its one blow the crazy left wouldn’t care about.


  27. Andrews is a right winger? That what you telling me? I hope you start saying so because it would be good if you disowned this fascist. Cohen has it exactly the wrong way around. If the white guys in the US are pushed too far, of course there will be a horrific blood-bath and the usual suspects will just watch on as the disaster that they have planned for so long finally comes about.

    The Guardian hey? A rag given to us by Turnbull. Nick Cohen Hey? Nick Cohen. Cohen Cohen Cohen. Something about that name. I can’t put my finger on it but never mind. The main thing here is that he’s got the timing exactly wrong, even though his general thesis is perfectly correct. Worry about the right later. Worry about the left right now.


  28. You found a doctor trying to say its all new and we don’t know anything about treating a virus when we have many decades of experience treating viruses. How is that NOT part of the campaign of treatment denial? Since this idea is pure idiocy and rubbish it should be confirming what I have been saying to you. There is nothing new about a corona virus. Its one of the classes of viruses that give us the common cold. Corona viruses have been around forever. This one has been put through gain-of-function studies so its a nasty piece of work alright. Luckily with a few exceptions (eg Rabies) measures for treating viruses are pretty much uniform.


  29. There is no fake news lie. To deny fake news is to be congenitally dishonest. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of “Operation Mockingbird” have you?

    See how the faux-Popperian stupidocracy treats total ignorance as epistemological virtue?

    No I don’t think you’ll make that connection. Its okay. Don’t furrow your low IQ brow in a pathetic attempt to understand.


  30. “This may be kind of obvious, but I haven’t noticed too many people saying it: the problem in a social sense with both COVID 19 and climate change is that both problems work in ways which are very real and very disrupting, but leave a significant proportion of the population being able to claim no personal and immediate effect, despite what scientists and other experts tell them.”

    One of these is what I call a hybrid event. Whereas the other is just fake news. So with Covid its a terrorist attack posing as an attack of pure nonsense. Interestingly enough it appears to AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES SPECIFICALLY as pure nonsense. But when an Aussie thinks there is no serious virus behind the psychological operation, I know their opinion leaders are all American.

    But these conservatives who imagine that it really is pure nonsense, they have a tendency to get really sick or even die. Because they cannot go so far as to admit that this is biowarfare. They are tapped out at jumping over the first labour of bullshit, and there is another waiter for their table. So they are too confident that they will be okay. Well they WON’T be okay. If they won’t prepare for the virus they are going to get hurt.

    But global warming is the worst case of enforced wrong-way Corriganism ever. The new solar forecast is out. And the Global Solar Minimum will go from 2020 until 2053.

    This is NEW-NEWS people so listen carefully. Jason will back me up on this. In about 2005 I came out on Catallaxy telling everyone that the 2030’s will be brutally cold and dry. So much so that we ought to be investing in North Queensland, if not moving to North Queensland. Joseph Cambria will remember this. And its verifiable from my defunk blog. I only had enough evidence to predict for sure the brutal nature of the 2030’s . But now we can do an update.

    The update is that the 2030’s and 40’s will be absolutely catastrophically cold and dry. And we cannot return to warm 20th century conditions until AT LEAST the 2080’s. Thats how bad this is going to be. Its not going to be fun. When I came out with this stuff Jason Soon told me to wear a Jersey. But the catastrophe will be far worse then even I was saying back then.

    So Steve. You’ve got just straight misinformation like the global warming nonsense. Then you’ve got the hybrid event where there is both misinformation, but a real and sickening biowarfare attack on the planet, to give the psychological operation the full level of street cred.


  31. May what is important here is that the epistemology is wrong and obviously so. They have this completely superstitious view of things that they can classify their own propositions as not being propositions. Then they can say that you are the proposer. Then they attach obligations on your proposal that cannot possibly be satisfied. This is voodoo or at the very least failed epistemology. Its so wrong and so obviously wrong that it amounts to people spitting at you. Its a spoilt brat who reckons he gets to play tennis without worrying about the net. Its adapted from Popperian stupidity but its a much worse set of poses than Popper would ever dream of.

    When you get this sort of idiocy and arrogance, you just have to keep the abuse up until such time as they stop playing silly-buggers, and are willing to try and reason the problem through in good faith. Popper wasn’t even very bright really. But flawed as he was, I am sure that he would be mortified by the ignorant posing that goes on in his name.

    If the one-sided epistemological pretence is over we can say that we must start from the start. We are dealing with a virus. And this is a corona virus. Some viruses are so severe in what they do, its hard to say what minor factors “Help”, if you will still be dead in the final analysis. So perhaps you will still be dead from rabies no matter how much vitamin D you have. Now we don’t KNOW that. But no-one ought to be willing to go without the three shot vaccine schedule if they are bitten by a rabid animal.

    My best guess is that vitamin D ‘HELPS’ with rabies. But you’d never know it because you’ll likely die within 3 months just the same. Thats a guess. Because rabies gets into your brain and then entices your brain to destroy other organs in your body.

    This is my way of introducing the idea that vitamin D3 helps with EVERY KNOWN VIRUS. Its a virus we are dealing with and in all history we have not found a virus wherein D3 doesn’t help to some extent. We don’t have a proposer and a null hypothesis. Thats nonsense. Thats voodoo and superstition and outrageous irrationality. We only have competing hypotheses. Multiple hypotheses competing in parallel. It has to be that way because in any scientific enquiry we have to assume that there is someone out there who doesn’t know the truth.

    So I propose that vitamin D3 helps with ALL viruses, and someone else might propose that there is some viruses that vitamin D3 DOESN’T help with. And the other fellow might go further and propose that with many viruses D3 will hurt the situation, and in the case of SOME viruses vitamin D3 it will help and yet with other viruses the effect of vitamin D3 will be pretty neutral.

    (My position is that extra D3 helps with all viruses, seeing that the modern humans D3 levels are presumably be much lower than the levels they evolved under.)

    Then when we have brought various proposals to the table, its time to bring up this or that data, and the data becomes EVIDENCE through a process of human reason.

    But if you get hereditary spongers and spoilt bratS like Geoff, you can never get that far. The faux-Popperian is like the worst boyfriend you ever had, folding his arms and demanding requests that can never satisfy him, but offering nothing in return.


  32. “It then makes sense for the firm to restrict its demand for labour to take advantage of that power. If you set a minimum wage at some socially desired level then the firm’s monopoly power vanishes and the firm will employ more than it otherwise would.”

    Harry means Monopsony power. Buying power. And what Harry is saying here is broadly true. But its based pretty much directly on Frank Knights models. While they work after a fashion we can do better. Harry’s basically correct idea … no problems with what he is saying. But we need to go further here. We need to dig deeper.

    We hear a lot about the DIALECTIC and we hear this from very strong intellects. But from my enquiries into epistemology I would say any talk of a “dialectic” ought to raise alarm bells. Not putting down Hegel or Marx here, but talk of a dialectic tends to push us back into bad bipolar mental habits. The reduction to absurdity of the these bad mental habits surfaced with the construct of the “null hypothesis” which has allowed all kinds of mischief.

    Contrast that to Thomas Aquinas. A gentleman so ridiculously intelligent we really didn’t deserve him. His methodology was more a trialectic. He would come in from three angles …… The philosopher (Aristotle) What the bible said … And church tradition … then he would apply his best judgement to this trialectic. And his conclusive remarks were amazingly useful regardless of your view of the validity of the three angles. You might say .. Aristotle? Come now. He was weak on oligarchy. You might say the bible …. Ho ho. Oppress me not with that horrific superstition. You might say Church Tradition?? The Catholic Church? Abuse me not with these celibate crazies.

    But just the fact that we are coming from three angles. To me thats a bit of a breakthrough. I prefer five angles.

    When it comes to Labour economics I would try and find the best proponents coming from different angles.

    I would go with Frank Knight. I would go with William Hutt (Hutts scrupulous a priori reasoning is something to behold). I would go with negotiations theory. With the Austrian School even separate from Hutt. With radical marxist theorists specialising only in labour economics (modern marxist social theories need to be ripped up and blown out of a canon) ……

    But I think the Nitzan/Bichler research project needs to be in any analysis from here on in. Their research project is like a BETTER-MARXISM.

    To jump ahead my preliminary conclusions from the way Nitzan Bichler modifies our fantastically powerful economics paternity goes like this:

    1. Finance should be governmental. But in accordance to strict requirements that rule out political favouritism or patronage.

    2. We really only want three layers of management. Worker/supervisor/owner-boss. But since this is unrealistic we probably have to put up with four layers of management to take advantage of economies of scale. After three layers we probably need to bring in numerical handicaps. For four and five levels of management we need powerful unions, a pretty good minimum wage, and a number of safeguards.

    3. Probably for the 2 and 3 level business we should be less severe. That should probably be a more purist Hutt/Austrian School scenario ….. IF AND ONLY IF …. the Participation income is fully in place.

    In this way the participation income aka Andrew Yangs UBI … actually enhances labour market competition. The fellow with the Participation income may move to the countryside to cut costs. But since he won’t die he can pick and choose and play one three-layer employer against another.

    Praise the Lord. Labour competition at last. After all this time. A fully functioning free market for labour. You are not free to choose your employer if the eviction notice has been sent and fridge is empty. Done right with a commitment towards surplus budgets always, we can recruit a lot more human power than ever before. Go the debt route and we are moonwalking out the door backwards right away.


  33. You have to calculate wealth in the first place for that sort of thing. Before you can do that you’ve got to dissolve all of these trusts, lean away from corporations, and get the wealth in real person hands so that it can be calculated. You also need to bring debt levels and asset price volatility down. Since wealth is the difference between asset values and debt. So this is no one-off affair Ikonoclast. This is a decades long pursuit.

    The best starting point would be to have a generous threshold for a land tax that only applies for real persons. Not trusts or limited liability companies. Forcing all the land into the hands of real persons or government should happen first, or a wealth tax is a bit of a non-starter. But I think you are right to react against akarog on this matter. He may have some sort of hidden agenda.


  34. Now just look at how these Jew tricks work. Who has been involved in setting up the current ludicrous meme? Woodward, Kaplan and so forth. This even after Woodward participated in the coup against Nixon. So he starts his career with a coup and it looks like he wants to end it that way. Who was deep throat? Another Jew.

    So its just Jews destroying all democratic values and blaming it on a patsy. At the moment their favoured patsy is the Russians. Not the Jew Russians mind you. Just the Russians.


  35. Jews have a special Jew license to sponsor violence in the streets of the United States. Sure its great that three of them got shot in Kenosha. But you cannot incarcerate Jews for violence sponsorship.

    See what happens even mentioning the Jew George Soros:


  36. Do you have “an overall strategy”?”

    Of course I do. But its no use me casting pearls before swine and not getting a pork chop back in return. Either you are going to turn over a new leaf and start thinking in holistic terms or you cannot be reasoned with. If you wanted to get on the same page you’d go to Bill Mollison for agricultural policy. Alan Savoury for herding policy, Leon Krier for settlement policy, Bill Still for intermediate monetary policy, Henry George for ultimate tax policy, Lee Kwan Yew for intermediate housing policy to father in eventual Georgism, Barry Brook for nuclear and artificial reef policy …. You are going to need a lot of education to start thinking holistically. I’m not holding my breath over it. Makes more sense trying to convince people willing to learn.


  37. The taxation ought to be incorporated into basic Georgist principles of everyone needing to justify their usage of land. Most of our big roads don’t justify the road usage and certainly these big vehicles would leave the owner paying through the nose if they tried to drive their hummers in peak hours.

    Also our hydro-carbon resources are CAPITAL GOODS. We are drawing down our capital stock when we export coal or use fuel with excessive flagrancy. This is probably already incorporated to some extent into our excise taxes. But the hummer is very much a product of insufficiently nuanced taxation. So I can give qualified support to Steve’s thinking here.

    But be careful here. Ken Livingstones original recipe was a disaster. Although I believe they may have nuanced the charge a little over time. Still not enough if my reading of Wikipedia is close.

    If you believe on a nationalist basis that drawing down our capital stock is a serious matter, or even on an internationalist basis, there is plenty of good reasons to take a patient approach to some of your ecological goals without pushing junk science Steve. Why do you do it? You know you don’t understand the subject. It matters why you are doing things because we are just about to waste a shit-tonne of money on exporting hydrogen which is an insane scheme right from the getgo.

    Unless you are sayanim I just cannot understand why you put yourself out of the reach of human reason. Many of your prejudices can be justified on scrupulously rational grounds. This antipathy to huge consumer vehicles is one of them.


  38. At altitude, where the snow which is ice is formed, the CO2 is slightly less and the air pressure makes absorption into the blood differentially more difficult for CO2. Which is why when you get altitude sickness your blood becomes alkaline. From less absorption of CO2 then O2. So thats really the end of the matter. You need three proxies to reconstruct an unknown record. And the ice core proxy differs from both the leaf stigmata and measured record.

    Thats the end of the matter. I am right. You are wrong. I am okay. You are not okay. Plus you will notice that the measured record is highly unstable whereas the ice record is smooth. This is because of leakage. Gasses being light than water there is a slow leakage of the gasses in the ice and we have a kind of averaging effect beyond a mere underestimation.


  39. “This method provides detailed records of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide going back over 650,000 years[6]. Ice core records globally agree on these levels, and they match instrumented measurements from the 1950s onwards, confirming their reliability.”

    No they don’t. And the link doesn’t have the ice core measurements to prove it. Plus even if it were true, it would imply that the ice and the measurements differed prior to the 1950’s, which is true. These guys are notorious for putting different proxies in sequence rather than using the same three through-out the series. They mix and match with extreme tendentiousness and they deep-six the instrumental record prior to the opening of Mauna Loma, which has to be forgotten about from the start, it being next to the largest active volcano in the world.


  40. The following graph shows atmospheric CO2 levels over the last 10,000 years. It includes ice core data for CO2 levels before 1950. For values after 1950, direct measurements from Mauna Loa, Hawaii were used.


  41. Struth sez:

    Calling Climate Change Brainiacs, calling Climate change Brainiacs, I need your help, I have lefties on facebook showing me NASA data showing a massive increase in CO2 from around 1950 I will put the link up here.
    Appreciate comments.Here is their link,.

    I long for a chance to deep dive into this one. Because the graph is an horrific lie. And both sides are letting us down on this matter. The Climate rationalists are also letting us down on this story.


  42. These guys have the right idea. You’ll see that a lot of the things I’ve been saying since about 2013 (Usually under a different handle at quora) start to become more common knowledge.


  43. It will go like it did with the global warming racket. I got out ahead of most people on a kind of logic and speculative level. But I could only take things so far because I lacked the tools to go deeper. Then a bunch of other people come in who can go deeper. Now we have some pretty good predictions going. Heller seems to be a one man job critiquing the validity of datasets. Its not that people didn’t pick up the rigged data prior. But most of them kind of got fatigued of picking up after the frauds. So it was a kind of deal where the fraudsters were the last man standing.

    So this is what I suspect will happen with the physics and cosmology. Gaede, Adams and La Violette did a lot of good work but they were at a point of getting a bit sticky with their own stuff. Not really considering anyone else. But now you have a big swell of dissident scientists who do have the tools to go further. So it will be pretty interesting over the next ten years to see how many of my speculations turn out to be right.

    If only we could lose these dynastic billionaire pricks forcing bad scientist onto us.


  44. Why ask Geoffrey? He’s already shown himself to be in love with fraudulent data.

    To answer these questions you need a real CO2 series. Not a single proxy but an authentic CO2 reconstruction or measured record. When you find the measured record you discover that it doesn’t show the linear post-war rise. The CO2 is far more variable than this. And the famines come when the CO2 levels are low. They were lucky to have a burst of high CO2 levels after the Napoleonic wars and they missed the usual post-war famines. The famines hit hard later on in the 1840’s when CO2 levels tanked.

    One thing the ice record does show is an 800 year delay between temperature and CO2 buildup. To some extent we may be benefiting from the medieval warming period given us rising CO2 levels. We can also thank the hydro-carbon industry. But we are also destroying our soils. So its not likely to be a one cause only situation. But the important point is not to use fraudulent data. Find real data. And be looking at a real data graph when you are trying to answer these questions.


  45. Antifa Jews are finding themselves in fair fights occasionally. They don’t do so well. With Rittenhouse it was three-nil and not to the favour of the antifa Jews. That WASN’T a fair fight. In Charlottesville the Jews won hands down and were even able to stage a faked event and lie about the entire project. Typical Jew reversalism. So the antifa Jews were off to a great start. But now the white guys are catching up.

    Some of these chubby white guys can punch quite well. So often the brain and spinal cord of the antifa Jew is very efficiently separated in terms of nerve impulses.


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