Trump Wins The Election Phase By A Landslide/ Now Comes The Lawfare/ Next Will Be The Colour Revolution.

GMBCATASTROPHE1 second ago@I Jameson In fair elections you never see step changes in voting patterns. Rather you see swings, several percentages one way or the other. Coming into the election Trump had all the momentum, which had started going his way after he came out of hospital.

There was a bias in favour of Biden with regards to mail in votes. But it was about 4%. In Wisconsin, and this sort of thing happened in all the key states, when vote-counting was thought to be closed for the night … in came 138, 000 alleged votes, while everyone was sleeping. Only 3,000 to Trump. Thats not a swing from 4% to 6%. Or from 4% down a couple of clicks to 2% … to account for the momentum. Thats a step change of 2660%. Which is impossible if the votes were fair. So we know its a coup. Because its obvious voting fraud backed up with one voice in the media networks, who are themselves a global Pravda. So we know the coup plotters are and we know what they did.

From Elsewhere:

Summer Stardust says:

Biden is not a left-winger. Biden is not a right-winger. He’s just rotten. He didn’t win the primaries by way of a valid choice of his constituents. If the American left didn’t speak up to oppose voter fraud during the primaries, its too late for them to have an excellent leftist candidate now.

For now its better for the left to back democracy. They have to embrace the suck and understand that its too late for them now. They didn’t speak up when Bernie, Tulsi and Andrew were getting faked out of the competition. Its no good to back the Biden colour revolution now. Sometimes you have to realise that you must wait another four years.

Trump won this election by a landslide. Why wouldn’t he? He had to run against a corpse. Somehow they have Biden crawling out of full-blown dementia but clearly its no easy process. Trump won by landslide then the media owners and their creditors launched their colour revolution. Fake votes pouring in as soon as the legitimate counters went to bed. Now they speak with one voice and with one voice they lie.

Rupert Murdoch had his Et Tu Brute moment. He stabbed the human race in the back. Now all his media minions have turned on a dime and are pretending that Biden has won. The media coup leaders have isolated the President from the people as you do in colour revolutions. They, including Rupert, are speaking with one voice.

22 thoughts on “Trump Wins The Election Phase By A Landslide/ Now Comes The Lawfare/ Next Will Be The Colour Revolution.

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    Andreas Lepp
    12 minutes ago
    @GMBCATASTROPHE You mentioned something about the flaws that NASA and modern physics and cosmology has done.
    What are the flaws? And do you have evidence, citation etc.


    1 minute ago
    @Andreas Lepp It went off the ball about 120 years ago with a campaign of aether-denial and matters have been getting worse since then.

    A key principle here is that to control people via the control of institutions, you need to force the people in these institutions to believe things that cannot possibly be true. So for example while I am a well-wisher of Christianity, to be a high-ranking member of the Church you had to believe in a virgin birth and a bodily resurrection. Well you know. Not exactly science right?

    Well the people who took over physics knew this principle and so they started with outlawing the aether. All subsequent models were built without the aether in mind and they were without exception dysfunctional models but the idea was “Well we have to have something.” This is even the case with a really great scientist like the New Zealander Ernest Rutherford. Since his atomic model was made in an environment of aether-denial it can be considered provisional only.

    So its started with a forced denial of something we already knew was true. Then came the Einstein team who locked in a lot of propositions that couldn’t be true under any circumstances. And they have built on error ever since.

    They later tried to lock in the idea that time, space and matter all came into existence just a few billion years ago thus demanding an end to cause and effect. So this top down meddling in the institution of physics has to be untangled to take out all the logical impossibilities even prior to considering their completely useless empirical case.
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  2. Andreas Lepp
    27 minutes ago (edited)
    @GMBCATASTROPHE So i guess you are not so fond about quantum physics?
    And why is the ether theory the correct one?

    2 minutes ago
    @Andreas Lepp Of course not. Because I’m a fan of science. And I’m a fan of first rate theology also. What I am not a fan of is third rate theology, pretending to be science.

    So with quantum we see all the crackpot cultic signs don’t we? Instead of proposed mechanisms we get quantum principles. Instead of animations of what is being proposed we find out that what is being proposed isn’t conducive to animation. We get feeble excuses being turned into principles. When they are proved wrong they call it a “paradox” … And they pervert cosmology also. When they find out they have gravity all wrong instead of correcting that error they invent make-believe matter to pretend to solve the problem. When their principles are proven wrong via reduction to absurdity they don’t take no for an answer and come up with glib little one-liners. When they want to all agree on something really rotten they shoot straight through to Copenhagen, as far away from scrutiny as can be managed and they have their own version of Constantines theological conferences.

    Also they set up a cripple who couldn’t communicate properly with anyone to be an oracle. They went through about three cripples before they killed the last one off. And they have physicists that are basically psychological operations managers. Its been an eye-opener to me that nothing now falls outside the system of oligarchical control.

    These are worse than really bad ideas that are out there because dissidents have perfectly serviceable models that could fill the vacuum but all the stolen money physics is getting in the way.
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  3. You are delusional ikonoklast. Biden is not the President. He didn’t win the election phase of the colour revolution. So he’s not even President-Elect. The Americans don’t have a system wherein the President is elected by universal media acclimation.


  4. Top ten greatest scenes in movie history. I’ve got it angling for the Franks death in Scarface and the Dane’s death in Millers crossing. And nobody dies. Its all about some steak:


  5. Jew Mafia AKA Russian Mafia.

    Denzil Washington is AWESOME.

    Everyone should have a chance to stop and reconsider. But if they don’t take that chance the array of highly measured punishments may be outside the control of the righteous.


  6. “Summer Stardust “Trump won this election by a landslide. Why wouldn’t he?”

    Umm.. because not enough people voted for him ?”

    Can you attempt not to be an idiot? Can you try that for me? Can you try that? Can you indulge me?

    The majority voted for Trump in a landslide. Then the votes closed for the night. Then the fake votes rolled in. Thats what happened and you don’t need to lie about it. Because thats why, things will be tied up, for the next three months.


  7. The colour revolution was a huge operation. We have job advertisements. We have written stated plans. We have video seminars. All about stealing the election. It isn’t even much about Biden and it may be that Biden was not able to wipe his backside not long ago.

    If this video is successfully linked look for the video within the video about 30 minutes in. You will see a seminar about faking votes. A how too seminar.


  8. I got another threatening phone call from Mossad sycophants. But I wasn’t about to take down this thread like the other thread I took down for them …. at least the other thread could have been misunderstood by Jewish children, who were surfing the net, as some sort of bad vibes towards them. So after I got this Jew harassment I thought I’d better take it down a notch, though I don’t acknowledge I did anything wrong.

    But this time around the threat was ridiculous. So they were just testing me out. Fellas. You know you need CARROTS as well as sticks to control the gentile. Why am I an exception? Where is my business startup money and my guarantee of cheap credit. You need carrots as well as threats if you want me to stop typing fellas.

    So spare me these threatening calls. This is a very mild thread. The other thread was pretty mild also, but so as not to offend some 12 year old Jewish girl, who has no part in the oligarchical evil, I took that thread down.

    We want to let kids be kids as long as possible.


  9. While its true that the colour revolution shows up under Benfords law its a bit of a distraction right? I mean it shows up and that does show its fraud but the real fraud is when all these paid conspirators come into a precinct at 3.00 am-6.00am in the morning with a tonne of fake votes. Its the actual crime we ought to be interested in, and not the tell-tale symptom.

    If all these bully-boys are hanging around, excluding the Republican polling inspectors, making excuses to ignore court orders and forcing people back from their co-conspirators who are faking up votes for Biden, thats more of an issue then the symptomatic Benfords law tell-tale signs. That meme has just been released as a distraction. I mean its true that Benford’s law might set off an alarm bell, but only to the truly stupid. The alarm should have been set off when the goons come in at an industrial discount level and faking up these votes.


  10. While its true that the colour revolution shows up under Benfords law its a bit of a distraction right? I mean it shows up and that does show its fraud but the real fraud is when all these paid conspirators come into a precinct at 3.00 am-6.00am in the morning with a tonne of fake votes. Its the actual crime we ought to be interested in, and not the tell-tale symptom.

    If all these bully-boys are hanging around, excluding the Republican polling inspectors, making excuses to ignore court orders and forcing people back from their co-conspirators who are faking up votes for Biden, thats more of an issue then the symptomatic Benfords law tell-tale signs. That meme has just been released as a distraction.

    I mean its true that Benford’s law might set off an alarm bell, but only to the truly stupid. The alarm should have been set off when the goons come in, and dumped all the fake votes into the system in the wee hours of the morning.


  11. Highlighted reply
    Dale Sajdak
    5 hours ago
    What doesn’t have an iron core? And could you explain why it doesn’t?


    38 minutes ago
    @Dale Sajdak Well for starters there has to be a reason to believe that there is an iron core. And without a rational reason for that, the hypothesis that there is an iron core amounts to a wild guess, the probability of it being true amounting somewhere close to zero.

    When you come up with this idea that there is an iron core you really want to be having some sort of theory as to how a natural iron refinery could have developed and sent the iron to the core. Oxygen is probably the most common element in the earth that we can sample more directly. And iron has a tendency to get itself oxidised. So to suggest an iron core without giving us some notion of a process for how that iron was purified and sent inwards is being a bit cheeky to say the least.

    Then you have to have a reasonable view of gravity. If gravity is a nucleon to nucleon phenomenon. Then gravity will be neutralised at the centre of the earth. There will be weightlessness at the centre of the earth. With this what we call “up’ and “down” will be reversed as we go from the surface of the earth. Probably reversed one time or maybe even three times.

    I think we can be confident that what the mainstream is claiming to be a solid core is really a voided area. Or if not its up to them to come up with a sane theory of gravity that can tell us why they think there is something solid there, rather than a void, for it is “up” and “down” that tell us how various materials segregate themselves. Where there is weightlessness there will be space.


    33 minutes ago
    @Dale Sajdak Moons grow to planets grow to gas giants grow to stars grow to bigger stars. At any point in this growth story they can explode. When there is an explosion there has to be debris cleanup or space would be cluttered rather than mostly clear.

    The conservation of energy is a logical impossibility and orbits of two or more large objects is an energy generator. The job of exploded planet cleanup belongs to comets. Because of the extra energy generated by orbits this can drive the comet cleanup mechanism.

    The thing is that the substance of comets tends to amalgamate with planets and stars. But if it does not do so the comet will get larger and larger.

    Gravity is not so “clumpy” as the heritage formulae would lead you to believe. In general we can say that two large bodies wish to orbit and will almost never crash. Whereas one large and one small body will tend to act roughly with heritage formulae and we might say they “want to” amalgamate.

    If matter has been evolving for a trillion to the power of a trillion years some contemplation will tell you that it really had to be that way for any meaningful reality to get started.

    Plus another thing about matter. If existing matter didn’t aid in the creation of new matter, then each new act of matter creation would be a separate miracle. But in science we don’t do miracles. So matter is “reproductive” in a sense.

    We know that matter must be created or there could never be any matter ever. So conservation laws are logically impossible.

    Usually people who question me are just playing silly buggers. But even I recognise the above is probably a lot to think over. But do you best. Try and digest it all.

    Remember these physics guys … For the most part they are really just public servants and we ought not expect too much of them.
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  13. isawaturtle
    3 years ago
    And you think monetary policy is effective ?


    1 second ago
    @isawaturtle What we have today is not monetary policy. Its just a variation of the subsidy to a bunch of parasites and proven losers. If you don’t think that a low interest rate loan is a subsidy …. Just consider the following pornography. What if I could get a ten million dollar zero interest loan for me …… And the next 20 19 year old chicks with big tits of my choosing? Would the result be testimony to graft and corruption or not? So what we pretend is monetary policy is just increasing or decreasing the low interest rate subsidy to parasites.

    I think we can do better in demand management then simply increasing or reducing the subsidy to parasites. Now get with the program. Because there are only TWO (2) valid types of demand management. Not three. Not four. Not red ink. And not subsidising banking parasites. There only two demand management measures and there are only ever going to be two valid demand management measures.


  14. “Trump did not win the election.”

    Completely idiotic and ridiculous. Not only did Trump win he won by huge (if unknown) margins. How do we know this? We have the three hours of cheating that defied any kind of statistical possibilities. Here I am talking the wee hours of the morning the day after election day. If the point is to simply gaslight the public then the statistical unreality could be for its own sake. But I think the point was regime change. If the point is to get Trump out, get the bankers man in, and change the nature of the Republic, then you don’t want to reveal statistical impossibilities unless you really have to.

    In other words they were cheating in favour of Biden, nationally, from the first vote onward, and obviously so. So there is no great turnout for Biden. Few people showed up to his rallies and not a great many Democrats were enthusiastic enough to waste the day voting for Biden. There was no swing to Biden except perhaps a little bit of one between the first debate and the day Trump came dancing out of hospital. Thereafter all the momentum started building towards Trump.

    Its impossible to get the majority of Americans to vote for a man with dementia. But because of the cult of anti-conspiracy it is possible after the fact to convince a lot of Americans that the majority of them did vote for them. Because if that isn’t true, its a conspiracy right? So the idiot-brain switch kicks in and then they say “Well I suppose the majority of Americans really did vote for him” But they didn’t. Nor will a man with dementia who doesn’t campaign ever win such a contest. Biden himself told his people that he didn’t need their votes to win. His focus, if we can say that he has focus, was on activism after the fake votes were cast.

    This anti-conspiracy cult has gone to far. You just make fools of yourselves. If the Clothschilds are the guys in charge of the money creation network then recent history is merely a Clothschild family business. It had to be that way because of the nature of exponential growth. The central banker network must take over everything and set up a facade. Not unlike the facade Emperor Augustus set up, when the Republic had been trashed, and yet the outer trappings of Republicanism were maintained.

    You cannot beat exponential growth. Which is why ponzi-usury can never be a valid part of Adam Smith’s functional “invisible hand.”


  15. Since the election is so obviously fake and gay and the colour revolution is so manifest; Trump must reinforce the White House. Trump must turn the White House into a fortress.

    Trump must also extend the election count and transition period until March. This cannot be unconstitutional, since this was the transitional time period in the first century of the Republic.

    Trump has gotten a great legal victory in Pennsylvania. Thats magnificent but its not what we really wanted. We really need a very patient audit of all votes countrywide. Not just in the disputed territories, since the fakery will be rife within the entirety of the United States. We don’t want these lies about Biden winning the popular vote like we had with Hillary.

    Now it must be understood that we don’t need this totally thorough nationwide audit to know that Trump won. This fact is readily understood by the data already to hand (if terminal and perhaps congenital anti-conspiracy idiocy is set to the side).

    We know for a fact that Trump won. But its all about healing and reform. This is an opportunity to take a banana Republic and turn it back into a kind and gentle functioning democracy. And in doing so we will make sure that the Democrats will always produce a quality front-running candidate, to outcompete anyone like Trump, whom you lefties are likely to build up this kind of crazy hatred over.


  16. There is a certain logic to what Rand Paul is saying. But I can’t really go along with him. Because this is such tricky little bugger one wouldn’t be surprised if one could catch four different kinds of it in succession. So if you are out there and you’ve had it once, don’t think you are immune. You have to keep your vitamin D levels sky high for a long time to come yet. The next few years are not a good time for overwork. Every blocked nose or sore throat must be treated as if its the dreaded Covid. You need a plan to have HCQ in the house at all times or some other group of substitutes.

    Speaking to nobody in particular, you’ve had the common cold once before have you not? Did that make you immune to the common cold? No. This virus is very weak in one sense but it has been engineered to reproduce so fast that if you are run down or don’t have the right nutrients it can out run you bodies defences. Rand Paul is an intelligent fellow and a good guy. But I don’t think he’s quite
    right on this one. I think we need to expect that this nasty will take maybe 5 years of great vigilance.

    In the last few minutes President Trump has announced that there will be no lock downs under a second Trump administration. So there is no way you can push the responsibility off onto other people. Everyone has to take responsibility and make preparations for themselves.

    On the upside if you prepare your body to resist the Covid, you won’t be getting any problems with colds and flu’s.


  17. I know nothing of Freidenberg but I just want people to contemplate how fake and gay the chain of custody is for that particular news story. Here a rogue entity is committing a terrorist attack on foreign soil. But lo. They have an excuse. They pass the excuse onto Reuters who show American soldiers next to a blown up embassy in 1998. No evidence for anything, least of all for how they reckon they got the name of the person who committed the original crime. Thereafter another newspaper picks up the gay-op story and runs with it. That second newspaper pretending to express the native Middle Eastern interest.

    But speaking of magical Jihadis who can get by without allies, a tax base, diplomacy or friends … who was the magical jihadi who stole our suspenders and replaced them with tight belts? I’m getting a reputation for being an old guy you can throw the hard work at, but I’m seeing others struggling at picking up heavy things from the ground. Or even light things from the ground. Their bum crack gets pushed out just to make everyone else sick. Their blood supply gets cut off. The sweat pours off them. All this and very little actual work is achieved. And further to this, is the singlet, worn under a shirt … Is that an historical redundancy meant to stop the suspenders from chafing?

    Lucky these magical jihadis are causing us all this subtle stress or we would feel guilty about carpet bombing these people and leaving them all heartbroken and homeless. Because taking the suspenders away, thats worse than a magical jihadi breaking into your house and scratching up all your vinyl records. Now that I’ve crossed that Rubicon I can get so much more work done.


  18. “This… and close comments on this thread.”

    You’ve got a lot of minders here … Keeping you on the extremist fringe, telling you what to do, and therefore neutralising one of our best intellectuals in a time of need.

    What have I been wrong about seriously? Except for the Neocons. You were right and I was wrong about that stuff but what else?

    Not everything ikon says is idiotic but note that he just tried to neutralise a serious statistical discussion with a link to Wikipedia????? Obviously he’s not the full quid.

    You can email my defunct email addresses all you like. But I’m the most egalitarian theorist around. So tell me how to win. Just help me figure out how to win and so there will be no more mass-slaughter and good jobs for everyone. Just help me win.


  19. Clearly the ABC has been fully captured by the Jews. See how they keep up the ambit claim of “No evidence” for election fraud. Totally ridiculous on its face.

    The only thing you can liken that ambit claim of “No evidence” is the ambit claim of “six million” There will be six million and one if any Jew tries out that sickening lie with me in a constrained space.

    So the fucking ABC has to fucking go. We cannot have a fucking viper in our nest. But of course we have to break the allegedly private media into small pieces as well. Any media organ which has put out the “No Evidence” meme has clearly been captured by Jew central. So they have to be split up and reformed.


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