When The Tables Turned At Gettysburg the SECOND TIME…

When the tables turned at Gettysburg the SECOND TIME it was more righteous than the first. The tables turning at Gettysburg the first time could have been interpreted as MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. But the second time the tables turned it was TRUTH that counted. The success of our civilisation depends on how far along the spectrum we are between MIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT ….and …. TRUTH MAKES RIGHT.

Might sometimes indeed makes right when there are time constraints involved (as there always are). So we are not talking here in absolutist terms. But to get beyond tribal or kleptocratic levels of development we need to work hard towards TRUTH MAKES RIGHT.

Though I am ambivalent towards the first Gettysburg victory there is no holding back with todays Gettyburg triumph. Everyone who can make a credible psychic connection to Gettysburg right now ought to be glowing with pride. My pride is big enough to share in this and after all I see the same sun and the same moon as the people in Gettysburg. Its a proud day for Gettysburg right this moment. I am jumping up and down on chairs right now and stroking my whiskers. After all our greatest recent musician said that the “Arms Of Orion Holds Us Both Together” and so we are all connected by the aether that these oligarchs denied.

I can see why people share a lot of love to do with the first battle of Gettysburg. But this second Gettysburg triumph forms a more perfect victory.

6 thoughts on “When The Tables Turned At Gettysburg the SECOND TIME…

  1. No you are NOT right. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Biden won the election. Its a 100% one-sided deal. I don’t think you even know what evidence is Steve. In most personal cases there is usually a bit of right and a bit of wrong in both sides of the argument. Not in this case.

    In this case Biden has NOTHING. Not the slightest bit of evidence in his favour. But he has about 97% of the mainstream media exhortation. Thats because its only one network that runs the media and so its Soviet Era PRAVDA writ large.

    So you’ve got no evidence at all that Biden won the election. The Trump camps evidence is TOTAL. And the media is 95% plus lying.

    Don’t you think you better find out what evidence IS …. before you voice an opinion? Hey Dummy?

    Now we know the courts are going to have to give it to Trump understand? I don’t think they have any choice. Then the media will lie and say its a coup. Then there will be lots of street violence. Then there may be an interim government appointed and thats likely to go horribly wrong.

    But the courts don’t have an whole lot of choice in this matter really. Because Biden hasn’t a scintilla of evidence that he won this thing.


  2. You are just delusional. The Republicans who aren’t in on the colour revolution know that they have had votes stolen from them, and that Trump has had mega-stolen from him. How do you THINK they will react under these circumstances? If they get weak-kneed and disloyal they face living in a Soviet country where no-ones vote counts because votes are conjured like funny money is conjured.


  3. According to my blog I’m supposed to be the worlds most holistic prophet. So adjusting my third eye I can see a scenario where some of the Biden family men are murdered. See what that would achieve? The Western Pravda could then blame it all on Trump. And it would hose down all the scandals in the Democratic pigs at the trough elite. Since the point of the exercise, with the oligarchy is to always get us fighting each-other (so they can continue stealing from us) then this would do quite nicely.


  4. More terrorism from the Jews. The reality is that the Jews will continue with their terrorism until we reverse this business where our every move is tracked and their every move is not tracked.


  5. Part of what you are doing is what I would call “disaggregating the evidence.” In the old days the excellent Jason Soon would sometimes do this to me. So for example we know that the earth is growing and getting more massive. This violates the law of the conservation of mass and energy which is not a real law but in fact a logical contradiction. This law is not only wrong it cannot be right.

    Well supposing I point out that the dinosaurs couldn’t stand up under our current gravity? Which is true right? But for most people it wouldn’t constitute, on its own, a revolution in physics and cosmology. Well Jason gave me a hard time about this maybe a dozen years ago. He said something like ….. Birdie thinks that the earth growing is proven by the idea that the dinosaurs couldn’t stand up??? Ho ho. Actually I had a great deal more evidence then that and so Jason was disaggregating the evidence in order to dismiss in small chunks. Thats what you are doing here and it leads to opposite man behaviour.

    So take the statements of dover beach and currency lad? These are fine arguments. They are not the whole case of course. So what you are saying here is that OPPOSITE MAN can attack whenever the entirety of the case is not presented whole. Even when the entirety of the case is presented whole you can grab a chunk of it so as to dismiss in small chunks. This is irrational.

    The reality is that no fair election has voting SPIKES. There is only voting swings in fair elections. With coin tossing you can have a small swing towards heads and a small swing towards tails. But you can never have spikes. If you are that dimwitted that you do not know this then its better to stop typing and defer to your betters.


  6. Don’t matter what Trump says. Its not about Trump any more. If Trump is hiding in his room we have to drag his ass out of bed and make him be President again. Even though he was Israels man in the White House still that doesn’t matter.

    The Repo Men show this principle clearly enough. Trump cannot take it personally. Its not about him.

    There is this Dude called Daryl. And he’s done up a barn or something. Or put an extension on the house. Him and his old time rock and roll homeys practice a bunch then a guest shows up. They talk a little bit about how to sing the song.

    They they fucking knock it all over and rock it all over in a single take. I was a big fan of Cheap Trick back in the turn of the decade between the 70’s and the 80’s. Go in 29.20 for a song you will be familiar with: Surrender.

    God Bless America.

    Now you Americans. Don’t you be going wobbly on us. Its not time for any of you to be pussy’s.


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