Bigger Than Trump.

Don’t matter what Trump says. Its not about Trump any more. If Trump is hiding in his room we have to drag his ass out of bed and make him be President again. Even though he was Israels man in the White House still that doesn’t matter.

The Repo Men show this principle clearly enough. Trump cannot take it personally. Its not about him.

There is this Dude called Daryl. And he’s done up a barn or something. Or put an extension on the house. Him and his old time rock and roll homeys practice a bunch then a guest shows up. They talk a little bit about how to sing the song.

They they fucking knock it all over and rock it all over in a single take. I was a big fan of Cheap Trick back in the turn of the decade between the 70’s and the 80’s. Go in 29.20 for a song you will be familiar with: Surrender.

God Bless America.

Now you Americans. Don’t you be going wobbly on us. Its not time for any of you to be pussy’s.

23 thoughts on “Bigger Than Trump.

  1. My computer is too old now for the new wordpress stuff. So I can’t really even put a readable post together. Evidence was given today in Arizona. More and varied evidence then we’ve seen in a public hearing before. Its all good stuff too. Some of it may be a bit hard to follow.


  2. Trump’s FBI is working against their President. Which means the FBI isn’t working for Americans but rather for the Deep State. NTD does a pretty good review of some of the evidence that was presented in Arizona.


  3. There is a clip here of this fellow starting with his most strident statements. But actually he’s a maths nerd. His analysis might be a bit hard to follow here without a lot of diagrammatic assistance for teaching purposes. But we knew a colour revolution was coming ahead of time and we knew it was launched during that five hour period where most of the Biden spikes came out.


  4. This may seem like an irrelevant question. But is it now the case that proximity to the coast is correlated to net wealth or income? If its the coasts that are threatened, then do the people who live close to the coasts have the means to mitigate the problem?


  5. “Case studies and autopsy results are confirming that, in some cases, COVID-19 can cause such severe lung damage that patients require a lung transplant to survive. ….”

    Yes thats true. If this virus is allowed to take hold in the unprepared individual. And yet if the virus happens upon a fellow high in vitamin D and with appropriate treatments in the house, he probably will barely notice it. So why is there not zinc, ivermectin and HCQ in every fridge. Why is there not the hard-core fat soluble vitamins. The reason is because its a terrorist attack.


  6. Don’t go near this rubbish. We just have to be much nicer to our chickens. And some farmers are very good to their chickens but its rare.. The chickens have to be integrated fully into a wider ecology. The greater tragedy is not the murder of the chicken. The worse tragedy is not giving that chicken a healthy happy life.

    The real slaughter is necessitated by this monoculture and laboratory combination. To grow a single crop in a single field is a violation of all laws of nature and by its very nature requires constant killing and poisoning. Monoculture is the great crime against nature. Not killing animals. Although it is true we have to do this latter thing a lot better than we are doing.

    Part of being nicer to animals is having a different set of living arrangements, which emphasise built up small towns surrounded by permaculture farms, and avoiding these large kill centres. Large industrial animal kill centres are a horrifying thing in my view. My Dad taking a chook and suddenly chopping its head off when I was about five years old. To me thats not such a big deal. But loading all the yearlings onto a truck and taking them all to the meatworks to be killed ….. We have got to care a bit more about the horror of this.


  7. Its not a serious logistical model this lab chicken either. Because the laboratory is always going to be a high maintenance arrangement that requires all these logistical problems with inputs going back and forth from the farm to the lab. It makes no sense. Whereas the chicken, properly used as part of a wider ecology, becomes one part in an enterprise where the sum of it all is greater than the parts. I’m struggling to find the usual phrased.

    So for example if you have the chickens following behind the flerd … at 3-5 days delay, and the trainee is covering the cowshit with grain, then the chickens will come in, eat all the maggots, eat the grain, spread out the manure, eat animal protein, green stuff, and get a lot of sun every day, and their eggs will thereby contain huge amounts of vitamin D and K2 in the yolks. Then if you have a particularly sad piece of ground you drag the chook shelter over it and they will leave the phosphate that the sad piece of ground will become the most fertile piece of ground.

    The lab and monoculture debacle offers nothing of this. There is just this simplistic and wrong energy paradigm that they are working off. Its unbelievable the crudeness of the thinking here. In this thinking you have only net primary production. So that any animal involvement means lost joules. So we humans have to eat the first thing that grows out of the ground, according to this ignorance of nature. Fucking unbelievable that people who think they are educated fall for such crude thinking.

    The Greatest Australian; Bill Mollison, struggled against this net primary production based stupidity all his life.


  8. Thanks Steve. Least I get some small part of my message out. Maybe thats part of why we are being treated like animals now. We didn’t have the right to be treated like humans because we didn’t have the conscience to treat animals right.

    But if you are blocking me maybe Sinclair has an obligation, AS A NEW IMMIGRANT, to let more of my messages through. He is a new immigrant blocking me. Thats kind of perverse. Then one time when questioned about it he said I could comment here (meaning here on your blog). Well now though I’m nearly always right (I was wrong to be a neocon) … I can’t comment here often either.

    Sinclair is testing my patience with his intransigence and bloody mindedness. And I perceive racism here also. If Sinclair is putting the gargoyle community ahead of normal Australians thats a big issue for me. Big fucking issue. I am holding off giving him a hard time because of what I perceive to be some good and courageous works.

    But he’s taking too long to come around.


  9. You are taking way too long to come around Jew boy. You are a migrant here. And you may be blocking me for racist reasons. I think you may be going above your moral right to be blocking me for racist reasons. If you had wanted to impede patriotic Australians from speaking openly in this country you should have stayed in South Africa.

    I’m patient. But I won’t be patient forever. Lets not forget that you are a Jew, supposedly by choice. Which makes you less okay in persecuting the rest of us. Because you didn’t need to join team persecution under that theory. Under that theory you joined the wrong team by choice.


  10. The attempted election theft has brought this 18 year old to my attention. A fantastic public speaker, genius level intelligence, and only 18. He was speaking on-stage with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell just yesterday. Very good speaker. Sound head on his shoulders. No lock-step conservative, he also helped campaign for Bernie Sanders. More populist then anything else. Looks to be a good guy with a big future. Hope the bad guys don’t corrupt him.


  11. Avian
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    #3686739, posted on December 11, 2020 at 5:37 pm
    Eyrie – I am not Sinc, fine man that he is

    I have a better head of hair than does Lucius. 😁

    Okay so I will choose to believe you. But its still two Jews bouncing off each other. When the mood turns I’m not going to stick my neck too far out for you. I guess you don’t need our help. I guess the Jew sleeps with a full suitcase under his bed at all times.

    Why not just help me work towards a workers paradise in this country? You know that a workers paradise can only come about through a small business paradise? You may be loyal to the Jew menace but think about coming over to the bright side of the road.

    Just think about it.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    #3686753, posted on December 11, 2020 at 5:50 pm
    Sinclair what is wrong with a workers paradise really? If it comes via a small business paradise? When you have the price allocation mechanism, partial and nuanced Georgism, what could really go wrong with that?

    You know I am right and you always did really. So why not support me?


  12. Check this out. Fucking great. Good people but not our people. This is fundamentally a non-Yamnaya achievement. But are we not all good people under the one sun God?

    Great work. Love it.


  13. Can I tell you something about this Covid that I found out for myself?

    I came up with some money and sent my patient a stash of vitamins. Now I meant to tell her that she should build up her vitamin D3 levels before she takes the vitamin A (Which was also hard core extreme strength). Now actually I think I did tell her this. But anyway she informed me she took the vitamin A and the vitamin D3 and K2. I reminded her that she wasn’t supposed to take the vitamin A right away. Because vitamin A poisoning is maybe 90% vitamin D depletion.

    So I got a bit of a shock when she told me that she took the vitamin A (Remember that this is the strongest vitamin A on the market) but when there were no ill effects I said to her …. Okay. then take one of each (A, K2 and D3) each day.

    Now it turns out this was a horrible mistake that almost went tragically wrong. This lead to a huge panic. I’ll give you the REST OF THE STORY … if you publish this comment. Because its got a happy ending. But it shows that real healing requires constant coaching. Because things can go horribly wrong.


  14. Check this out? A fairly catchy but somehow stupid song …. at least stupid in a white girls mouth … gains new life in the mouth of a black man, subjected to the same Jew/oligarchical abuse that we all face.

    Like with the original writer its just privileged rich girl whining when it all comes down to it. But these more hard-core musos are keeping it real. The Jews and oligarchs are going to blame it all on me and you. But if we cannot convince these good people, and excellent musicians who is really to blame for the confusion …. Well I worry for both of us but I worry for this good boy more.


  15. That was great. That was wonderful. To inject new life into a fundamentally spoilt white chick feminist song …. thats an amazing achievement. But lets just contrast that with the real art. The real art is when Rosie Gaines

    is with the little girl in this next video. And you can call these people field niggers you can call them black you can call them anything you want to call them. But there is a good chunk of Yamnaya in these kids. And they are the real artists. And I keep on surveying the kids to see if there is anyone in the modern era like Prince. Probably there is but I haven’t found hime yet.

    I don’t think that David Bowie is dead. And I am angry about the lies that the Jews told about Michael Jackson. But I don’t think he is dead. But I think Prince REALY IS DEAD.

    And it hurts. It really does. Because he was the true artist of our era. No matter how excellent Keith Richards, or Frank Zappa or Randy Newman or a host of other worthies were ….. Prince took it all the way. And you can see it in that video. Its just Rosie Gaines, and the little girls sitting on her knee. But its the best we have. And its been taking from us. And the sad news is he really is dead.


  16. Completely meaningless since the campaign to have only legal votes counted hasn’t ended yet, and the American security establishment cannot let the Chinese communists control the White House.

    If only legal votes are counted the score would be about 410 to Trump and around And about 124 to Biden. That is to say a total blowout in favour of Trump. And election victory of epic proportions. Because the Democrats cheated to get an unpopular candidate in the lead and the sick old near vegetable was incapable of campaigning. Had they let Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard, or Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard win, they could have beaten Trump fair and square. But the primaries are always even more fraudulent than the main event.


  17. There are many other things to worry about. But if its a Biden Presidency that is giving you anxiety then let your heart not be troubled. There can be no Biden Presidency. For the simple reason that the American Military-Industrial Complex cannot allow a Chinese Communist Party takeover of the White House.

    That is really the end of the story. And though the various litigants may seem to have run out of time, its really only about judging when it is the hard core guys will pull the plug on the Biden fantasy.


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