Hard Core White Homies Will End The Biden Fantasy.

Hard core white homies over 60 are going to end this Biden fantasy, but we just don’t know when. It won’t be Trump forcing them to do it. It will take hearts made of sterner stuff than Trump to close this fantasy down.

When this happens I don’t want anyone to assume that I am a prophet or that I have the gift of second sight. But if you see the dynamics of what has to happen then you have to understand the white solidiers who fought the cold war, and are now four star generals …. They aren’t going to let the CCP take over the White House. Now here is also where the Kosher Nostra betrays their junior partner. The Jews brought the CCP in as their junior partner but just as with J R Ewing constantly ripping off Cliff Barnes …. You don’t do business with the people who we know for the last fucking thousand years are going to fuck you up the ass and steal all your stuff.

So here is the Chinese Communist party, totally flush with cash and hubris, thinking they are about to capture the White House. But the White House was already captured by INTERNATIONAL JUDEA. So what do the Jews need a few Chinamen for? So you have international Judea absolutely raping all of us. But in terms of stopping the Biden family, and therefore the CCP, from taking over the White House, then hard-core Anglo-Saxon military lifers, and the Kosher Nostra … they will work hand in glove.

Now of course this analysis doesn’t rule out a suspicious Biden death, and a Harris Presidency. But what you have to understand is that when these ice cold white guy killers and the Kosher Nostra have common cause that kind of limits the range of possible outcomes.

1. There will not be a Biden Presidency 2. There will almost definitely be some sort of “interim government” 3. In terms of the massive victory that Trump achieved, that is not in doubt. But that doesn’t mean that there will be a second Trump term. It SHOULD mean that, but thats outside the scope of this analysis.

4. Beware the mass killing of the warp speed vaccine rollout. Trump is not that great a fellow. But he’s not outright evil either. And he’s backed against a wall. That he’s allowed for this Warp Speed holocaust really makes me think that he won’t be in charge when this catastrophe happens. Because if her were in charge he would probably stop the roll-out. But he won’t be in charge So the Kosher Nostra plans to wage war against us all will be eventuated.

5. Turns out that Trump has already converted to becoming an Ork. Yes he converted and became a Jew in 2017. But He’s a new Ork and his heart has not been filled with hate yet. So that means I have to pick an interim government or the vaccine catastrophe could be interrupted half the way through.

My crystal ball grows cloudy.

“Go Away Now” (The Critical Drinker)

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  1. Teller of tall stories, Bill Mollison, is definitely the greatest Australian who ever lived. But if Jesus Christ is an historical person (and neither a divine figure, or a literary construct) Jesus Christ would be the greatest of us all, because JUST WAR THEORY is derived directly from Jesus Christ.

    Given this ambiguity is Bill Mollison the greatest human being? He’s not greater than Jesus but is he greater than Cyrus the great?

    As one member of the Chinese Communist Party said …… “Too early to tell.”


  2. This has been a cyber-attack on the Americans by the Kosher Nostra and the Chinese communists. So thats an act of war, and an attempted coup. So of course if you are a collaborator, under traditional standards you would be strung up on the nearest tree. Now thats not going to happen and perhaps that is not what we really want. But the reality is that anyone going along with the coup is a felon. There is just no doubt about this. It might come under various sophisticated legal terms but the reality is that there has been a lot of people committing crimes by going along with the Kosher Nostra flow.


  3. We can finally say that Biden is the President Elect. People can say that Biden is the President Elect and not be telling a dirty lie. Thats kind of suspicious don’t you think? That the mainstream media, with one voice were lying all that time by using that phrase?

    How is that coincidence theory working for you? How can you explain all mainstream media in the United States and Australia lying with three score tongues but only one voice? Its because they are all so totally controlled by the same guys. Rupert lets some of our Sky News people have a pretty long bungee rope but he’s pretty damn strict with his American fox news people.

    So you cannot explain this relentless lying by recourse to coincidence theory.

    If you understood about fractional reserve banking then you would understand how this catastrophe of near total control of the species came about. People like you and Sinclair have in sober reality probably saved my life by being the little bitches that you are. Because had I been allowed to have my voice, and had my voice become effective these bastards wouldn’t just be harassing me on the phone occasionally. They would have taken me out. Whereas because of the censorship of little men, I have been forgotten about and remain, for the most part, gloriously safe.


  4. Oh praise the Lord. Justice has been served. The head terrorist at Mossad has been assassinated IN RETALIATION FOR UNAMBIGUOUS TERRORIST ACTS. The head of global terrorism inc. has been killed and is now in hell.

    So you see not everything that an Iranian does is wrong. Yes the clerisy is “a bit much” shall we say. But these are the Persians. The Iranians aka the Aryans. These are our cousins and the Jews are NOT our cousins. Clerisy aside these are human beings and the Jews are hateful Orks. And now the leader of terrorism inc. has been taken clean out. As Jesus Christ would have wished it. What a happy day it was. You cannot do better than that. Everytime a Jew commits a terrorist act the head of Mossad should die. Which would mean of course they would have to appoint a new Orc as head of Mossad every week.



  5. “VT: Confirmed, Fahmi Hinavi, operational chief of Israel’s Mossad, was killed by an Iranian team inside Tel Aviv on Thursday night.

    Hinavi is thought to be the force behind the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist a few short weeks ago.”

    If this is all true its so satisfying. This is the way to answer the Jewish Question.


  6. The election theft is obviously a Jew operation, as evidenced by the fact that A SINGLE JEW contributed more money to the election steal then did the entire Chinese Communist Party. But the Jews brought these Chinks in as junior partners so that they can slither out of the blame and coax the Americans and the Chinese into Nuclear war.


  7. Okay great I can continue. So my patient woke up in the middle of the night and was struggling to breath. Just like she had been when she have Covid a few months back. So why the resurgence? Anyway she has strict instructions to keep HCQ in the house at all times. So she took a whole 200 milligrams of HCQ. This is when she knows that she is a bit sensitive to the HCQ and is really only happy breaking it in half. But this was an emergency.

    So in the morning she books into the doctor who lines her up for various chest examinations. We were wondering if the Covid left scarring on her lungs. Then she contacts me. Her head was still muddled and probably from some level of hypoxia. So I got onto her kid and gave strict instructions for the use of the vitamin stash. She had 100 000 IU’s of vitamin D3, she had zinc, selenium, ECGC (a green tea extract) to help the zinc absorb into the cells) Then after lunch she had ten vitamin C tablets. So 5 grams of vitamin C just to play a bit of catchup. But the most important thing was NOT to take the hard core vitamin A that I sent her. That was the problem. So she has to really build up her vitamin D levels before she takes any more vitamin A. In the end the vitamin A will help her. But the vitamin D has to be built up first.

    Anyway the X-rays revealed some artery blockage which is why she has high blood pressure. But nothing specific to do with the lungs. But here is the take home story …..

    ….. After all this time she still has COVID lurking in her system. Ready to burst out if her system weakens. This is a very scary virus. The people who engineered this virus knew how to do gain-of-function studies. So the conservatives who play down this virus may make many very good points. But they aren’t giving us the whole story.

    The good news is, though we made one mistake which could have been fatal, we had everything we needed in the house to cope with the problem, and she was energetic and happy again within 48 hours.

    So Covid hangs around. You get it. And you are likely to keep it a long time.


  8. I don’t want to be pushing QAnon style Hopium into anyones forearm. But wouldn’t it be great if Trump meant this and started kicking heads to the disloyal ones once he gets his second term? Wouldn’t it be great if he stomped on the traitor Netanyahu and the media and really got even this time.


  9. Great post Steve. Lord knows you are a dumb leftist goose-stepper. But sometimes you seem to show the sensitivity of an artist.

    Part of the psychological operation within science was to take electricity (which is two thirds of everything) … and put it in a box and put that electricity box in the corner. For example why do the raindrops in black clouds continue to float? They defy gravity for hours on end before it actually rains. This can be explained only when we bring electricity back where it belongs.

    The great artist seemed to know that something was amiss when she wrote:

    “Rolls and flows of angel hair,
    Ice cream castles in the air,
    Feather canyons everywhere,
    I’ve looked at clouds that way.
    But now they only block the sun.
    They rain, they snow on everyone.
    So many things I would’ve done
    But clouds got in my way.I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now,
    From up and down and still somehow
    It’s clouds’ illusions I recall.
    I really don’t know clouds at all.”

    See how the authentically great artistic mind somehow penetrates more deeply than the full time scientist? No mainstream scientist can explain clouds since as many examples of the flow of electrical energy as could have been made taboo have been made taboo in science. So the poets education made it impossible for her to understand clouds. But her genius was to realise WHAT SHE DID NOT KNOW. The song makes me almost want to cry, not from a girly point of view. But just because of the deep penetration into the nature of reality that the artist has achieved.

    And so it goes with the Aurora. The Aurora cannot be explained without electricity. So its beautiful, and no mainstreamer could understand it. Maybe now a few can. But understanding was basically banned outright. Just as it is now with climate science. Climate science is really all about electricity. But the dummies running things don’t know that.


  10. “2) This is no longer true: around half of all employment is now related to human services, information services and finance, and these are at most indirectly related to goods production.”

    This is usually viewed as a functional development. Whereas its possible to think of some aspects of these developments as unnecessary complexity. Joseph Tainter has made a study on the collapse of civilisations. He’s boiled it down to the idea that societies collapse with a sudden loss of complexity. My form of socialism is to do with intervention, not to end free enterprise, but to simplify it. So that we can’t face a loss of complexity that would lead to collapse.


  11. Marchetti’s law. What an interesting idea. What if people brainstormed up myriad ways to defy Marchetti’s law on the downside for one thing, and also increased how much commuting was being done on foot (or perhaps with an electric bicycle?). One idea which comes to mind is assistance with relocation closer to work. Perhaps a government loan every time someone wants to get closer to work. Along with the principal of that loan being tax deductible. Perhaps matching this program up with public housing policy.


  12. I’m saying that the Northern Lights are purely to do with the movement of electricity through gas, in the absence of better conducting water vapour, and where the jet stream is not available to move the energy kinetically. The most important of these gasses, for the purpose of these lights, is going to be Argon. But its not true to think that just because the various wavelengths of colour shown by the northern lights are not exactly that which we see with a purified argon lamps … this doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Because we have to consider that other gasses will also light up and Argon is a minority molecule in this scenario. We would need experimentation with high electricity through gasses in a scenario where sparking (equivalent to lightning) is somehow suppressed.

    Just to rephrase … There has to be some reason why alternative energy transmission is being suppressed. It has to be to do with the lack of other forms of energy transmission which include … lightning … wind …. water vapour allowing better conduction of electricity ….

    I’m not the fellow with the training to do the research. My main skill is simply knowing the tricks of the conmen who try to control all aspects of life. So what I can do is point out to trained science workers what to look for. Why is there fuck all wind going on in that time and place? Is there in fact almost no gaseous water vapour present? Do the jet streams not go that far North at that time of year?  Can we measure the capacitance and voltage difference at various altitudes? And one thing I would want to know is how much carbon 14 is being created under these conditions. Since I believe fusion to be easy and natural under conditions of high capacitance.

    I take a different view from everyone else. I think fusion is easy and natural. I just think its no energy spinner. I take fusion to be an energy sink. So my favourite energy source for the latter half of the century is thorium nuclear fission. For the first half I think the best “energy source” is investment in energy efficiency. Not excluding overnight luxury rail transport as a substitute for flight.

    Well I’ll go to Wikipedia now and find out about the Northern Lights. And they may well have caught up. But the reality is that as many instances of electricity as an explanation, that CAN be suppressed in the natural world, have been suppressed. High winds, tornadoes cyclones, hurricanes, jet streams water condensation and all kinds of things are examples of electricity at work. In reality people do kind of know this now. But this knowledge has been suppressed as long as it possibly could have been.


  13. This is probably the best introduction to permaculture I’ve found. Because Bill Mollison was a teller of tall stories ….. sometimes he’d give you ten minutes of tall stories and only one minute of permaculture.


  14. Fucking great man. Rhamis Kent is my new hero. He didn’t originate these ideas but he’s absorbed them better than most living people and he communicates so well. If we ever go back to Apartheid I’ll do what I can to give this fellow some sort of universal white boy pass. Fantastic man. He was a co-writer with Bill Mollison on one of these books I bought. In his low-key way he makes communication a kind of art form.

    Fucking great because I’ve been wanting to communicate with people just how cool permaculture is but heretofore I’ve not been able to find the right communicator.


  15. You see Bill was this philosophical, artistic and scientific genius. And he’s getting these bursts of insight for decades on in. But you need a fellow with a more organised and normal mind to absorb everything and communicate it so brilliantly.

    Rhamis Kent seems to be that man. Tina Turner says “We don’t need another hero.” And its a brilliant song. But does its brilliance rely on its irony? Or on a shadow of entrenched interests?

    I am listening to Rhamis Kent and I’m thinking we need every hero we can get.


  16. “1. The limiting factor – Resources or Waste Sinks?”

    These two are related. Waste aka pollution is caused by design faults, as is low productivity work. Pollution is simply an unused resource. If you are not adequately using your resources then you are going to have less resource availability and more pollution. So thats a design fault.

    So if you don’t collect and sell the eggs that the chickens lay that becomes pollution. Plastics burned at normal fire temperatures are an unacceptable carcinogenic pollution. But burned at the right temperature, in the right device, they could be a fuel. Or they can be recycled to other plastics. You might have a lot of fruit trees and be too lazy to gather the fruit, leading to pollution in the form of too many insects. Or you could run some pigs to fix that all up and you get bacon. So both scarce resources are a symptom of the same problem, which is poor design. And we can no longer, if we ever could, rely only on the price mechanism to fix it all up. We need a bit of oversight and enablement to get the job done.

    Of course once the right investments have been made to solve a pollution problem, then the price mechanism can handle matters from there. But at the moment with our current business ecology, we need the moral suasion, regulation and investment resources to sort things out.


  17. Of course this is completely unfair to white nationalists. They haven’t been as nasty and as cruel as this since 1930’s America. They have very real grievances right now because their governments are not serving them but instead serving globalist goals. But still this small segment of “The Professionals” is extremely satisfying. No good man likes to see another good man treated unfairly no matter what his colour or genetic makeup.


  18. “Geoff Miell: suggest you check out Mark Jacobson’s Solutions Project. There is no killer technical obstacle to a rapid and pretty comprehensive energy transition that will save money over time. ”

    That is great. But “The Problem Is the Solution” If CO2 is the problem is Mark Jacobson looking at CO2 as the solution also? Maybe he is only looking at one side of the balance sheet.

    So suppose we have an invasive species called “African Olive” Its just grows everywhere and crowds out everything else. But in Ireland they are importing deliberately grown African Olive as a firewood. They are importing it from Africa. So if we say “The problem is the solution” then the alleged invasive species becomes an awesome energy source. And we need government to make the problem the solution. With just a few small programs, some moral suasion, a bit of finance here and there, and the problem becomes the solution.


  19. This is the one I was looking for. But fuckit. Its all in Woppy language.

    Five minutes in you get one of the best action sequences in television where this skinny instructor overmatches both his students, and convincingly beats the shit out of Martin Shaw? So why is he not handling the problem himself?

    Well it turns out that he was a field agent. And a good one. But he was neglecting his instrument. He was carrying a spare tyre. The bad guys beat him up so bad and broke his bones and though he recovered physically his nerves are shot. He can no longer work in the field. But now he’s never out of shape and he beats the agents up to make sure they never make the same mistakes as he did.

    Its one of the most beautiful and effective speeches you will ever hear, this side of Swerengen in Deadwood. Fucking great. And now its only in Italian. Why are these boot-niggers so deserving?


  20. For a fantastic and realistic action sequence go in about 5 minutes. But the great speech comes in at 22 minutes. But bring a boot nigger with you. Because I’ve lost the English version.


  21. “I’m a fan of solar concentrated solar thermal (CST) with molten salt thermal energy storage despite the higher LCOE. As you suggest there are less scarcer materials required for CST construction and operation. The bulk of the materials used are non-toxic and more readily recyclable, and the operational lifespan of the equipment is significantly longer (~40-50 years), compared with wind turbines (~25 years) and solar-PV (~30 years) and batteries (~10 years). The competitive ‘sweet spot’ for CST is in the 6-24 hour range of energy dispatchability.”

    I love it. You get it. But remember that it will be a socialist undertaking. We can do it. We can do it beautifully. But if we pretend that we can do it well and rush it …. This requires us to forget all we know about the nature of government, human history, and all that. But I love it. Lets get started. Lets get started just north of Alice Springs.


  22. “I’m a fan of solar concentrated solar thermal (CST) with molten salt thermal energy storage despite the higher LCOE. As you suggest there are less scarcer materials required for CST construction and operation. The bulk of the materials used are non-toxic and more readily recyclable, and the operational lifespan of the equipment is significantly longer (~40-50 years), compared with wind turbines (~25 years) and solar-PV (~30 years) and batteries (~10 years). The competitive ‘sweet spot’ for CST is in the 6-24 hour range of energy dispatchability.”

    I love it. You GET it. But remember that it will be a socialist undertaking. We can do it. We can do it beautifully. But if we pretend that we can do it well and rush it …. This requires us to forget all we know about the nature of government, human history, and all that. But I love it. Lets get started. Lets get started just north of Alice Springs.

    See you want to take batteries all the way out into the lalaland to mine the elements that would make the new batteries. So you are caught up into stunning irrationality. Because you won’t acknowledge that synthetic diesel is the best energy storage.


  23. My Dad was called Brian. He had a cousin called Derry and I believe Graeme here to be Derry’s son. In fact I’m about 90% sure. Its just that there is a few Graeme Bird’s around and its possible to get them mixed up.

    Anyway last time I saw him comparing Jazz piano to Homeric improvisation in the putative evolution of the works of Homer. Fantastic it was too. Now he has turned his considerable skills to Beowulf.


  24. Written for a dumb leftist site. So I have to emphasise CO2 rather than energy efficiency, which is my real concern.

    Listening to that old blowhard Norman Mailer. But every so often he says something that sticks with me. He hated plastic. Lets out a magnificent roar and talks about the evil of plastic. It got me thinking that wood is the most natural, beautiful and wonderful to touch building material. Now the TED talks are filled with lectures on how we can build high-rise made of wood. Can we use that same lamination that holds these buildings up to build roads made of wood? Can we use new technology to replace plastic with wood in many areas? Yes its true that plastic also represents carbon internment but a wood cup that was broken is safe fuel or soil fertilisation.

    The Ted people successfully show for us that wood buildings of twenty stories are doable. What this means is spacious six story building is doable, with the top floor to hold water tanks. In this scenario stored water at the top can be used to deal with fire, but also as one more form of stored energy. With water to be pumped up there, specifically with off-peak electricity. So we know that wood can be used for high-rise. It would be good if the new technology allowed for wood to be used for the roads too. Then we might be able to find our way home.


  25. Talking to Grasshopper as to why I have more affection for Malcolm X, than I do for Martin. Though I will always respect both of them. I’ll edit it properly a bit later.

    There is an whole new big window to open up to understand Martin and Malcolm but its hard to know how to open it up.

    Some people think it all starts in 1915 when Leo Frank raped and murdered a 13 year old Irish girl called Mary Phagan.
    You sent Today at 2:01 PM
    Ever since then the organised high Orcs had this idea of punishing the South by teaming up with black Americans and causing trouble.
    You sent Today at 2:02 PM
    Now its true that the lynching had to end and the Jim Crow laws had to be defeated. But there is one group of people who take neglected good causes and they weaponise these neglected good causes for the purpose of grabbing power.
    You sent Today at 2:04 PM
    Malcolm comes out of that story. So he tended to reject outside assistance. Because outside leftist liberal assistance tended to come with this perversion. Orcs show up with money and alleged good intentions and the outcome is further degradation of the African American community.
    You sent Today at 2:05 PM
    Malcolm picked up on this Orkish behaviour and so he wanted local self-reliance within the people he was speaking for.
    You sent Today at 2:06 PM
    The worst of it happened after Malcolm was murdered. Whereas I know that the murder of Martin was a false flag attack the story of Malcolm’s murder is a little bit more murky.
    You sent Today at 2:07 PM
    What happened after he was murdered is that the Orkish feminist movement was dovetailed with the specifics of the new welfare state measures and used to drive the black man out of the house. So the people who were pretending to be helping the black man, were actually working hard to degrade the black American culture.
    You sent Today at 2:09 PM
    We see this also closer to today with the lies that have been assembled against Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. So the organised Orks are still damaging black Americans just as surely as they did when they ran those Merchant Ships that brought the black man to the Americas, killing most of them on the way.
    You sent Today at 2:12 PM
    Its virtually impossible to object to much of what Martin said. But he was being weaponised by Orkish sponsors to try and break up the Catholic communities. So when he was in the South he made a lot of sense. But they’d take him to the suburbs of Chicago and he would be one weapon to break up the Lithuanian catholic communities. These Lithuanians didn’t even know they were white. And at that time most of them hadn’t even met a black man. They just noticed this forced immigration into their territory.
    You sent Today at 2:13 PM
    What it was, was a conspiracy to break up Catholic communities because the Catholics were still probably as powerful as Orks at that time.
    You sent Today at 2:15 PM
    Malcolm was a good buy but he was being manipulated by Orkish and Deep State forces. But then he rebelled and went against the Vietnam War. All his associates tried to restrain him. But basically he was a good guy and he wouldn’t back down from his anti-Vietnam war stance. He was murdered for this moral excellence, so I will always respect him.
    You sent Today at 2:17 PM
    But Malcolm never served Orkish interests, and he wanted the black people to try and improve their own condition without the help of outsiders. Later he said (according to the movie) that he will accept help from wherever he can. But for the most part he wanted his own people to concentrate their efforts and co-operate to pull themselves up from the ground.
    You sent Today at 2:17 PM
    To me that is the more important message given the circumstances.


  26. A good comment by Geoff Miel that I want to preserve. By preserving it I”m not suggesting it was a shit-head comment. I’m just preserving it for the permanent record.

    Ray Conger (re your comment at DECEMBER 26, 2020 AT 6:21 PM):
    When I asked “What do you mean by “synthetic diesel”, Ray?”, I meant: How do you suggest it is synthesized? What were you thinking?
    – Coal-to-liquids? or
    – Fossil gas-to-liquids? or
    – Direct air capture (DAC)? or
    – Waste CO2 stream utilisation? or
    – biomass derived diesel (i.e. biodiesel)? or
    – something else?

    In your comment (at DECEMBER 26, 2020 AT 4:33 PM) you state:
    “So the last time the American navy tried synthetic diesel (charged via nuclear) it came out at about 150 dollars per barrel.”

    Reference/link please, Ray? What quantity was produced?

    A price of $150/barrel induces economic decline – the price of oil per barrel peaked at $147/barrel in the 2008 GFC period.


  27. Great amateur science work. Now you want to apply that same level of evidence criteria to a mainstream hypothesis that is wrong. Rather than to mainstream hypothesis that is right. Doesn’t matter what the professionals are forced to believe (certainly by mental pressure but even more so by selection). The same rules must apply.

    For example even though the weather people are forced to ignore electricity wherever they can possibly do so, I gave you the example of black cloud raindrops that actually defy gravity for hours on end. How about them apples hey? Thats pretty strong evidence for something going on right? Can’t be that officer Barr-Brady deal about “nothing to see here” right? Same with you successfully showing that the top of the boat is visible even when the body of the boat is decisively obscured. In both cases thats the kind of evidence that cannot be ignored.

    But yet everyone I know, whether it is here or at Catallaxy, chooses to ignore evidence with great vigour. Like the decisive evidence that our good good friend Mr Lowy needs to be taken in for questioning.


  28. Check this out. Bringing the car up to the apartment is so much better logistically. And this sort of thing may be able to redeem high-rise after all. Because it also allows for tradesman’s access directly to the floor in question. So there is hope there. And maybe this means that the New Urbanism idea of restricting buildings to five floors could be rightfully overcome.


  29. “Hydrogen production does require improved catalysts and there are some non-precious metal possibilities that show promise…….”

    I’m not buying that. Because hydrogen production should be another battery. It should be where you put your over peaked intermittent energy, or your off-peak excess base load energy. We can’t get too much storage if our key energy source is solar.

    “I doubt large scale H2 production will depend on Platinum or similar….”

    But thats just it. There ought never be large-scale H2 production. Its not meant to be produced and exported despite the strange ideas of our outgoing “chief scientist.” We want hydrogen produced and imbedded or used on the spot, or its a losing operation.


  30. If you are akarog over at Quiggins place its quite encouraging that you’ve come out against the extremists and the panic merchants over at Quiggins place. Actually I see a little bit of flexibility creeping into Geoff Miels thinking also. He was so painful. But he got to the point where he thought that we’d have to have battery powered heavy equipment going all the way out to remote mines, mining rare earth elements. Now thats actually completely ridiculous. It can never happen. Yet his ideology requires it. So I can almost see the gears turning inside his mind. And he went and asked me a sensible question for a change. Which I didn’t get to answer because I got a bit irate with some wrecker and went overboard.

    The other good thing about Miel is that he has this mantra going where he comes out up front and reminds himself that energy is vital, and nothing happens without energy. As a sort of slowly reforming arch-crazy he’s laid out all these submissions to the government and he’s repeated this energy mantra. So now that he’s finally thought through his battery and rare earths mantra he looks like he’s on the verge of becoming reasonable.

    You guys think that the reason to panic is high CO2 levels. I think the reason to panic is an energy crisis that we are stuck with clear through the end of the century if we are smart, and longer if we are stupid. A crisis potentially occasioning the slaughter of billions of people. But CO2 release and energy efficiency are kind of substitutes for each other. Or at least correlated if we can reverse Jevons paradox. So we (me and you) should have common cause. What stops us from having common cause is this extremism. And the delusion that you can do anything quickly when it comes to energy economics.

    With energy economics its ALWAYS a decades long slog.

    Always. Always. Anyone thinking otherwise is delusional. With energy economics its a long hard and painful effort to turn things around and the only thing that has mislead us on this matter is these oilwells where you would lance them and the energy jumped out of the ground at you, and almost followed you home.

    Oil was so fucking amazing. EROI exceeding 100 to 1. Thats not to be repeated. Nuclear is currently at 4 to 1. Over decades if we work real real hard we can slowly grind that up to 30 to 1 I would imagine. But its going to be a grind and its got to come out of surplus budgets. Professor Quiggin is fantastic in some areas but he’s got it wrong this time. He thinks we can borrow a trillion dollars at low interest and put it into solar panels and she’ll be right. He’s good in some areas but that idea gets an F for fail from me.


  31. A new hero. Bryn Davidson. Now I actually disagree a tiny bit with one or two things here. But he’s providing fantastic context here in such a way as to provide CONTEXT to a lot of dumb left-wingers I find myself dealing with every time I crash a leftist site.


  32. As I have become more and more horrified by Jewish/oligarchical leadership I’ve also felt the need to emphasise something that I had all along. Great admiration and affection for individual Jews of excellence and artistic sensibility.

    So every time I have a few beers I get back to one of the greatest songs ever written.

    Just remember the masterpiece introduction. Leonard is bitter and twisted and hurt at his girl. He hypothesises that the poet/warrior/King of ancient literature ….. King David … One of the great literary figures in all of history .. Leonard hypothesises that David found a secret musical chord. Well the great King/Warrior/Poet David was clearly happy with his secret chord. And God was happy with it …… But no matter what Leonard does in the field of poetic musicality its never going to be enough ….

    “But you don’t care for music Do ya”

    Thats fantastic. I’ve never really read anything in Music or poetry thats every going to beat that outright. He’s a Jew. People who knew me before I went Jew-negative in 2008 would know that I never had a racist bone in my body.

    Its not the first time I’ve posted it. And I guess it won’t be the last. But a good sermon on the Mount can use some repetition.

    Its a shame that the great literary critic Harold Bloom wasn’t around to critique this song? I wonder what the fat man would have made of it?


  33. Don’t fuck around when you are with a hot older woman. Give her all the attention that this young man shows you. The child becomes the teacher to the man. She needs it, he knows how to give it. Watch and learn. And in fact every good girl deserves that sort of attention. If and only if she has removed the hair down below.


  34. I like our good good Muslim brothers and sisters. Yet I want to restrict their immigration. Once they are here though, we need to treat them with respect.

    One of our Muslim sisters got here. She was one of our girls. Did we really look after her like we should have? We didn’t. She touched ground here and she was one of our girls. She was an Australian citizen. She should have been under our protection. In our culture you cannot kidnap 13 year old girls and you cannot make girls marry your cousin.

    I like our Australian Muslim brothers and sisters but if they go too far we must bring the hammer down. Take no prisoners. There is a bright REGION that they cannot go beyond. This girl was our girl. She got citizenship, she was under our protection. We should have brought the hammer down.

    Now here is another thing. In third world countries the tradition of child brides came about because of exceptional material need. If the suitor saves the girl and her mother from starvation there is some level of legitimacy to this. We would hope that the legitimacy would run out after about six years but its not for us to pretend we can prescribe to densely populated impoverished people.

    But this was different. This was OUR GIRL. This was our girl. This was not acceptable. if we weren’t going to protect her we shouldn’t have accepted her as a citizen in the first fucking place.


  35. How can we explain the fathers lack of love for his daughter? How can we explain this callousness? Its cousin marriage. Its inbreeding. Thats what it is all about. The Catholic Church decided in the early centuries AD that cousin marriage was not alright. And so we developed a Western society that made our daughters exceptionally precious to us and not exchangeable or tradable within the family. So we don’t want to import people that have a habit of inbreeding. No Jews any more. And be careful with the Middle Eastern people more generally.


  36. Fuck me you must have to get very drunk before you can’t actually type. Anyway check this video out. 27 minutes in its like you are getting gaslit. This architect fellow tries to belittle a setup in Nagasaki that looks like it came from the Dutch Golden Era. Now everyone goes for it. He pulls it off. He manages to ridicule …. PERFECTION. Fucking hell this is just idiocy. Finally someone gets it right and he’s running it down. These great five story high buildings next to a canal is the way we were supposed to build. Its the way that any sane God would have it. Fucking moron. And yet he sounds kind of plausible.


  37. This is not a particularly good photo of her. But all things considered, Sibel Edmonds is one of the most loveable girls this planet has ever seen.

    And just incidentally, she foresaw the colour revolution (election steal) ahead of time.


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