67 thoughts on “Jevons/Marchetti Reversal: Bringing on the perimeter high-rise with factory.

  1. Jews pretending to be leftists and Jews pretending to be right wingers are all closing ranks now, not so much because of Trump, but because they want to protect their god given right to steal elections. You should know that by now. Goldberg was never a right-winger and the guys who write for the Atlantic were never left-wingers. They were always both Jews.

    Didn’t your Momma tell you?


  2. “It’s so hard to believe this has become necessary ….”

    Yes of course it is hard to believe. Because it was never necessary. If you don’t want Antifa and other false flag operators in the building, the idea is not to let them in. Don’t let them into the second most secure building on the planet unless you want them there.

    Clearly someone wanted Antifa in the building killing our girls and taking photo opportunities. It wasn’t me. And it wasn’t your average Trump supporter. Take Trump out of it: It wasn’t your American populist that wanted Antifa in the building murdering our girls and taking photo opportunities. You can rely on that.


  3. I consider Steve Bannon to be a kind of “provisional leader” of mine. He’s such a class act. But E Michael Jones would be the closest thing to being a real leader of mine right now. Like my own “Pope”. His version of Christianity is so shot-through with Hellenism that apart from a few disagreements in cosmology I just have no day to day disagreements with him. I thought I was a kind of world authority on economics ……. if very rusty on that field of study … Maybe 20 years rusty … But dude is so cool he’s been able to school me on some matters of economics.



  4. Lets get this straight you low IQ drooling idiot. You are saying two thin aluminium planes can turn six buildings to dust, that a few Trump supporters can get riled up and invade the second most well protected building in Washington … that fair elections can have massive voting spikes where thousands of votes come in for one candidate only right? You believe all these things. That a few hotheaded and manipulated types can invade the citadel?

    You are just an idiot mate. Own up to yourself.


  5. No don’t be an idiot. We didn’t escape a disaster. We are in the middle of the disaster. We just witnessed a coup. Biden got very few votes. We know this because you CANNOT HAVE A VOTER SPIKE IN A FAIR ELECTION. Now do you understand that yes or no? If you don’t understand that then you don’t have any understanding of probability or statistics.

    What we saw was a colour revolution. It was run by the usual people who ran colour revolutions all over the world during the Obama Presidency. One of the people who must have been involved was the same Victoria Nuland who ran the colour revolution in the Ukraine. There is a limited skill set around for running these scams. Obviously it involves the media and the finance inbreeds who run everything, or you would not get that total Western Pravda compliance. The Communist Chinese have been brought in as junior partners. But the facebook inbreed terrorist alone kicked in 500 million dollars.


  6. Banana Joe says:
    JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 5:09 PM
    Lets get this straight. You guys think that some Trump supporters, by getting hotheaded, could invade the citadel of a superpower? Supposing I dress up as John Brown of emancipation fame? I get all hotheaded and you think I could invade the Kremlin? Sit on Putin’s chair? Next I do cosplay as Martin Luther King the original. You think I’m going to invade the Chinese Communist Parties inner sanctum?

    Really you people have no clue about what is going on around you. Am I right?

    Banana Joe says:
    JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 5:12 PM
    Martin Luther the original. Now riddle me this you low IQ types? You are telling me that you can have a voter spike in a fair elections. Like ten thousand votes in a row can come in for Biden and thats not a cheat? That what the drooling seats want me to believe hey guys?

    I’m trying to help you. You guys haven’t been this clueless since they taught us that two thin aluminium planes could reduce three skyscrapers (really six) to dust. Now its been pointed out to you, you are going to have to own up to be congenital stooges on that score as well.


  7. A clear demonstration how to inter the carbon, hydrate the deserts and make the brown hills green. But no-body’s interested. Too busy believing every damn impossible thing the inbreed troll media tells you. And they are trolls too. They have the noses of trolls. The term “troll” was adopted early on as an act of extreme projection by these demonic racist crackers. Being called a “troll” was all about saying something that the inbreeds didn’t like. Get pictures from some ADL soiree, and you will see we are being lorded over by parasitical gargoyles.


  8. Banana Joe says:
    JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 6:45 PM
    Hey Geoff how about me and you take our shirts off, put some horns on our heads and invade the Bundestag? How about that?

    You are going to have to understand that you are not that bright. LIke when you want to take batteries all the way to the mines to mine rare earths for renewables and for the batteries. Not that bright Geoff. Not real smart.

    You wanted to know which type of process was the right one for nuclear thorium enhanced synthetic diesel and you showed a lot of options. You mentioned a price of 150 per barrel. But you got confused between synthetic diesel AS BATTERY and synthetic diesel as ENERGY SOURCE. These are not comparable concepts. And no-one can estimate a price for a mature industry of that sort. The concept is that you start with an EROEI of maybe as low as three and build it up over many many decades. Synthetic Diesel is the best energy battery but for thorium nuclear synthetic diesel to be a great energy source …. thats really for the 22nd century. But at least we know what is possible.

    If you think anything can happen quickly in energy economics thats delusional. And if you think there will be a heating crisis if we don’t make massive progress by 2040 then you are simply clueless to do with the scientific method and AGAIN its a case of believing inbred trolls posing as scientists.

    Even akarogs attempts to act like a luke warmer has come straight from inbred troll Michael Mann trying to position himself as a moderate. The guys no moderate he’s a liar, a lunatic, and a menace. But now he’s trying to pretend he’s middle-of-the-road and akarog has bought into it.

    So start thinking a bit more and listening to these inbreeds a bit less.

    Banana Joe says:
    JANUARY 18, 2021 AT 6:59 PM
    The fellow with the horns on his head … spouting a cross between Q-Anon and David Icke. He’s known to be a professional actor. You knew that. And yet still you bought the charade. You are just such thickheads its embarrassing.

    No group of hotheads can invade a citadel of a superpower. They must be invited in. Capiche? That means it was a charade for the inbreed media to dovetail upon. You wouldn’t think you’d need to explain this sort of thing in adult company.


  9. You are just a lying cunt mate. You cannot face reality. The key to understanding the Jew is that he is in rebellion against the Logos.


    You have been told that. So you know that. And you don’t care. AND YOU DON’T CARE!!!!!!!! So you as a Jew are an enemy of our species. If indeed you can be said to be of the same species.


  10. “I have conservative aboriginal friends like Jacinta. Their pride comes from never accepting help on the basis of race. The son refused financial assistance at school on that very basis. Told the woman that it was these handouts that were making everyone lazy.”

    Under otherwise perfect policy thats a good attitude. And thats a good attitude in any case. But take the money. Just take the money. Because bigshots are leaching off us daily.

    You keep this up Sinclair you will not be forgiven. I can put this aside as some sort of collegial economics graduate disagreement but you are being a complete cunt for way too long.

    You cannot tell me that you haven’t expelled me on shockingly racist grounds. Surely I am the first victim of cancel culture.

    Now that the Jews have launched a coup on our most important ally, and brought in the Chinese communists as junior partners …. I’ve been patient but my patience is running a bit thin.


  11. You are in fact a Jew and what a cunt of a Jew you are. You know I am right. Yet you go on with the charade


    I mean that seriously. We expect you to be a complete pussy and not stand up for truth and justice. But its okay if you just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP LYING you Jew cunt.


    But you know that and still the lies keep coming you Jew cunt.


  12. My older brother got all his teeth caved in by a stray ball. He had to get all these new teeth screwed in and I wonder what damage it did to his thinking. Of course I blame most of the damage on Crockefeller medicine but though he’s a fantastically successful bigshot I don’t see him as a “Bird” any more.

    They were both amongst the best cricket players in the college and the next oldest brother (to me) got all the trophies. But the brother above him seemed even a bit more amazing to me. He said he was a “medium-pace” bowler but I think that was modesty or stupidity to me. Looked very fast to me. And he had this kind of weird late delivery where his stiff arm lagged further behind this body movement than anyone else. Completely fucking scary in a way that growing up on horror movies can never get you ready for.

    Thanks be to Allah that I never faced him and that when I did play maybe two times these guys got me “out” fast and no broken bones.

    I want you to think why an Imperial bunch of bully-boys would subject us to such a bullshit game??? Why would they do it?

    1. For one thing you are lorded over by the kind of costume and rules that the imperial power finds comfortable with their upper class. The upper class of Britain, who had the decision-making capacity to destroy people (for the most part) and help peoples future (now and then we can find good examples) were so powerful that they eschewed masculine outer forms. These violent savages might actually put their pinky out when having a cup of tea. They look like they are living on gay street but they’ll starve half of Bengal if its in their class interest. They can be compared to a black pimp wearing huge platform shoes, crossing his legs like a sheila, and the pink and purple getup only hidden by a fur coat.

    2. Getting your Humble Scots-Irish (my people) and our Hindu friends, to be the shock troops of the Empire, meant getting them used to your bullshit sure. But also it meant acclimatising us stooges to long periods of boredom punctuated by short bursts of total fear and danger. They could have used a softer ball. But they chose not to.

    So are you getting it now? You on my wavelength yet? What say you Jason Soon? I just about covered it?

    As a youngster I got the shock troops vibe. I’m not like that any more. But I could never get happy with these pimp mannerisms.


  13. The reports on Covid second major strain are true. But they are indeed exaggerated IF AND ONLY IF you are allowed the antidote. And yet the clampdown on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is getting stronger. This is how we know it was a terrorist attack from the start.


  14. The reports on Covid second major strain are true. But they are indeed exaggerated IF AND ONLY IF you are allowed the antidote. And yet the clampdown on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is getting stronger. This is how we know it was a terrorist attack from the start.


  15. The punishment of Will Wilkinson would seem to be a mystery. So why did it happen?:

    I don’t want to be hopeful that this might mean that the same rules would apply to everyone. The media is up to no good and so they weren’t motivated by any aversion to violence since they sponsor violence all over the world. More likely this is a reward personally for Pence. Rewarding Pence for being a traitor, when he was a key person that they needed to make sure acted in a certain way. One thing that can be said about these monsters are that they are pretty faithful with their carrots and sticks. So Wilkinson must cop it because right now Pence will be rewarded.


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