Jews Kitted Out To Be Aliens/The Genius Of The Rock Group “The Killers”

If you are trying to get away from porn a girl like Anna Diop (I think its pronounced like Jope) can become a kind of methodone.   She plays an alien in this series Titans, but if I can just take my eyes off her for awhile I might be able to make a fist of this thread.


It gets kind of tiresome putting in all these caveats when the alien question comes up.  Yes I know that its probably Mossad running another psychological operation on the rest of us.  But we need to see these things from the victims point of view.  Certainly THE KILLERS have chosen to take this approach.  You might have been wondering what their song is about.


Jews come in all shapes and sizes. 

There could be a third hypothesis of course.  The coherence of the stories could be due to all these oddballs and tellers of tall stories coalescing around Whitley Streibers work “Communion” … You see if there isn’t some centralising literature then what is odd about the alien abduction phenomena is that the stories of the witnesses cohere.

Spielberg is a kiddie fiddler or he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be roped into directing the Boston Bombing.  But as it turns out close encounters of the third kind involve anal probing, and sometimes placing tiny machines under the skin of the victims.

Whatever the dynastic banking Jews are up to in this story, what the victims say about alien abductions has a certain internal logic to it.  It all makes perfect sense when real science is taken into account.

Now as it turns out, the Jews kitted out to be aliens aren’t really patient with their victims.  Its their sperm that they are after.  And they don’t pass out photos of Anna Diop, and ask their victims to help them out with their sperm collection.

The aliens get you to look at the floor.

“The star maker says, “It ain’t so bad”
The dream maker’s gonna make you mad
The spaceman says, “Everybody look down”

It’s all in your mind”

The Aliens don’t go at you from the front. They put metal right up your asshole, and suck the seed out of the Vas Deferens past the prostate by that direction.  If someone says that they pull it out of the prostate, go easy on them, because its all a bit of a mystery outside the homosexual community down there.



Lets look again at the genius of THE KILLERS here:

“The star maker says, “It ain’t so bad”
The dream maker’s gonna make you mad
The spaceman says, “Everybody look down”

It’s all in your mind”

Fucking alien/Jews are just laughing at us.  At a first listening you have these connotations from David Bowies “Starman”  You know… Let the children Boogie and all that.  But they are really talking about something quite different.

So the narrator is putting himself in the place of Whitley Streiber or another abductee.  Now Whitley has become a spokesman for everything Woo.  Its hard for me to take him seriously.  But back around 2003 I heard this man talking like a traumatised rape victim.  In some ways he was happy that new vistas were opened to him.  But on the other hand he talked as if he were humiliated and ….. you know …. raped. So he’s not real believable now.     But he came across ….. Maybe as a very good actor then.  Lets not put it all on Whitley.   This is supposed to be a common experience.

In any case THE KILLERS have chosen to take this experience seriously and the same ambivalence is expressed in the song.   My admiration for these kids is overwhelming.  You never expect the young people to do anything right AND get recognised. But these guys are a class act.

Very spooky lyrics from this inspired group. As you know the Nile flows from North to South. I don’t mean that in terms of the direction of the water. Actually it flows North … Upwards on the map. The water comes from the South and flows Northward.

“They say the Nile used to run from East To West” Looks pretty mundane when you read it on the page. But its a kind of a master-stroke to this song. And it made the hair stand up all over when I first noticed it.

Because it happens to be true. I will check it later to see if they even got the direction of water flow right. I can’t visualise these things so I’ll have to actually get my little globe and put it in my hands.

The lead singer I think writes most of their gear. He’s got to be one of the smartest people in the music business. Ex-Mormon I think. I like that song where he combines Santas Reindeer (specifically “Dancer”) with Carlos Castaneda.  There is a second piece of artistry to it, that almost matches the deal with the Nile.  That line ….. “Its all in your mind”

Think of the social pressure involved here? These aliens have useless Jew economist abductees.   Berg.  Kirchner.  Davidson. They got them bent over looking at the floor. So think of the stainless steel implement they stick up the asshole of these useless pseudo-libertarian Jew economists?????

Its got a spear to it.  A sharp spear as sharp as a needle. And just before the spear its got a kind of spoon arrangement and the Starman has to keep it all upright as he penetrates the assholes of these useless Jew economists.

“Its all in your mind”

Its fucking happening to them but EVEN AS ITS HAPPENING these useless Jew economists have to tell themselves that its not happening. Such is the social pressure against aliens.  Even as the sharp end of the utility sperm probe pierces through a membrane or two the Jew economist must say to himself:




Vaccine Pseudo-science: Only All-Causes Mortality Counts.

Real evidence for an all-causes mortality benefit from any one vaccine. Thats what we want here.

I think we ought to put this cult to bed once and for all. I couldn’t find any all-causes-mortality study that came out in favour of any individual vaccines at all. When I thought I’d found one it turned out to be a real pigs breakfast involving Bayesian analysis of all things. The Bayesian stuff ought never be used when propaganda is involved, since its starting point is the opinion of the group.

People think they have evidence for this disgusting, unhygienic and filthy practice. But closer examination usually reveals that its impressionistic. They have this idea about polio as being as common as a broken arm in kids. And they think that Salk made it go away. Wheres the fraud Salk was racing to get his junk to market before the current local scare went away on its own.

People have this impressionistic idea about Polio what they don’t have is real evidence. Polio as we know it ….. that is to say the American polio scare, went away by getting rid of the arsenic based pesticide, changing the name of polio, and more flush toilets.

People think that the smallpox vaccine made smallpox go away. Which is impossible since fewer than 5% of the worlds population were vaccinated. We cannot find a vaccine which has reversed an upward trend. If you can find a vaccine that reversed an upward trend YOU are the person we have been looking for.

Vaccine pseudo-success is usually about the establishment of secondary goals. So we want to give a round of applause for the presence of anti-bodies. We want to give a nobel prize to that man for getting rid of a virus that was held to be a cancer precursor. Forgetting that nothing has been done about the cancer. All this congratulation for the alleged attainment of pseudo-accomplishments.

So I just think if you have the evidence that the end of the era of pandemics is about something other than piped water and flush toilets, you are the person we have been waiting for, and I want to find out more from you.

I think we know that this is an extremist religion when they are trying to jab babies with something that they ought rather be trying to fool a drug using prostitute that it might be good for her instead. Thats right. The extremists, at war as they are against the American people, are trying to give newborn babies hepatitis B shots.

When I was deluded about the vaccine menace my doctor wouldn’t even give me that shot (really a series of shots) But now in the US they are trying to give them to newborns. Thats war by other means.

A lot of people these days are dealing with autoimmune issues. Not really hard to see where a big chunk of this has been coming from

We want the three-way action that the mountain people had.


Just checked out the town of Haines in Alaska where the movie “Grounded” was made. I had predicted that the low deuterium town supply places for water would be in North-West Russia, some places where there was mountain meltwater supply, Far Western Canada or Far Eastern Alaska.

When you look at the map where Haines Alaska is, you would have thought it was Far Western Canada. But the border with the US has a funny shape down the bottom, and so Haines is included in Alaska.

If you look at where Haines is on the map, we would expect it to be a place where the tap water is deuterium depleted. Plus its a place where grounding and a lot of exposure to sunlight would be rare. So when grounding showed up in town it would have been like a miracle. Because we want to be reduced in an oxidising environment and low deuterium in a high deuterium environment. We in Australia for example cannot get low deuterium by accident. But we naturally go swimming in the ocean and sometimes walk around barefoot. So deuterium depletion would lead to miracle cures in Australia, whereas grounding would lead to these miracle cures in far West Canada, East Alaska and North Russia …. All expected to be low deuterium areas. They would do well to have three X two-week holidays in Bali a year, to get a lot of sunlight as well. Then they would be nicely ticking along.

In Haines being grounded led to a paraplegic being cured. Don’t expect anything quite so miraculous like that happening in Australia through grounding alone. But bring intelligent use of sunlight, obsessive grounding, and deuterium depletion together and I think we will see this sort of thing in Australia that happened in Haines in the documentary.

But in the distant past who naturally had good sunlight? deuterium depletion, and grounding, while being ignorant of the benefits of most of the above?

Only mountain people. Only mountain people in places like the Himalayas and the Caucasus mountains. They get as much sunlight as they want, deuterium depleted water to drink, deuterium depleted food to eat, and they breath either dry air or air that has deuterium depleted water vapour in it.

Mountain people in the past, without ever needing to know the importance of being grounded would have ground themselves all the time as they attend to their steep mountainside gardens.

So it was mountain people ONLY that had all three of these benefits on the fly without really trying. Stories of their extreme long life, even exceeding 120 years ought not be rubbished out of hand.

We can emulate these old-time mountain peoples longevity. We can do better.


These IBC’s cost about $400AUD. One could do worse than trying to import tap water from Far North Russia/West Canada/East Alaska …. Or where-ever your testing equipment tells you is the lowest deuterium tap water you can find. You can get more clever IBC’s where you can detach the lid and take it off. So you might improve matters and shovel snow into them at the highest altitude you can get to. But thats harder. Its easier to pay someone to fill it up using a garden hose and the freight-forwarder come back after a lunch break or something to pick it up. The people in Far North Russia need more holidays in Far North Queensland and Bali. But we need their water if it tests deuterium depleted and comes straight from the tap

Philosophically I am more in favour of permaculture than aeroponics. But aeroponics can use 95% less water than normal gardening. And so the potential exists to grow food using tap water that you imported from some place like North Russia. You could start growing sprouts for yourself. Expand to feed a couple of house goats that you could be milking. Expand further to grow food for the chickens. Then expand to make a small business out of this sort of thing Everything you grow could be deuterium depleted. Do what this lady is doing, but just with lower deuterium water.

Not all 11 dead Jews In Pittsburgh Were Murdered.

Don’t know about this new false flag with this concept of 11 dead Jews. Of course the fellow being blamed is a Patsy. They seem to have pulled him off GAB which is a twitter replacement site. Looks like a twitter ENTRAPMENT site since its closed down right now and the owner basically confessing that they are co-operating with the authorities to convict the patsy.

I thought it would be a straight-forward lie like Sandy Hook. But no they have done something very different from Sandy Hook. The alleged civilians being interviewed ….. they aren’t obvious crisis actors. They do come across as truthful. Its not really possible to recruit crisis actors who are excellent actors. It will be a couple of weeks before we get back the results of amateur investigations to help us see how the (((terrorist community))) pulled this particular false flag off. But ahead of time we can guess at these matters.

My feeling is that its a hybrid event, involving both murder and fakery, and that most of the dead bodies are from people who normally used to reside at some distance from the Synagogue in question. There will be a few people that Mossad murdered out of expediency. The youngest alleged murdered Jew looks to be intellectually handicapped.

The eldest people would have died suddenly of old age and the knowledge of their death would have been held over from their friends. These are the locals. Locals who died, but the knowledge of that death, has been denied to their friends and family by much effort and trickery.

So Mossad gets a few cover stories going for why their dead people are merely absent. Then when they pull off the false flag they have some dead bodies to throw on-stage and go around liberally with the tomato sauce.

But the youngest Jew there. And his brother. The 54 year old. I suspect he is intellectually handicapped. So they murder the retard-Jew,  and just to keep it real they murder his elder brother and carer. The Jew understands that sometimes sacrifices need to be made. What we can say for sure is that the alleged perp is entirely innocent. And he has probably been set by the proprietor of Gab, who pretended to be a friend of humanity and of people like our innocent patsy.

Short But Superb Professor John Quiggin Article In The Guardian.

Excellent article by another late bloomer Professor John Quiggin

He just banned me and wiped my more offensive posts. But he was a better sport then Sinclair since he left all my better posts intact. And there is some very good posts of mine still there.  Bravo.  It was all my fault.  I was triggered by a real dopey bastard there and just lost my marbles.

Old …………… Hat

“Why has Australia done so badly? The reform process in Australia has treated markets and competition as goals in themselves, rather than as policy instruments designed to produce useful price signals and thereby guide investment and consumption decisions.

The failure to consider the appropriate role of prices can be seen at every stage in the process, from generation to retail.”

You could not improve on that could you? Its perfect. And note that he’s honed in on the most functional side of Capitalism.  Multi-level price allocation.  Price allocation through the entirety of the production chain.

Professor Quiggin taking his science much more seriously these days. Its a short article but its all good. He’s a big believer in price allocation.

Old ………… Wine.  Black Belt Quiggin. 



Infrastructure is trans-spatial goods.  Properties that overlap many other properties. Basically its all about pipes.  Optical fibres are pipes for information. An electric wire is a pipe for piping electrons around. Roads are for piping vehicles around.  Infrastructure is all about pipes and you do well putting most pipes underground where you can do it.

People used to laugh at me at Catallaxy when I was talking about clear rules for sole traders to be able to tunnel under houses and public buildings. Clear rules as to whether you could own the tunnel, build the tunnel, own the various “Pipes” in the tunnel, or whether you needed a different sole trader owning or developing each of these things to keep the operation competitive. Imagine if the same billionaire owned the tunnelling company, the tunnels, the sewerage pipes, the water pipes, the optical fibres, the electrical wires, and the roads within these tunnels?  How could a competitive market then develop after that? If a private person owns the road in front of your house either he doesn’t have sound property rights, or you are his slave.  So he cannot be allowed to own the road in front of your house, if we are not to have slavery. Thats how this matter must be understood.

Black Belt Quiggin Talking To Recalcitrant Privatisers On Train Rent-Seeker. 

If you own an island but a private entity owns the sea around that island, you are that entities slave and obviously so,  or property rights have been watered down and horribly confused. So the sea around your island ought not be either in private or foreign hands.

So people were ridiculing me and making soundbite quotes of what I was trying to explain.  But how the hell else could a competitive “public goods” market be pursued than with clear tunnelling rules and ownership rules with regards to the resulting tunnels?  I couldn’t get anyone interested in the subject.

So it became clear as a result of realising that the subject could not even be understood, that the pipes and tunnels side of infrastructure had to be communist. It had to be publicly owned.  The people who were claiming that it could be privately owned could not even grasp what that meant.

This was back when we were talking as if the Walter Block idea of anarcho-capitalist infrastructure, had to be given serious consideration.  But such fantasies could never be taken seriously,  unless everyone knew where they stood when it came to creating the tunnels,  and the pipes to place in those tunnels.  And the subsequent ownership of both.

Back then people were telling me that the roads ought to be given to the people who owned the houses adjacent to those roads.  People were acting like the British government ought to have sold off the English Channel to Bismark. People were acting as though selling key infrastructure assets to communist China was “free enterprise.”  They were acting as though the homesteading of assets that had to be built wasn’t a serious subject should you want private infrastructure.  Its like their hero was Carlos Slim or something.  They wanted a corrupt superhero to come along, own all the roads outside their place and charge them to walk on those roads and call himself Carlos. Carlos my hero.  A sort of gay fantasy or an attempt to get us to sell everything to the Chinese communists and call it “free enterprise.”

So what was the ridicule about? If you cannot establish clear property rights for trans-spatial goods, then you must have OUR GOVERNMENT (and not the Chinese) run a communist operation and mimic price allocation the best they can. In which case our government must own the roads but the private sector ought to own the trucking operations.  And no stupid little compromises.  None of this Telstra versus Optus idiocy.   Where Telstra and Optus own aspects of the grid and all these people doing “bullshit jobs” go around trying to tweak the regulations in order to force these ghastly Frankenstein corporations to compete.

None of this idiocy where you have a big corporation own the pipes but then technocrats are supposed to arm-twist these guys into leasing their pipes to competitors.  Whose pipes are they? Whose property rights are they if the bullshit job technocrats then must come in and force how they are to be used?

What a moronic situation to be in?  Its like we are dealing with people who don’t know how to set up a punchline for a joke.

There is no getting around it that the pipes must be communist, owned by our government,  and no free enterprise cheer-leading ought to be allowed to intrude into this matter.  We cannot be half and half about it. We must decide which part of the project is Cliff Richard and which part of the project is Judas Priest. So Professor Quiggin is completely correct. The electricity grid must be communist. That is to say publicly owned and run.  Then we make other actors work on a capitalist basis, creating the electrons to go into that grid,  so we get something resembling price allocation, rational investment, and motivated competition.  This cannot be done if the pipes side of the infrastructure is not publicly owned.

To be half-assed and ambiguous about pipe ownership is to creates a perverted market with Frankenstein corporations.  You cannot expect these malformed giants, created to be fully grown from the start, to be competitive or innovative “Frankie get up off the ground.  Compete Frankie.   Frankie why are you so fucking lazy. ” But Frankie will just lie around bleeding into his bandages,  since big business must arise out of small business success.

Competitive pressure cannot be created by the attempt to get a good sale price for previously publicly owned goods.  A great sale price is proof positive that you sold the wrong stuff. It baffles me that any of this was ever controversial.

In the course of researching his new book the Professor is very much on his toes.  I used to see him as more of a good social observer than an excellent economist.  But things have changed.

We must start over.  We must reform these privatised assets so that the pipes are owned publicly and almost anyone can aspire to using them in order to conduct business.  The government sets the prices and charges through the nose during peak times. But charges very little off-peak times.  So as to get near-maximum usage.

No private entity ought to be owning both the roads and the trucking company that uses the roads; both the big river and the tug boat company that uses the river; both the power lines and the electrical energy moving along those power lines.  The government should own the pipes and tunnels.  The private guys should provide the products that are transported along those pipes.  And no compromise with that principle.  We have to forget this idea that just because some people screwed things up in the past, that we have to put up with an endlessly flawed market.  These hybrid roads-and-trucking-companies (eg. organisations like Telstra and Optus) …. these cannot be tolerated in their current form.  We have to start with the electricity market and then go back and correct the entire mess.