The Point Of The Jew Terrorist Attack Was To Make Mild Heresy Frightening: Jason Wilson Not In His Right Mind

Unfortunately what I said above now goes in spades for our friend Jason Wilson. Jason Wilson is one of the main professional opinion formers at the heart of the motive for this latest Jew/Gladio 2.0 killing spree. He could not get out of this central role if he tried.

The Guardian is a guardian of centre-left opinion. Its there to nurse people along on these Jew agendas. It criticises Israel a great deal but you don’t expect rags like this to take a crude approach and be successful. Basically it herds mildly anti-War and tepidly centre-left types along very carefully to be pretty fine and okay with the mass-murder of Muslims,  in distant countries.  A Guardian reader has been conditioned to be only mildly uncomfortable with the way the West has slaughtered millions of Muslims since 9/11.   Full-blown agents like George Monbiot and Sunny Hundal are pretty easy to spot.

Jason isn’t one of these. But because the target of this particular Muslim slaughter is the alt-right, and the alt-right is Jason Wilsons journalistic beat, the terrorist community is kind of relying on him, almost more than anyone right now. He’s got to convince anyone that this didn’t happen specifically, via Mossad. But it happened organically. Organically not specifically.

Its Jason Wilson’s role, and the role of the Jew-controlled news, to detract from the specifics of the slaughter. In this fantasy,  Muslim people were slaughtered organically through the careless talk and associations of various rightests in Australia. Various free-thinking right-wingers who (sadly have been taken in by the Jew-dominated false flag attacks and so) logically want to reduce Muslim immigration.

Jason has a very clear role now. Its to argue in such a way as to clamp down on free speech of the alt right on social media. And to put us all under surveillance. He won’t be saying that we ought to be all put under surveillance. He won’t be THINKING that we all ought to be put under surveillance. Rather he will be saying that there was not enough attention paid to us. Why were we not on the radar? All that sort of thing.  The Alt-right is not on the radar because they are not violent.  But the heat will come down on us and not on the terrorist community, when in sober reality every synagogue and Jewish cemetery in the world ought to be bugged.

People are traumatised by these attacks. Not me. I always expect them to be fakes now. So I was saved the huge trauma of it all because I only belatedly realised that it was a real mass-murder this time. Jason will no less be shaken up by this mass-killing than anyone else. So at the moment on his twitter account he’s lashing out against mild conservatives who want to be measured and cautious with Muslim immigration.

#Millers Crossing: It turned out the old man was still an artist with the left-jab.

The front-man for this Jew terrorist attack is of course an Anglo. Aussie-Whitey, working for the Jews, had to do the whole thing on streaming video, to prove his ethnic identity. This had to be done or we would not have the narrative.

When you have a difficult life-ending and life-altering job to do,  the last thing you want to be concerned with is messing around with cameras. But lately the Jews have been carrying out fake events where crisis actors only pretended to be victims. Well that gets a bit old after awhile,  and they needed a bit more realism for a change. Hence the slaughter had to be authentic and clearly recorded, so as to be proven to be real, and a full-blown anglo had to do the job.

So team Jew sent out Rudyard Kiplings Saxon live on video, and oddly enough someone was recording the live streaming. We should be looking for a chain of custody. Putting back the J in Who: Which Jew first recorded the live stream? Did he alert the police? He should have alerted the police and he should be on record. But perhaps he recorded it and DIDN’T alert the police. In any case its considerations of this type, we ought to be sorting out. The chain of custody of the film has to be known to find the perps.

A year ago I pointed out to Jason personally, that Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were faked events, and that 9/11 was largely a Jew operation on the day … at least in New York. It wouldn’t matter if he did the research, and secretly wound up agreeing with me. He’s not in the position to let the reality of major terrorist events influence him in any way.

So now Jason is giving one of our Senators a hard time for one or two stray sentences. He is halfway siding with the kid who broke an egg over the Senators head. Not quite but almost. On his twitter he’s got all sorts of loose talk condemning the Senators statements. In sober reality everything the Senator has said has a certain understandable logic to it.  Almost everything the Senator has said has been pretty mild.   But with the shock of the slaughter ….  these tiny heresies now appear deeply incendiary. And that is the point of the Jewish human sacrifice this time around.

Just go over what the Senator has said before and after the Jew slaughter. The statements are not the least bit incendiary in reality.  They are coloured a bit by the Senators misapprehension of who is the real terrorist community.  Thats unfortunate, but despite this wrongheadedness, there is a great deal of truth in his statements.

This is what the Jew slaughter was supposed to do. The slaughter was supposed to make mildly heretical statements seem scary. 

Amongst Jason and his followers, many of whom I’ve had friendly conversations with (going back as early as 2005) this goal has been fantastically successful.

Here is Jasons twitter

But go easy on him because in the wake of the Jew false flag attack he’s a little bit unhinged. He’s claiming things that he would not claim in a sane frame of mind. He went so far as to retweet some leftist loony-toon to the effect  that we alt-right conservatives wanted to see these Muslims killed and an enemy population disciplined. This sort of utter crazy-talk.

Jason is someone who doesn’t understand false flag terrorism, so he’s trying to make sense of things. When we are surprised and traumatised we think out loud trying to make sense of the senseless.

Jason if you are out there I think you should edit your tweets a bit. Take out the incendiary nonsense.  And on a non-professional basis have a good think about the hard work that goes into a multi-media global terrorist event of this sort.   Its not about some kid feeling a bit daffy after listening to Andrew Bolt.  Terrorist attacks are not spur of the moment lashing out.  Spur of the moment lashing out is what you and Liam are up to right now.

Time to try and get level-headed and sophisticated about major terrorist attacks.  Tame Iti says;  “Everyone needs to work on their attitude.”  But the problem is not one of gentile-attitude.  The problem is a specific terrorist attack carried out by a non-gentile intelligence agency.

Focus On Finding The Jews Who Did This

Lets play a game. Lets call it ASK AHED.


GMB Sez … Ahed? Who Massacres Muslims in Christs Church ?

Ahed sez;  GMB Is That A Trick Question? Jews Massacre Muslims In Christs Church!

Surely we know this already.  This fellow has been missing for seven years.  He’s not been working a high wage job, in a rich country, planning to launch a terrorist attack far from home.  Try and get back to the real world of paying the bills.  Clearly he’s fallen into the hands of the terrorist community. The terrorist community is the Jewish community and always has been.

The Jews did 9/11.  The Jews were huge in the Sandy Hook pantomime. The Jews shoot Muslim children from the other side of a fence where they are not threatened.  The Jews were the ones who practiced mass murder under Jewish communism.  The Jews were always the ones caught practicing human sacrifice going centuries back.

If he had gone from Grafton straight to Christchurch on annual leave, maybe you could believe that this is not a Jew operation. But even in that case where would he have gotten all the illegal weapons from? New Zealanders carry lots of weapons on their farms but there is not much of an illegal gun trade in that country. So its another Israeli setup supported by the international oligarchy.  And obviously so.

If you were feeling daffy one day and wanted to blow all your Australian earned money killing Muslims in another country how would you go about fantasising about gathering all the arsenal together IN THAT COUNTRY.   But he didn’t have savings and annual leave from a great plumbing job in Australia.  He’s been gone for 7 years.  Travelling with such frequency you would think Mossad were renting his passport.  So obviously he’s fallen into the hands of the Jews since where else would he get the weapons from?

All this handwringing about Jordan Peterson letting himself get photoed with a fellow wearing the wrong shirt. This is detracting us from finding out which Jews organised this massacre. There was a massacre of Muslims. Who orders up massacres of Muslims? Its Jews that do this, and its a waste of time worrying about what Jordan Peterson ought to do at the spur of the moment.

Four people have been arrested with regards to this. Thats called a conspiracy to massacre Muslims. There was a conspiracy to massacre Muslims. Are you following me? Am I going too fast for you? WHO carries out conspiracies to massacre Muslims? JEWS carry out conspiracies to massacre Muslims.

Jews Never Apologise For Anything No Matter How Grievous

Why Do We Find The Idea Of A Jew Apology So Confronting?  Its Because They Are Demonic. 

This fellow has had NO KNOWN JOB FOR SEVEN FUCKING YEARS. Now get it together people. He hasn’t been in Australia copping dog whistles from Jordan Peterson or any other mildly conservative individuals. Slap yourself out of it and pay attention to what is going on around you. He hasn’t had the sort of job for seven years that could allow him to plan and carry out a military attack in a foreign country. This takes time and money and more wages then he’s been caught working for. This was a huge Mossad operation.



Taking It To The Streets

I am forced to push science forward by kicking people in the head.  I am more sympathetic to the top intelligent design people.  Maybe about five of them would pass my quality control.  But secretly I am still pro-evolution.  So its time.

Time to take a few Evolution advocates and lead them by the nose. I call this process. Taking it to the streets. They don’t know me but I’m their brother.

GMB Sez:

Are we still insisting that the abiogenesis must have happened on the surface of the early earth? Or have we woken up to the reality that we need a venue change yet?

James Downard sez

I don’t recall if I mentioned it in this video specifically, but I have in others noted that the trend in the research is to focus on ocean vents etc, not necessarily very deep, but outside any surface worry about unfiltered UV radiation, but close enough to draw on the organics brought to earth in comets and asteroids.

GMB sez

It has to be a “reducing environment” so we might want to go deeper and not be restricted by either a one planet operation or some young universe creation myth like the big bang. You guys are going to get slapped around if you keep toeing the line on crap oligarchy directed cosmology and physics.

The assumption is all these reducing gasses. And you have a disconnect between all these reducing gasses and what people think they know about the early surface of the earth. But if you might find out that deep on a moon, and without much of an atmosphere, you can have an electrically reduced environment, then you don’t need to be so dependent on a “just so” grouping of gasses.

James Downard sez

@GMBCATASTROPHE The origin of the universe in the Big Bang is separate from the origin of life on earth, and it is not a myth but the only model that accounts for the data. “You guys”? by which you mean the actual scientists? Perhaps you should offer some sources on what you think accounts for the first life. And also when you think that was.

James Downard sez

@GMBCATASTROPHE Sources please on what you think you’re talking about, G

GMB sez:

No the Big Bang in no way accounts for the data. You guys in chemistry, organic chemistry and micro-biology, you are proper scientists and yet you allow yourselves to get pushed around by top-down bullshitartistry. The Big bang is such bad science it has to be assumed to be a psychological operation. It takes one proxy and misuses it. It takes a single proxy and uses it to replace three unknown data-sets. Thats science fraud.

In all the rest of science you need at least three proxies to find one unknown dataset. Even if one of these is just a tie-breaker. You are always going to be lacking in credibility if you insist on bad cosmology, leaving you with a one-planet young universe view of evolution.

James Downard sez

@GMBCATASTROPHE Sorry, your assertion counts diddly, G. Please offer sources on this.

GMB sez:

Come on man. You know I don’t need sources since you know what I’m saying is true. The Big Bang is an appeal to pure magic. Really obvious Voodoo. The most irrational creation myth, not excluding those involving tortoises.

Now another couple of items that will help you get your thinking together here. The conservation of matter is not merely wrong its a logical contradiction. If matter were conserved there would be no matter ever. There is no getting around the logic of that.

Likewise the conservation of energy is not merely wrong. It cannot be true since otherwise there would be no energy. This reality cannot be overcome.

Plus there is no such thing as a wave where nothing is waving hence aether theory is appropriate for physics.

Once we get that far this evolution business isn’t so difficult after all.

GMB sez:

No no. Attempt to be a scientist. Take every assertion I’ve made here. I’m right, if you disagree with me on even any of these basic logical ideas you are wrong. The people who run physics and cosmology have decided that they are above and beyond logic. Once you deep-six their logical contradictions and ponder the matter for awhile you wind up with a cosmology where evolution is much more credible. And you don’t need to be in denial of what is necessary to get the development of proteins and so forth.

Intelligent Design Will Continue To Be On The Upswing/ The Whale Is A Fearsome Floating Foetus.

Graeme Birds theory of the whale says that the whale is a gigantic floating foetus.  I want to state that up front for google reasons so that it may be recognised as my original conception.   But usually I find that others have thought about these things well before myself.

The main reasons that intelligent design will continue to be on the upswing are 1.  The idiocy, dogmatism, and tunnel vision of the neo-Darwinists. 2. The sophistication and good humour of maybe half a dozen intelligent design advocates.   If you favour straight evolution it is to these guys you want to go to, to get good ideas, to help flesh out your concept of evolution …..

From Elsewhere:

“We may be able to make up part of the huge gap in our explanation of evolution by getting our cosmology right. This idea that we’ve only been around for shy of 14 billion years. And the concept that evolution is a one planet phenomenon is pretty stupid.

Moons grow to planets grow to stars grow to bigger stars. At any point of this process the large oblate spheroid can blow up, much of the material will be recycled, and a great deal of cellular complexity can be maintained in this process. Forget anything that Einstein said; he was completely full of shit. So what I am saying is once we get the cosmology right ….. well we cannot really answer Professor Behe’s objections. But still we can make up some of the gap perhaps. The mainstream is just so fraudulent. But they ought to make a choice.

Aether Changes Everything And Opens Up Both Theological, And Atheistic Possibilities.

If they want to hold onto some sort of Darwinist outlook they have to get rid of this abuse-based idea that they will make the aether an outlaw. No aether they reckon. Even though the next minute they will give you the wave-length of the colour purple. No aether they say but light has a measurable wave-length they will tell you in their next breath.

I Know Its Only Science

But I Like It

Such stupidity. That level of stupidity can only be reversed with punitive public service sackings. The acknowledgement of the existence of aether opens up the possibility for intelligent consciousness somewhat independent of matter. It opens up the possibility of a planetary spirit or a God of sorts. But veering back towards atheism … the existence of aether also opens up the possibility for a greater storage of information than could be possible, if we were relying on the existence of non-aetheric information alone. I am suggesting that aether can be retained within and around the cell and a much greater level of informational memory may be possible than what seems plausible under non-aetheric materialist ideology.

Scientific Cosmology, As Opposed To Cosmological Lies And Irrationality,  Also Helps Make Up Some Of The Gap In The Theory Of Evolution, That Professor Behe Has Helped Uncover. 

So aether honesty opens up more possibilities on both sides of this argument. The mainstream ALSO needs to rid themselves of the young-universe creation myth of the big bang. If they can get rid of these known lies maybe they can hold on to their Darwinian outlook.

But they should choose,  because the mainstream is just making ass-clowns of themselves. If I agreed with the mainstream cosmology of course I would have to agree with Behe in this matter. There is no getting away from what he is saying here. Why even upset yourself trying to contradict Behe on this matter? Why bother? Why confront yourself with that level of cognitive dissonance? I just go with the flow people. I am no Christian but I have a Christian attitude towards the universe. The Christian attitude is “Its Gods universe and I’ll be happy with whatever it is I find out there.” Thats the scientific attitude.”


Where am I going with this?  Every so often I run into someone who is doing a very good job of defending evolution.  And its never anyone that is being placed in front of us in the media.  Chris Hitchens was an intelligent fellow, but he was weak on science.  Harris is a moron.  Dawkins has turned rigid and blinkered in his dotage.  He’s no longer any kind of committed scientist.  PZ Myers is very low-grade.  You find the better defenders quite by accident.  Maybe you’d be able to run into them if you could catch people getting banned by mindless ideologue PZ Myers.

So as advertised to the public the theory is weak. And people who think about these things deeply will realise the superiority of the leading lights of the intelligent design crowd if they will give them a fair hearing.

Turnabout Is Fair Play.  The Immortal Keith Richards Had Sympathy For The Devil.

Its Okay To Have Sympathy For The Intelligent Design Theorists.  Who Are Whipping Our Sad Asses Right Now. 

In our weight division mutations are a move towards DEVOLUTION and not whiggish evolution.  It is said we pass on 100 more or so mutations every generation.  Mutational devolution is thus the default philosophical position, or should be, in evolutionary theory, just as entropy has become a default notion in physics.  Now entropy is WRONG in physics but we needed to find out WHY it is wrong.  I’ve gone into that on this blog and elsewhere.  But if devolution is not correct in human development, then we need to find out why.

Mutations in our weight division are broken genes.  They are like viruses in the old-fashioned microsoft software.  We can put off the implications of this a while longer by way of marrying outside our race (somehow I swing back to miscegenation despite myself) but that hasn’t solved the problem of how we might hope to avoid devolving into useless piles of sterile festering garbage, as would be natural, if the generational gift of broken genes is not somehow overmatched.

If something is replacing the broken genes with healthy ones, what could that something be? If something is increasing the information, as natural selection reduces that information ….. where might the pristine information be coming from?

I try to drive science on, not by standing on the shoulders of giants, but rather by pushing hard down on the heads of pygmies.  So lets look at the following exchange to see where I may be coming from here:

Boo the Cardinal is already a believer in evolution. If he studied for six years he would realise what a half-baked idea it is. Even if it may well be true. Its a theory that needs a serious update if it wants to not be discarded.


Remorse for what? He’s innocent dummy. Or didn’t you get that far in school?

Iain Rae

@GMBCATASTROPHE I forgive you for your ignorance of evolution by natural selection . 10 hail Mary’s from you each day for 6 years.


I’m not ignorant of evolution by natural selection you low IQ cunt. Natural selection reduces the available information. The pro-Evolutionary crowd ought to be winning the argument. But they are losing it because they are not looking to where the lost information is being replaced if it is.
And no its not through mutation …… which is a completely untenable idea, for organisms in our weight division. So stop being a stupid ignorant cunt. Because if you want to win that argument you are going to have to do better than “natural selection.” Any intelligent design devotee will blow you out of the water with that bullshit because mutations are always harmful in our weight division.
And they don’t constitute more information. These are broken genes. Mutations are devolution and not evolution in our weight division. So pro-Evolutionists ought to be looking for information gain between species …… from the microscopic to larger species …. If they wish to win this one.


So you see what I’m saying here?  The evolution crowd have been giving us a lot of triumphalist happy-talk about the theory being in good shape.  Its not in good shape at all.  At least its not in good shape if judged by listening to these dummies the media gets to defend it.

What we are looking for is the little critters absorbing the information of even smaller critters, and if so in “object oriented” form. Here I am making an analogy to object oriented programming in computer science.  We can do nothing with broken genes.  We must find ourselves an environment wherein mutation is so numerous in such fast-breeding small critters,  that real and useful information can actually be built up, and in object oriented form. And if this object oriented information can be absorbed into larger species …. then what facilitates this permeability, should it happen at all?

Where Did The Whale Get The Information From In Just 9 Million Years?

So for example we have the idea that the whale evolved from a small four-legged animal over the space of 9 million or so years.   There is counter-evidence to this.  And some may say the evidence is not that solid. Still it seems to be pretty good to me, and so I’ll take it at face value tentatively.  The counter-evidence isn’t that powerfully strong.  Its to do with finding an intact whale that dates to an earlier date then the evolving in-between species.

Now the first thing we might say about the whale evolution story …  is that this progression is a form of evolution I call “New Niche Evolution”  … When an animal in one niche goes into a completely different niche (in this case probably to do with evading a predator) evolutionary pressure, pushing the animal in one direction is pervasive.  Plus an animal that retreats by running into the rivers ….. It achieves the partial but not total isolation necessary to push its gene pool one way.  To push the adaptations of the species in one direction only.  You MUST have the condition of partial but not total isolation to achieve this effect.  This effect is equivalent to a longstanding intelligent breeding program.

(((((This is what some theorists think allowed us to evolve.  Firstly we had the new niche evolution of coming down from the trees, where the trees, the river and the ocean met.  This is my version of the aquatic ape theory.   Then we had the new-niche evolution of repeated glacial periods.  Many Christian theorists in this space say that there is no such thing as macro-evolution.   I don’t go that far.  All I say is that in big animals macro-evolution is fucking hard.  Its not fucking easy.  For the big animals there is only new-niche evolution and rolling holocaust evolution and they both involve partial but not total separation.   I am constantly stunned by the glib assurance that Darwinists have in the reality and indeed the ease of evolution in larger mammals.  But the reality is that evolution is anything but natural for the larger organisms.)))))

But heretofore, in the story of the whale being evolved over 9 million years …. We don’t have the knowledge on tap,  as to whether the whale gained or lost genetic information. We feel surely that it must have gained information.  But where from?  In that weight division broken genes cannot be helpful.  Broken genes are also lost information. We carry more genes than we really need;  so was the proto-whale tapping into its extra gene pool only?

Directed Neotony A Huge Part Of Whale Evolution/ Gigantic Foetus Of A Four-Legged Animal.

Surely neotony was a huge part of this whale evolution story.  Losing the adults hair, increasing the time growing, exaggerated brain development, all this kind of thing.  That whale in someways is a gigantic unborn baby terrestrial.   So directed neotony had to be a big part of this story.

But what about new information?  Was it all old information used in different ways? Believe me this mutation business is complete bullshit and untenable. We can say conclusively that whale evolution had nothing to do with mutation.  Or at least only a little bit and only at first maybe ………

Since we don’t look to mutation and broken genes to help evolution in bigger animals, we may have to look at pulling “object oriented information” out of the plankton.  Plankton gives the information to the gut biome, and perhaps there are some stressful circumstances which may allow some chunks of information to be incorporated into the larger organism.

There has to be something that adds to the information that natural selection, and ambient mutational damage,  is taking away.  Now come on people lets be serious about this.  There has to be that replacement information.   Just as there must be pristine energy in the wider universe.  Or there would be no energy at all and we would by now have all devolved to sludge.

Later I will suggest where the ultimate source of genetic information may be coming from, if its not coming from intelligent design; An idea that ought not be ruled out by any means.  Here I am talking about a better arena than the surface of the earth for ultimate development of new genetic information.


Why am I doing this?  I really have no stake in this rumble.  I have no fellow feeling for my atheist colleagues? My view of physics opens up the possibility of intelligent design even without a supreme being? So why would I try and bridge the gap that has now opened up in favour of the intelligence design advocates?

I know its only science …… But I like it. 


Sympathy For Intelligent Design ………. New Information Could Be Coming From The Aether And From Intelligent Consciousness Within.

How did we come up with matter in the first place?

The electrons, neutrons and protons didn’t just appear out of nowhere.  In my theory first we had flux, then we had aether, then we had matter.  Matter is an offshoot of aether.  We know that the aether/electric/matter Nexus has produced consciousness.  But what is there to say that conscious intelligence or pockets thereof did not precede the development of matter?  And if we are conscious beings, and our consciousness is primarily to do with matter, but also to do with aether and electricity …. Then what is to say that we couldn’t have consciousness that was more aether-biased?

Now what I don’t think we can have is a universe-wide supreme consciousness. Since clear thinking would take such a huge being long periods of time. There needs to be some level of compaction to have real-time thought.  The great theorist Nassim Taleb says that the paradox of the trinity is easily understood by Christians, though to all others its a straight contradiction.  Taleb says that God being also Jesus allows God to have “skin in the game.”  Skin in the game is a concept that the philosopher has written thousands of words about.

Thats fantastic theology.  But any real God would have to reduce in size and scope from a solar system sized being, down to having a more constrained consciousness, just in order to function in something approaching real-time.   And I mean this even when you take superluminal speeds into account.   Because these speeds aren’t infinite.  I think that entanglement has only been measured up to about 17 kilometres last I checked and these people cannot be trusted anyway.

Anyway we could easily have pockets of aetheric-matter based consciousness since its aether that has had longer to evolve.  This is more a justification of animism than anything else.  I’m not opening the door to any fantasy that any primitive fellow might ever have had,  anytime.  But when you see very good evidence the likes of which Michael Behe brought to light in 1996, that does justify opening the door to intelligent design.  Because I’m not deluding myself that I’ve grasped back the lead Behe has gained on us, just in this one article.

Thats a lead that will probably take a century to pull back.  Most of modern cosmology has to be ditched in order to do so.


George Pell Is Innocent (of these specific crimes) And must be freed upon appeal.

After ranting and raving a bit I think its time for a more fair and balanced assessment. So I had to go and find a more fair and balanced fellow than myself to make that assessment.

Bolt shows that Cardinal Pell cannot be judged to be guilty if the standard is “beyond reasonable doubt.” Bolt shows this very conclusively. So some of us might think he’s guilty and the young fellows memories are hopelessly confused. But reasonable people thinking in a cool-headed way about the matter, have some doubts about the situation. Bolt gives 10 reasons to doubt the matter. One has to suppose that the boy might have been abused by Pell and just confused the time and the date of the matter. But we have to judge the situation on what we have before us. What we have makes it clear that righteous anger against the church has bled into the jury’s decision.

Cardinal Pell certainly has been involved in covering up crimes in the church. This is a real Catholic disease this coverup. In some ways he may be the best of a bad bunch.  He’s tried to sort things out somewhat, and tried to cover up to some extent also. Thats the impression one gets at least. So perhaps the best outcome is that he is shamed a bit, gets a bit of jail time … but our system, if it is sound, must let him off on appeal. Because the standard is reasonable doubt. And its very reasonable to doubt this story.

Its not preposterous that there is yet one more child molester in the church. But we have to judge him on the story he’s been convicted on. And its a stupid story. The story is not true because it CANNOT be true.

Here are ten reasons Bolt gives that he thinks cast doubt on the story.  He understates the matter.  The ten reasons show that the incident did not happen as claimed.

  1. The dead boy, before he died, denied to his Mother that he had been abused by Pell. This must be coming straight from his mother. Do we really think a grieving Mother would lie about such a thing.  That should have been reasonable doubt right there.
  2. The other boy who is the originator of the allegations didn’t speak of it for many years.   This is simply not plausible given that Pell was on our television sets often during that time period.  I have a hypothesis that fits why the accuser would feel morally justified in concocting this story. Because I don’t think its a concoction. I think its a transmutation.
  3. The attack was “supposed to have happened straight after Mass.”  When Pell customarily joined the recessional going out of the church after mass.  That is to say it would have been odd for him to suddenly duck away for no good reason. People would have noticed such a thing.  Why engage in a high risk activity if your very absence would be noticed even prior to any hint of wrongdoing?
  4. The attack was said to have happened in a high traffic area.  Where there was the reasonable expectation of people walking in and out.
  5. In the story the boys were supposed to have slipped out of the choir, to break into the room, and then came back afterward.  Others who were there at the time remember no such thing.
  6. Pell was normally followed everywhere during and after by the Master Of Ceremonies.  This fellow was available to testify that there was no “slipping away” or disappearing act that occurred.  The fellow who made up this story didn’t even do a very good job of it.
  7. The accuser claimed that the door was open during this entire time.  Thought in the story to be about ten minutes.
  8. The accuser said Pell was wearing heavy vestments  and he “parted the robes” to somehow induce one of the boys to perform oral sex IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. But this turns out to be impossible. And Pell would have needed to get changed just to take a pee, let alone force himself on anyone.
  9. No-one there noticed anything suspicious the whole time. Even though the attack would have taken ten minutes according to the story.
  10. While there is some allegations floating around there isn’t any proven pattern of queer behaviour.  When allegations of this sort were made in the past they had a tendency to be proven wrong.  This is in stark contrast to the normal situation with queers in the church …. their behaviour is usually well-known. When they are finally hauled in, it is to answer a string of charges, with massive concordance between victims and witnesses.

The problem with the Church is not one of occasional sporadic abuse. So for example in 22 years at work I got in trouble for losing my temper twice. No-one was the least bit hurt on either occasion, and the second time I was fired. The Churches problem is not to do with sporadic loss of control of this nature. But instead the Churches problem is with mad sex addicted fags (and one or two heterosexual abusers) that EVERYONE knows about. And they get moved around all over the place allowing them to re-offend. But what is being alleged here is that George pulled out his dick out of a clear blue sky. Like me losing my temper. Even if he had such tendencies his clothes would tend to stop him long enough to pull himself together.

What Really Happened; My Hypothesis.

If you were abused by clergyman, and you believed George Pell played it down or covered it up, you would be fucking furious. You would feel completely justified in taking the crime that had happened to you, transferring it to a different place and a different person. Thats what I think has happened here. The crime has been transmuted to a different man and place. And perhaps with some understandable feeling of moral justification. The crime simply cannot be taken seriously AS ADVERTISED.

So George has faced this humiliation and will spend time in jail.  Perhaps this is karma for earlier being a coverup artist. But he must be let off on appeal. Because this story didn’t happen. This story is ridiculous.

There is just no doubt about this at all.  Whatever George has done on other occasions, good, bad or indifferent, he is not guilty of this specific crime on this specific occasion. He must be let loose.

Dealing with the flat-nosed kids/Close up they never that big.

Some of these fatter Ugandan women can move their booty in such a way as to be a real art form. It would be almost a shame for them to drop down to a healthier weight. Waves crossing waves.  Multiple waves and wave interference in the one Ugandan booty. This ought to attract the attention of science.

Deeply frustrating to look for hours and hours at the Ugandan booty. Because you have the feeling of a different language being spoken. The booty is trying desperately to communicate with me. But I don’t know what the booty is saying.  The booty has a life separate to the girl, just as the boxers feet must be trained to work almost separately from the boxers brain.

Ninety seconds in the sweety  dressed all in pink is flashing me (bless her little cotton socks) but we don’t appreciate her kind efforts so much, since we are focused on the other girls big juicy buttocks.  The pink girls booty loves the unemployed Australian man, though I know her heart does not care.  From the girls,  its only when booty, heart and mind come together,  that you have something special going on. So it goes for the components of the boxers game.

The lesson is stay away from Ugandan booty or boxing videos or I won’t get anything done. I’m more busy now then I was when I had a job. Two types of video to stay away from until I’m working again. Some videos you can watch and repair your bag, with needle and thread,  at the same time,  because the focus is on verbal content.


Couldn’t stay away. The first-round knockouts really concentrate ones thinking. My thinking is that if I get in a boxing ring again I want to be so fit in the jabbing department that I’m pumping them out two for everything the other fellow is launching. And I’ll want to be having so much lateral movement that the gent is continuously wrong-footed. Added to that I don’t want to try any of this until I’ve walked off the sixty extra pounds I’m carrying.  Immediately I move and jab-jabjab-jab-jabjabjab moving all the time …. the calves get tired, the breathing is no good. I cannot keep up the double work rate. 30 seconds in, the fellow goes and knocks me out, just because he can. The last thing I hear is the fading sound of all these palookas laughing.

Thats the only bonus from being unemployed I suppose. It will be loosing weight and becoming light on my toes again. Last time I tried boxing I could do 300 skips in a minute, most of them in doubles.  I was light on my toes but had no sound thinking about how to use this training.

You can keep the reasoning going from there. What does the need for a fitter jab arm mean for the other guy? It means that counters to jabs become more important. Moving and coming over the top and this sort of thing. Like Tyson … the high-pressure counter-puncher. Never the brawler as he was ludicrously accused of. Always combining two almost contradictory elements. To be a counter-puncher sounds defensive. Thats never going to work for a short man. But a high pressure counter-puncher …… that combination really made that cake AND that icing.

One of the reasons why boxing is so inaccessible to most people, is that they get you in the ring sparring and doing combinations and all this, prior to working on the footwork. You have to have both your mits up, you cannot see anything, you don’t have the footwork, and the fella isn’t supposed to be beating you up,  but he can do so at his pleasure. Particularly if you whack him in the ribs really hard, out of a clear blue sky. Believe me; you don’t want to find out all the things that I found out.

How can you learn your footwork when you are plunged into a situation of sheer terror, partial blindness and mental paralysis like that? If someone was learning boxing with me, we would invent an whole series of boxing drills,  that played down at first what you were doing with your hands, head and torso.

The Ugandan girls booty speaks to me, or tries to, even when the Ugandan girl herself is not talking,  or not even interested. In the same way your feet have to know exactly what to do every moment in the ring, even when the fellow has punched you so hard, that communication between your brain and your feet has been 90% interrupted.

Why go to boxing training to get beat up or condescended too? Get the feet right first, while you are building up your punching stamina and general fitness.  Do this before you even go near a boxing gym. Then when you are sparring with people who cannot hope to match your feet, you can concentrate on lethal accuracy. Not on actually hurting your sparring partners, but since your feet are better than Fred Astaire, you can start looking at hitting what you aim at, like Senator Manny. No-one can concentrate on four different elements at once when she is just a beginner. So don’t even try.   At least get the feet to a level of diminishing returns.

Now one of my first drills would be like …… You’ve heard of touch rugby? Well this is more like a form of tag. The idea is to try to tap the other fellow on the back. Set her up for a punch to the back and then just tag her. In boxing you are not to turn your back on someone, and you are not to hit someone in the back. But there is nothing in boxing to say that you cannot set the person up for a punch to the back, AND NOT THROW THAT PUNCH. Tyson used to do this all the time in his very early fights. Lomachenko does it always. If the fellow has his back to you, and is trying to then turn to face you, he is blind and he cannot hurt you. You have a clear jab opportunity to his earhole. He knows this, and so he has to avoid the easy jab with some desperation, but his efforts to do so set him up for some truly massive hooks with the other hand. So you have that clear jab opportunity to the ear, but instead you alter your stance and give them the full power hook with your other hand. If your feet have him beat to that extent, then your options are simply fabulous. These are no-lose options. The easy jab to the ear that he cannot do anything about … Or the more difficult, but sometimes more fruitful, stance change and super-charged knockout hook.

This is what Tyson used against the fantastically courageous Mark Young. Find it in slow-motion from all angles if you can. But you will blink and you will miss it, if its at full speed. Here is the full speed version. You are going to blink and you are NOT going to see the tremendous complexity of what he does here. But Mike has out-stepped Mark such that he could punch him in the back. Then he is allowed to hit him in the ear and can reach him with a hard jab …. But Mike decides to change stances and deliver a hook that has Mark Young literally flying through the air. You won’t see the multiplicity of it, but maybe you’ll find it in slow motion later. If you do send it to me.

Think how that kind of footwork would be helpful in general self-defence. You slow down the real great fighters …. Duran, Tyson, Lomachenko,  Bruce Lee. There is five or six things going on when the first time you just noticed the end product.

Look at the still photo highlighted on the video. The still says so much. Young is a great distance from Tyson. The angle changes have been so good that even the referee is wrong-footed. Only the 19 year old has two solid feet underneath him. Toes slightly inward since this facilitates rapid torso movement.  Everything in the snapshot.

What sort of a brawler is this? For those so ignorant of these things? Everyone has the right not to be the boxing expert. But comrades who would call younger Tyson a “brawler” are abusing the privilege. Go read through again my explanation of the incredible sophistication it takes to pull off a move like this against a skilled boxer with much longer reach than you have?  For one thing you have to be good with both orthodox and southpaw stances,  and to effortlessly be able to change from one to the other, gathering power in the process.

What looms large from a distance; close up they never that big, said the nobel prize winner. 

Do you want to get in the ring rightfully fearless against the flat nosed kids? Read all my boxing advice. I’m the one you been looking for, I’m the one who holds the key. 

For me I at least want to have the feet good first before having to deal with some young kids fists coming at me. Get your feet as good as Tysons and up close the kids won’t seem so big after all.

As sophisticated as that move was,  the footwork necessary to put it together, would be THE FIRST THING I would concentrate on. Not extra-for-experts but the very first item on the in-tray.

Feet …. torso …. arms …. head movement. To put these components together like Mike you are going to have to be full-time pro and still you won’t likely get there. But at least get the feet as good as Mike did. Thats only one dimension to get right first. Get the feet right. Then those kids you jump in the ring to spa with …. You know ………. they won’t seem so big after all.  Skinny and easy to get to, easy to get away from.


35 seconds in this Nigerian sheila has weird patterns on her pants that have a hypnotising effect. Like a magical rattlesnake holding a desert rodent in its gaze, just before striking.

Some sort of the deeper magic going on here.  Escape from the magical booty,  and maybe you won’t be hypnotised by those big fists coming from the flat-nosed kids.

Looking For Casual Physical Work In Sydney/Tips And Scoops Wanted.

Got sacked after 22 years working on the same site.  Its not really the managements fault.  Except to the extent that they believed a young narcissist and did not discipline him early enough and often enough.  And except to the extent that they had no nuance at all when it came to their punishments.  But never mind.

The main problem is that I haven’t looked for casual muscle work in all that time.  I have no idea of how to go about it.  It used to be that centrelink ran a casual work place and you walked there every morning and waited until you were at the head of the roster.  This usually took about four days straight of early mornings. Then if you worked hard, you could usually get more employment out of that small business owner. So all you had to do to get a foot in the door,  was to get up early in the morning,  and go someplace to read a book.  Now thats all gone.

(((In the movie he is the most malign of all Michelin Men The casual dropped down to avoid a slow-moving hand, without force behind it. But in the movie it looks like the Michelin Man wiped the casual clean out,  by way of a strike to the throat.  Biomechanical analysis would clear the fatty.  But there is not the time for that sort of thing.)))) 

53 years old. Still got far more work energy, then the 20-somethings,  for continual physical work.  Although likely to fall asleep if I sit down.  If it was up to me I’d really want to retrain as an arborist.  But I have to lose four stone over time for that to be even so much as a credible daydream.  I have to lose about sixty pounds.  The way I am going to do this is run out of money and go without food all the time.  But basically I’m walking everywhere at the moment.  All over the place.  Almost always barefoot (for electrical reasons), and with an umbrella (to keep the sun off my face).  I want to be like a camel who goes into the desert and loses his hump.  Except I’m hoping all that fat gets burned off my stomach and turns into deuterium depletion.

Probably this sacking is a good thing.  A chance for me to see the sun rise every day.  Refit my circadian rhythm and refit all my clothes.

Still I am very fearful of becoming homeless.  Because I am a theorist of how policy-makers would create a lot more work, if they had any sincere inclination to do so.  Yet I have no idea about looking for work now, after all this time.