Revisiting Cargo Transport/ Stephen Hawking Cult.

You may remember how I said that the Boehm Bawerk principle of the lengthening of the structure of production ought lead us to aspire to cargo transport, and work-in-progress transport, that is basically anti-gravity.  That does not fight against gravity.  Most food production ought to be permaculture and ought to be local.  But there is no way to aspire to fabulous productivity without the manufacturing sector having an highly lengthened structure of production and a massive trading network.

The stone-arched infrastructure can easily support the trains, and fit nicely into the natural background aesthetically. 

The stone is more robust then the cars that crashed into it, and in my view its only the road that makes this picture less artistic than it ought to be. 

It takes one awhile to think clearly about these matters.  Like many big kids before me I was fascinated particularly by the steam train.  Hoping that new technology might lead to the containment of heat, such that a steam train burning any organic material might be efficient, I had an emotional commitment to the idea that we need a new age of rail.  I’ve gone back and forth with it and came to the idea that;  in our 5,000 year infrastructure plan, its canals, tugs, container ships and dirigibles that ought to be emphasised for cargo and work-in-progress transport.

The thing was, because of my audit of physics I became absolutely fascinated by the phase change of water as really the most powerful explosive force in the universe.  Every stroke of a steam engine is a power stroke and I was hoping technological change could make it work.  I view all massive explosions as proton-repulsion explosions.  The biggest explosions known on earth are water phase change explosions in the form of super-volcanoes.  And I view all the massive explosions in the universe as water phase change explosions.

But in fact there are two conditions that could make the train fundamentally anti-gravity.  So trains can be part of this long-term plan but really only under two conditions, and even then rail ought not be the main part of the plan.

If the road is absolutely dead flat, and the train is suspended this would qualify as anti-gravity. 

But so far this technology has been used for fast passenger transport.  This is not a major factor in wealth creation. 

Manufacturing is an extension of logistics.  This is all about getting everything arriving at specific locations in exactly the right sequence.  Speed is not really an issue in this story.  Very fast trains are impressive but they are not really that important to the problem of manufacturing.  Much better would be level tracks everywhere just for the fact of reducing the energy needed to move things around more generally.

Making communist undertakings efficient.

Remembering that this is a 5000 year project; having level roads, including train tracks everywhere, could be multiple use so long as the train speeds were modest.  Thinking about it, the magnetic repulsion needed to keep the trains floating would itself burn up a lot of energy so the reality is that this can never be fully anti-gravity.  But the canals are for where the land is a little below sea level.  And clearly most of a continent is substantially above sea level.  So there is a role for 100% level roads all over the place, to foster general energy efficiency,  so long as these roads can be made multiple use and so long as communist undertakings of this sort can be made very cost-effective.

Mises showed near the beginning of the 20th Century that pure communism was completely impossible.  Thats not going away.  But that doesn’t mean that a small yet growing part of the economy cannot be devoted to communist infrastructure undertakings.  Such undertakings can grow far more efficient than the private sector, under the following conditions.

Terraces as view from the top of a road. 

With a 5000 year time horizon, perfectly flat roads, including rail, could be made multi-use by way of agricultural terraces tapering down on either side.  Dry-Stone is more effective for this purpose, at least on most levels, since you want the road to be more porous to water.

To illustrate the way communist undertakings can be made more effective lets take the national broadband network.  It was understood decades a head of time that optical fibre was the best way to send huge volumes of data.  We got started on it late because of our all or nothing approach to projects and because of the identity crisis that has been handed to infrastructure.   Its much like the artificial gender identity debacle.  Now infrastructure projects no longer know whether they are Cliff Richard or Judas Priest.  Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner.  Are they public, private, or cronyist?  Clearly the optical fibre network should have been communist.  How could we have made the roll-out powerfully cost-effective?

More Later

Cascade Of Implications From New Understanding Of When The Recent Pole Shift Was.

Proto-Indo-European speakers.

“The Yamna people or Yamnaya culture (traditionally known as the Pit Grave culture or Ochre Grave culture) was a late Copper Age to early Bronze Age culture of the region between the Southern Bug, Dniester and Ural rivers (the Pontic steppe), dating to 3300–2600 BC.[2] The Yamna culture is identified with the late Proto-Indo-Europeans, and is the strongest candidate for the Urheimat (homeland) of the Proto-Indo-European language.”

You have to get pretty sick before you die. But at a stretch this Yamna fellow could easily be one of us I suppose. “Survive the Jive” reckons that DNA studies are only really worthy from about 2010 on and even better from 2014 on. Previous ideas based on haplogroups, for example that the British Isles descendants were basically Basques …. these ideas are no longer panning out.


Another idea that isn’t quite panning out is the idea that the recent pole shift happened during the bronze age collapse. The evidence is piling up for the competing hypothesis that it happened in association with the quaternary extinction event. I took a long time to swing back to this. The reason being that I could not see how you could have a pole shift without a close-passing comet. And Velikovsky had associated the Venus comet with the bronze age collapse. Whereas the Quaternary extinction event(s) are associated with the central galactic impulse that lead to a string of supernovae. And the first Supernovae that effected us … that is to say the Vella supernova. Now apparently these impulses can make the material below the earths crust temporarily slippery. So that built up ice-created imbalances can be “corrected” so to speak.

This has absolutely astonishing implications. Very exciting. Anyway when the north pole shifted from the Hudson Bay area, to where it is now, our ancestors at the current pole and in Siberia had to hot foot it out of the area in a great big hurry. It was a real scramble but many if not most of them must have survived. Because everyone whose ancestors are in Eurasia, North and South America, have ancestors amongst the people who had to scramble. How about that hey? We are cousins with the Han Chinese and American Indians even. Not with a common ancestor 12000 years ago. Not quite like that. But people who had to scramble …. None of us from Eurasia or the Americans lack for one of these guys as an ancestor. See the video for a better understanding. So me and Soon are brothers from another mother.  Or at least cousins maybe 20, 000 years removed or less according to some frozen fellows found around the Siberia area.

But there are way more implications to realising the true time of the pole shift. We can now date the pyramids for example. So this thread is practically going to write itself.



The Human Rights Outrage In Yemen; First Impressions.

Chewing the Khat in the Yemen. Helps with intellectual discussions.

Thats a problem to these inbred troglodytes to their North. That their southern neighbours would be more intellectual than them.  Having southerners chewing the Khat and philosophising as a matter of national habit.  No doubt much of the discussion is going to turn to what completely useless cunts the family Saud are, and so the Sauds are going to hate the people of Yemen, who were on to them right from the start.
The Sister Sledge is not with us but we still have the family Saud. Fucking mens dress-up club, affecting to be royals, and actually suspected crypto-Jews.

But the problem in Yemen is not only about this horrible family of inbreeds,  damaging their intellectual betters to their South. We hear rumours of American and Israeli special forces hanging out in the mountains and directing things. What we don’t hear in this story, is the immense resource richness of Yemen. And the reality that the Yemen leadership were, for decades, resistant to locking themselves into contracts with foreigners. In the face of the Anglo-American elites monolithic deal-making the Yemen leadership wanted to keep their sovereignty, and not commit to the restrictions of all these contracts.

Affecting to be representatives of free enterprise, in reality the Anglo-American Imperium gave no third and fourth options. Whereas any country ought to be able to import consultants, and buy technological expertise, without selling their soul, their nation, their independence,  or their future ‘room-to-move.’

Why should we condemn this national and familial pride as hateful to the free society?After all,  who is it in the spiritual world,  who shows up with parchment, contract and quill?

Sign the deal baby

Its all good

The Sister Sledge no longer performs (more is the pity) but the family Saud goes on. Those boys are well-known for their un-Islamic lifestyles,  and its clear they need to get closer to Allah

I want the family Saud to get closer to Allah. I long to send them to a place closer to Allah. I want to send them to a place closer to Allah, but not a whole lot further away from Chop-Chop Square. They need to be sent to the other-world, and not too far from Chop-Chop Square, on account of what they have done to women and children in Yemen. Violence against these cousie-bros can only amortise matters, so that they may be forgiven for their many crimes prior. We have seen worse parasites then these people. But its often hard to remember when.

I am no longer a militant. But there are those that upset you so much. That in a bad mood you could dream of teaming up with the ghost of Andrew Jackson and the special forces, and just killing them all.

That aint no way to treat a lady. Maybe its better to just erase this clan, and blot out their memory. Or I would think so if I didn’t know that our own oligarchal/international-Judean-leadership, was even worse.