Tie Breaker Test For A Recent Pole Shift.

There are several lines of evidence suggesting we had a recent pole shift.  But they are not decisive.  The biggest difficulty is imagining that the Antarctic ice managed to run ashore, and climb over the land.  We ought not consider this impossible.  After all ice tends to move like water but in slow motion.  But it is a bit of a difficulty just the same.  To me at least.  Someone who knows more about the specific mechanics involved might be able to explain this but probably wouldn’t, not wanting to besmirch his professional reputation.

But we have a tie-breaker because there is a great wad of ice at Greenland. Ice that is where it is not supposed to be.  And ice that ought not be particularly deuterium depleted if it has always been where it is now.

So the tie breaker would involve getting ice of various ages and finding out if there is a sudden downward drop in deuterium levels at a specific time period in the past.  The two most likely time periods for the pole shift are during the late bronze age collapse.  Or during the quaternary extinction event(s).  I think there were two events … one associated with the initial central galaxy impulse …. about 12,300 years ago.  And also another maybe 700 or so years later, and associated with the Vela supernova.  But we ought to be testing deuterium back maybe 20 000 years to see if this drop in deuterium, especially on the Southern East Coast of the greenland ice sheet, comes about.

If it does then this ice would become very valuable to the health of the humans on earth.  Because it would become the cheapest low-deuterium water available.  It could heal the mitochondria of everyone who could afford it.  Would be a wonderful thing.

Right at the moment the oligarchy are hiding our true heritage with a coverup to do with that part of Antarctica that is directly South of South America.  These are disgraceful hoarders of true history.  So while we want this low-deuterium ice for our health, we need it also, to reclaim our heritage.

Ferguson, Maxwell and Weinberg: Curly Larry Moe.

These three are agents of oligarchy.  I cannot say who they work for directly.  It is certainly convenient for the top global anglo-American-Judean oligarchy to work through Mossad.  But who knows what the channels are? Polishing up my third eye here, I see them as working for gangsters whose bosses are more powerful than the Vatican, but that can from time to time work for the Vatican.  In this case they are not working against the Vatican, even though the oligarchy more generally is always trying to undermine and subvert the Catholic church.  But in this case the Pope will probably be in on this travesty.

Now lets just cut and paste a bit of background from these three stooges and analyse it with regards to the above hypothesis:

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson
Chief Justice Ferguson was among the Court of Appeal judges who decided to unmask Lawyer X and release thousands of documents revealing the identity of barrister turned police informer Nicole Gobbo. She was also among the appeal judges who decided to reduce the jail term of Akon Guode, the Melbourne mother who killed three of her children by driving them into a lake. She joined the Court of Appeal in 2014 and became Chief Justice in 2017.
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
Before he joined the Court of Appeal in 2005, Justice Maxwell had stints as the Legal Aid Commissioner and Liberty Victoria president, and once led action against the federal government for preventing the MV Tampa from bringing asylum seekers onto Australian soil. In 2015, when he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia for his “eminent service to the law and to the judiciary,” he said: ”Victoria’s courts have increasingly become agents of change in the justice system, and I have been fortunate to be able to play a part in that process.”
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Weinberg, who served as a Federal Court judge from 1998 to 2008, sat on the Court of Appeal from 2008 until he retired in 2018 when he was named as a reserve judge of the Supreme Court. Born in Sweden, he was the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions from 1988 to 1991. Last year he presided over the trial of Bourke Street killer James Gargasoulas.
The Victorian Police are a pretty savage gang.  A lawyer is a fairly well protected person. So what is a good girl doing releasing all these confidential files?  You only do that sort of thing if you are working for a more powerful gang.  She looks as gay as all that but she’s a married lady.  Married to another Victorian court of appeals judge.  Which is quite shocking really.  But you have to keep your agents tight.  Supposing you are married and your wife is considering releasing files from an informant to the Victorian Cops WHO IS ALSO A LAWYER.   You’d be begging your wife not to do such a foolhardy thing.  But defying a weaker gang actually serves as deep cover for you working for another, more demonic, set of villains.
On top of that what is a fellow female lawyer doing putting another female lawyer under such incredible physical danger????  Its mindboggling the ruthlessness of such a thing.  You would only do that if you really wanted the other woman dead for some strange girly reason.
Now take the thumbnail sketch of Maxwell.  Well its only a summary.  But what it does is show up a personality that is one of a narcissistic legal usurper.  The lawyer is supposed to interpret the law in the service of justice.  Not get about changing things during his paid hours.  This is just the sort of person that the agents of evil look to recruit. They flatter people like this, play to their ego.
Now how about the supposed good judge? The one who gave the solid dissenting view? Surely I cannot have a problem with him right?  Well he’s not tainted by way of any judgement presented here.  But he’s tainted by way of involving himself with a false flag attack.  So he’s an agent like the other two.  It seems the court of appeal has been fully captured by the oligarchy.  Weinberg hit the jackpot.  He gets to play good guy and he had to be chosen to play the good guy so that people like me will retrospectively whitewash him for being involved in a staged event operation.
  But there is a really special twist to this story.  Because the whole farce has been constructed so as to actually whitewash the church and hide the sexual crimes of the current Pope.  Pell has been made the Judas goat.  Couple of twists coming up.
“Which further illustrates how all the morons in this thread throwing around innuendoes about the Vatican’s hidden hands in Pell’s conviction behind the scenes are at best only on notch less unhinged than those believing in Pell’s guilt.
Do you have any evidence for the Vatican’s involvement, morons?!”
This is a quote from someone at Catallaxy.  Let me tell you that if you follow psychological operations, THIS PROVES ITS OPPOSITE.  This very quote implies the deep cover of Vatican involvement.  Its like hyper-nationalism and anti-semitism being used by crypto-Jews as deep cover.  The Vatican has been acting saintly, supporting Pell but stressing their trust in the Victorian justice system.  This is not mere naivety from foreigners.  You see the reality is that the entire farce was constructed to make Pell look innocent, but take him down anyway, and whitewash the church in the doing of it.
The important thing about psychological operations is that they are multi-layered. And this one looks like spectacularly achieving everything you would expect it to achieve if The Vatican were allowing their more powerful acquaintances to handle this matter for them.
But there is another twist.  Reverse speech seems to imply that Cardinal Pell had a specific memory of doing something wrong and probably illegal in the context of being overcome by lust.  Not necessarily rape.  Not necessarily anything to do with a minor. Probably homosexual but even there its not quite clear.  I would say some sort of physical assault but not with a minor. But I don’t know that is just my hunch when it comes to listening to the reverse speech.   Its not possible to tell exactly what the crime was.  But since we have Pell being interviewed BEFORE he knew the details of what he was being accused of,  his mind was triggered to a memory of losing control of himself and doing something wrong.  Perhaps raping a male prostitute.   It could have been anything really.  Because he wasn’t aware of the details before the moment we have him on tape.
This is how the oligarchy operate.  And its a horrible thing.  Like when I got fired a few months ago,  I was feeling bad about having lost my temper at a casual worker.  I knew I hadn’t hurt him even a little bit.  But I knew I was in the wrong for not getting out of the lift, when I was furious with him.  So because I felt guilty about the incident I couldn’t defend myself adequately.  I knew I deserved being sent to another part of the factory to work for awhile.  Losing some overtime.  Getting some minor punishment just to maintain decorum. But I ended up being sacked after 22 years, much of which was disproportionately beneficial to the company.  Something very like this is going on here.
With the great man Bill Cosby;  Mossad rounded up every troubled woman of a certain age they could find, and got them talking a lot of nonsense. But they didn’t go forward without having some scintilla of some wrongful behaviour, that they could pull out as a trump card, right at the end of the softening up process.  I know less about the Rolf Harris situation.  But that would seem to be something rather similar.  Every agent and her Momma lining up to talk nonsense about Rolf but perhaps some loss of control in a couple of situations in his past.
The Vatican has its reasons to work with the bad guys, notably that the current Pope is almost certainly a victim/evil perpetrator in the oligarchies “Brownstone Operations”… From the oligarchies point of view they need to whitewash the nightmare situation where they have been caught redhanded with Pizza-Gate, Epstein, and sexual assault victims escaping from the clutches of the Royals. Not to mention those who didn’t escape and will never speak again.
The oligarchy cannot get caught with a series of smoking guns like this and the rest of us not expect a motherload of high profile reactions.   When I saw pizzagate its almost like I was waiting for the tide to go out and a big tidal wave start to build.  Well these people seldom disappoint and I didn’t have to wait too long until a bunch of waves came crashing in.
Now at the risk of making Pell seem more guilty than he really is I will link his reverse speech.  Subsequent reverse speech should imply that he is innocent of the specific crimes committed. But this incident of reverse speech sees him guilty of some sort of lust crime, and as I keep saying ….. it probably has nothing at all to do with kids.   There is no reason to believe, from what we see presented before us, that the wrongdoing that Pell has in his mind, is a child-related memory.  No reason at all.   Not speaking from experience but I am lead to believe that “sex” in the homosexual community can be a very brutal thing and thats actually part of the buzz of it so it is said.
As I told the reverse-speech crowd:
“Slow down fellas. Hold your horses. This Pell thing is a much more involved psychological operation than you realise. Your reverse speech has revealed some sort of alternative and lesser homosexual outrage than the specific one Pell was accused of. The lesser crime that he is admitting to in reverse is not necessarily rape and not necessarily with a minor.  It could be rough play with a prostitute. We simply do not know. You see he is being told of the accusations for the first time. So its not surprising that being hauled before the police has triggered a memory of some other incident that is not the same as the fantasy story that has been put together to achieve a number of goals. So take it easy. Don’t be hanging judges. Reserve your positions for awhile until you have investigated further. Because the nature of the trial reveals this op to be a multi-layered affair. Like something Mossad might carry out with Vatican approval.”
Pell could have been set up for sado-masochistic behaviour with an adult male prostitute without explicit verbal permission.  That would technically be a crime and is certainly a sin.  Who knows what Pell is feeling guilty about in the incident, but what we can be sure of is its not the same incident as the fantasy story that he is being accused of.


Kicking Off Thoughts On City Layout

So as discussed often enough the keys to good policy are 1. glutted land substitutes (high-rise, basements, roads under the ground) 2. Phasing to growth-deflation monetary policy (Gross business revenues always climb but never so fast that prices stop falling) … 3. Phasing to more cash than debt (or at least vastly improved cash/debt ratios) 4. Phasing out fractional reserve banking, 5. Immediately dropping any tax on sole trader retained earnings (they may pay their tax on excessive land holdings, or on drawings, but never even one dollar on retained profits and that is something we should jump to immediately rather than phase in) and 6. Meeting Henry George part-way.

But what clues do we have as to the exact rollout of these transformations.  One way is to project forward what sort of a society would really work fantastically.  And then reverse-engineer those policy settings that would more or less naturally lead to these outcomes given maybe two hundred years of organic transformation.

So lets kick off some analysis as to what we would want from city layout.  Personally I would want these little bursts of high-rise with sixty acre permaculture farms on all sides.  Maybe thats a bit too extreme.  Maybe thats more of a thousand year transformation.  Not a two hundred year one.  I don’t have totally firm and worked out ideas on this.  Like if you want all the answers for monetary policy I have all those answers.  I consider myself the expert.  I have all the transitional strategies. Thats a big topic though, so I’m putting off that one until the Christmas holidays.

One reason I don’t have all the answers for city layout is that I haven’t figured out how to make tall buildings sensationally beautiful yet. And you really don’t want ugly tall buildings.  We who have lived through 20th Century architecture have been beaten down by the typical brutalitarian ugliness of tall buildings and thats why a lot of my ideas to do with high-rise expressed on Catallaxy, which I would have thought were obviously right, weren’t readily accepted.   I cannot blame people for not being keen on a relentless glut of high-rise. Though it was the only way to give us first world wages with third world living costs.

This is also why I am very appreciative of the work of Roger Scruton.  Bringing his philosophical training to try and look into the idea of beauty.  So important.  We need to know how to create beauty in advance.  In advance of putting up a 30 story tapered building in a small town.   I don’t think any council should object to a design on the basis of height. Thats plain anti-social. But they ought not let up a building that is going to be ugly. Because thats child abuse, elder abuse, and every type of other abuse in between.  A councillor of a small town should show her enthusiasm for tall buildings.  She should be almost orgasmic about them.  But she should demand that the developer take all the time in the world getting the design of the building perfect.  Because once its up, if we are not zionist terrorist Jews like Silverstein ………  we will expect it to stay up for maybe two hundred years.

Anyway here is a post I made elsewhere that I will use to kick off the topic of city layout.  I would really want to be assailed by a lot of ideas on this matter so I could carve out a working ideology about it:


Try Science KT-2. It works for me. On another matter have we really thought through our city layouts? On the news in Sydney this week we had a survey on travelling times in Sydney. 71 minutes a day was the average commute for civilians who work in one place. But tradesmen were stuck in their gas guzzling van/truck for (from memory) 2 hours and 40 minutes per day or something close to it. Now this is a disaster as far as productivity is concerned.

You have people who make things and people who build things, and then there are many people who seldom do anything very useful for us over the longest run. In the second category its usually tradesmen. The skill set for building things is primarily in the minds of our tradesmen. So here they are wasting time every day in traffic. Now supposing they want to employ an offsider to teach and ride in the truck as well? How is a tradesman going to afford a young offsider to teach and help him, if he’s running into overtime most days, simply because everyone is stuck in the vehicle?

What would a city look like that cut down on these travel times? Maybe it would take up one tenth the ground area, have one million people and not four million people, with as many of the roads underground as you could possibly manage and first class public transport. Plus the roads financed by congestion taxes but only at peak times. Free travel the rest of the time so that we can manufacture goods and build things more cheaply than the people in other cities.

I don’t know if the answer looks like this, but it bears thinking about because this time spent in the vehicle by tradesman is a major break on economic performance. I want to close down maybe twenty or thirty government departments to make finance available for a communist department of tunnelling. The M4 opened days ago and its amazing how much time this humble tunnel can save people if they are criss-crossing the city.

We really need a communist department of tunnelling and a communist department for the development of canals. Some of these outfits need a 5000 year time horizon if we want to produce glorious outcomes.

Chairman Mao said: “Dig tunnels deep, store grain everywhere, and never seek hegemony.” This needs an update but its pretty good advice right there I would have thought.


The Bird Social System; “Cracked It”some time back.

From Elsewere:

An Introduction To The Integration Of Eugenics With The Best Of Catholic Social Teaching

Edward Dutton is born in 1980. He is just a child really. But the reality is he is one of the few people building on the brilliant scholarship of Gregory Clark. We must listen to him with our anti-elitist instincts intact but still with an open mind.

It cannot be emphasised enough: A key component to the improving health of the gene pool is that rich slobs are downwardly mobile. There is no humane elitist policy-settings that can work, if the goal is the slow improvement of the species. Without an egalitarian context of rich offspring falling down in their socio-economic standing, there can be no general improvement of the human race, and as a practical matter we want to, within reason, preserve all races. Not to be extreme about it. But we need the diversity, even as we bring out the talent of all the nations.

Because of the need for rich offspring to be downwardly mobile there is no room for the current state supported usury, or indeed for the current big corporate communism. We must instead go for the sole trader paradise, and meeting Henry George halfway.

And just incidentally the road to the workers paradise is through the sole trader paradise ……. and meeting Henry George Halfway.


More Later

Solving The Mystery Of The Cambrian Explosion.

I am going to make a bit of a leap here by way of analogy. Finding out what Michael Behe says constitutes “irreducible complexity” and comparing that to my own thinking about the evolution of bipedalism.  Bipedalism, with hands or hand-like claws may not be a case of irreducible complexity.  But its something close to that unless your ancestors spent time living in the trees.  On the open ground, from a starting point of being four-legged, there is no real scope to evolve hands or hand-like claws.  Except in tiny critters where the blades of grass become akin to branches.  And with tiny critters the gravity is such that having sophisticated little claws isn’t really a hindrance to running on all fours.

Irreducible Complexity

Proof that doctrinaire Darwinists have been deceiving us about the state of their own theory. 

As soon as your ancestors scurry up into the trees then everything changes.  This achieves two things.  Firstly the advantages of being better able to grasp branches becomes a 24 hour thing without any downside. Secondly if the trees are spaced out you get the partial but not total separation needed for the same selective pressures to apply to the separated populations.  So when they do interbreed, the offspring are conditioned by these selective pressures.

So the ancestors of the dinosaurs were tree-dwellers, and our ancestors also, at least for a time.  People object to this conclusion on the weirdest of grounds.  They say … ho ho the bear has hand-like claws.  Do they really suppose for one minute that the bear didn’t have tree-dwelling ancestors for a time?  They say “Ho Ho the Meer cat can stand up straight”  But the Meer-Cats ancestors were surely tree-dwellers, they are not bipedal and yet they scurry up trees every other hour to this day.

Limits To Fossil Evidence

Contrary to popular opinion direct ancestry cannot be ascertained by way of the fossil record alone.  It would require cross-referencing with genetic information, and the oldest genome we have is from a horse in the Yukon no more than one million years old.

((((See how I accept the criticisms of the intelligent design crowd without being too extremist about it? This characteristic is the scientific attitude in my view.  You need three lines of evidence minimum to be sure of something.  The fossils on their own tell us almost nothing.  But if we could have genetic information to cross-reference with the fossils, three types of dating proxies in every case, and we didn’t throw out the fossils that didn’t conform with the mainstream narrative, then and only then would we have ourselves a serious science.  We don’t have these things.  So we really cannot be too presumptuous.  Its okay to meet the intelligent design crowd halfway on matters of this sort.))))

Setting the precedent of “changing the venue.”

So we can say that the evolution of hands and hand-like claws is something akin to irreducible-complexity-lite on the ground.  But nothing of the sort, if we change the venue. 

I think this sets a precedent.  I think it means that the first thing we do when confronted by ridiculous obstacles to ‘godless evolution’ (shorthand for pure naturalism), the first thing to do is change the venue, when formulating an hypothesis to explain it.  Lets put changing the venue aside for one moment while we get a couple of caveats out of the way.

(((((Pure materialism is out of the question now that we have emerged from anti-aether brain-washing.  Yet purely blind naturalism is still a respectable point of view and its my preferred hypothesis.  The scientific method demands that I must be respectful of parallel hypotheses.  I only mention it as a personal prejudice. I think the intelligent design crowd are winning for the moment. 

What is not okay is the sort of dimwitted doctrinaire approach of someone like PZ Myers. A fellow so unsound he still sees nothing suspicious about modern vaccines, the big bang, or Keynesian spending sprees. A real twat, and I don’t mean that in a good way.   More faith-based and unscientific than any biblical literalist, and far more unpleasant.))))

Its unscientific to rule out intelligent design.

Even though there are some intelligent people around that still take the biblical literalist approach to things I have no patience for it.  I think thats entirely outside of science, since its derived by failing to have multiple hypotheses in parallel and ranking and re-ranking them.  Like modern doctrinaire Darwinists of the low IQ variety its simple faith-based thinking, with a big bias of working backwards from a preferred conclusion. They are equally as bad as each-other from that point of view, though in the new century the bible literalists are more pleasant and less censorious than PZ Myers is ever going to be. But I cannot take it seriously as science.   But less presumptuous versions of intelligent design must be taken seriously. And I can tell you why.

Aether theory allows that consciousness could precede matter. 

Any serious understanding of the evolution of the universe implies that aether preceded matter.  Since we can see distant stars, this means that there is aether chock-full in the areas in-between and relativity little matter.  Since every nucleon that is visible and in the same gravitational network,  manifestly connects every other, directly or indirectly, this implies the primacy of aether as the original substance as compared to substance itself.  Here we dismiss idiocy in physics and cosmology and we can do that on logical grounds with far more certainty even than dismissing biblical literalism.  Even the tendentious biblical literalists rationalise their beliefs rather than rejecting logic outright.  So we don’t need to tarry on bad physics for one second.

Since we are very sure that aether precedes matter, and that matter is a kind of sub-aethereal phenomenon, it can never be ruled out that consciousness did not evolve prior to matter.  Here I am not talking about a universe wide consciousness. But for example the idea of a solar spirit, or a planetary spirit, this simply cannot be ruled out.  I might wish it to be otherwise.  You might wish it to be otherwise, but this is science.  And we cannot arbitrarily rule things out in science.

Actually I think animism on a technical level is even harder to rule out than a planetary consciousness.  Who is to say that an aethereal consciousness could not associate itself with a small grouping of trees attached to a deep mycelial network? The idea could hardly be more primitive, but since aether preceded matter and has been around for trillions to the power of trillions of years, it cannot be ruled out even a little bit.

One annoyance one has with the very idea of intelligent design is akin with the annoying idea of ancient aliens.  Its annoying because no matter how well it fits the data, its a blockage to furtherance of the enquiry.  If we see large rocks being used in construction and we say “look the aliens probably did it” well thats fits the data fine but it means that the enquiry grinds to a halt, if we are complacent about that one hypothesis.  Likewise with intelligent design.  So we take the same approach.  We cannot rule it out, but on the other hand we must not let intelligent design be the end of the hypothesis formation process.

Irreducible Complexity.

In the early canonical lectures of Michael Behe he puts forward three examples of irreducible complexity.  The first being more of an ambit claim.  He explains how complicated eyesight is. Then he goes to a very simple human-invented example of irreducible complexity …… that is to say the old-fashioned mouse-trap.  He shows why a mouse-trap in principle has to be conceived as an whole, how each part is useless as to purpose on its own until they all come together.  And so traditional Darwinism is unable to bridge that gap.  Other kinds of evolution maybe. But certainly not traditional Darwinism.

Than he goes to the best example which is this massively intricate flagellum.  This combines the complexity of the eye with the seemingly impossibility of finding an evolutionary path for it.

Now I think that eyesight is hugely complex.   But perhaps not irreducibly so once we have gotten past what may be thought of as the chemical and informational hurdles to evolution. But the flagellum still seems to be irreducibly complex at any stage.





More Later.

Do The Haka. Light The Candles Until You Run Out Of Fire; But The Jews Will Still Need To Kill Other Peoples Children.

If the Haka was all about peace, love and kisses, would you remember your friends when the time came?  People talk.  The whispers are out there. The people gossip and they say that you will forget your friends.



Do the Haka.  Do the haka until your throat is coarse and your thighs are bleeding.  But don’t forget your anger when the cameras are gone.  You must avenge your murdered school friends.  School friends are the best friends are the friends you remember.  Will you deny them three times before the “cock crows” the night you find out that it was the Jews who killed them?

That night that you find out that it was the Jews who killed your school friends, will you yawn and let them lie there in the ground unavenged?   Will you realise that your anger and your humanity have gone? Or will you act to end the terrorist state of Israel?

Do The Haka

We almost forgot you Van McCoy.  But at the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we are going to remember our school friends…. murdered by the Jews. 

Do the Haka, but don’t burn all that anger out.  Because when you grow up, you must have enough anger left over to end that miserable little country just as quickly and as peacefully as can possibly be achieved. Its with your brains and your education that you must end this disgusting zionist entity.  You don’t need the weapons that they murdered your friends with.  Well you need them but they can stay safely locked up at home.

Let the children DO THE HAKA.  “Let the children boogie” and all that.  But will they remember their friends when they find out it was Judea that killed their friends? The older generation didn’t remember their countrymen, once they found out that the Jews did 9/11.   Not everything about your elders is right, good and proper.   Respect your Elders but remember your friends.



So if that Haka WASN’T a war battle cry would you see the job through? Would you get the job done?

But there has been something that has been bugging me about your Haka children.  It was supposed to be about war.  I’m not criticising your skills.  I think you did an awesome Haka and all that.   But there was something wrong about it.

You see I looked behind your eyes. And I think I saw that your Haka WAS really about peace, love and kisses.   You had me fooled for awhile but you fool me no longer. And if your Haka WASN’T about war and violence then maybe you kids will have the cooler kind of anger,  that will see the job done.

You were really grieving.

It was all about peace, love, and kisses. 

The Jews attacked Australia and Indonesia in Bali. They attacked the whole world in New York and these were both nuclear attacks.  Eternal crazies of this sort must be brought under strict third party supervision.  And the cousins of your friends need to go home to Palestine and get their houses back.

Give us the tools.  And we will finish the job. 

What are the tools to finish the job and avenge your school friends murdered by the Jews?

What tools do you need to finish the job? Education.  You need to study hard.  Get good grades.  Learn to write well.  Bring this Jewish terrorist state down with words.  And you need to remember your friends every year.  And every year you say this aint over. This aint over.  This aint over.  Not by a long shot. 

So right now do you what you need to do.  Light all the candles until you run out of fire.  But get yourself educated. And lets finish this fight once and for all time.

Getting Discouraged

When you kids look into this situation there will come a time when you want to give up.  You will think that the oligarchy and elite Jew pigs are the authors of history and that there is nothing that can be done.  But it is love that is the real author of history.   You have to be in this for the long haul.  And you should make it a fun thing almost every step of the way.

The saviour commands that we love our enemy. 

The Jews are our enemy and we must have enough love left over for them also. 

Since this is a struggle and a quest that will take many decades and centuries you must learn to work hard but still have fun, and be of a joyous heart every step of the way.