Notes On An Energy-Deprived (and Efficient) Future That Is Still Awesome.

I wouldn’t resent peoples bad science CO2 delusions if these same people were reasonable individuals who we could come to some practical compromises with.

By first hydrating the landscapes, we can get the carbon into the soils. Thereafter we can get the carbon into the buildings:


There is a kind of natural welfare for fit people that can be had. Which involves building spectacularly beautiful high-rise buildings but with no lifts. Here the shop is on the first level, The rich people have a powerfully luxurious second floor. As the floors go up the building slowly tapers for structural strength purposes. But the rents get lower and lower. Until you get to a floor that is still luxurious, though quite a bit smaller. That floor can be rented out to people for a nominal amount. Since they have so many stairs to climb. That may seem stupid but we want to house everyone and we want societies that function well even under wartime conditions. Right now if we are being attacked all our power goes down.

Combining New urbanism ideas with some form of Georgism:

Does car parking get much of a look-in? No under Georgism and new Urbanism principles you’d probably have high-rise parking on either side of the high-rise strip. Being at either end maybe the parking buildings would be higher than all the other buildings in the middle. Surface parking cannot really justify the expense of it all. Its probably better to build High-rise parking places at either end and encourage people only to drive between high-rise town areas. Not within them. Even if parking is communist. Things may go so far as to have almost no carsheds even where there are two story houses. People might get on their bicycles to retrieve their car to go for a long drive out of the city.

For that matter, we have to strongly consider that under Georgist assumptions we would want to be pretty conservative about putting in new roads anywhere but always have good budgets for new tunnels. Since tunnels don’t have to justify the surface value of the land they represent….

New tunnels Good …. New roads pretty dubious. New roads if they are tar-sealed have about ten times the construction costs of gravel. They take up too much land. They involve high energy costs for transport. Really we want cargo transport to involve very flat rail, sea, canal and dirigibles transport as much as could be possible. We have to take a 5000 year view of things here.

From here on in parking needs to be even more high-rise then apartment buildings. Urban areas should be walkable. New population growth should be in small towns. The other really high-rise buildings would be mostly just those right near to the train station. Yes they would need lifts, these really tall buildings. But there ought to be no parking. These might be the poorest people in the community that lived in these luxurious high-rise next to the station. And most likely you’d want them to bike a mile or so to retrieve their car from high-rise communist storage if they wanted to go for a long drive every month or so.

To get every car thats not moving right up in the air the communist carpark buildings might look a bit like this:

Except maybe scaled down in volume a lot and hopefully more aesthetically pleasing. It will spiral upwards and be more open air.  Hopefully it will be a good chance to overuse arches for ventilation.  However they design the car parks, it should be clear that car parking simply cannot justify all the surface space its taking.

New urbanism suggests that you want to have every possible thing you need within about a 400 metre walk. They emphasise 5-8 storey buildings. I’d perhaps go a little higher with the upper floors as natural welfare for fit poor people. But in the main I defer to their expertise.

I think as the buildings taper to a point where they are still big enough for a passing dirigible to drop cargo off, perhaps the last couple of floors could be water storage, hot and cold. This is because we are facing a great deal of energy deprivation the rest of this century and we want to get that water up in the air with intermittent energy and let it come down naturally when we need it.

A pretty bizzare and paranoid approach to energy? Well white maggot scum have planned it that way. Yes I know I know we could be doing the whole thing on thorium. And I’m glad that “Legalise Sedition” has weathered well and matured in his thinking (over at Catallaxy) and is in favour of this sort of thing. But its going to be decades before we get out of our energy deprived status.

Consider the poor fit guy on the twelfth floor who pays only nominal rent? He’ll always have a part-time job delivering the cargo from the dirigible to everyones door. Its a beautiful system really and we want to make it one that allows society to function well under conditions of extended nuclear war.

Naturally the small high-rise towns should be surrounded by permaculture farming.

Why Is The Deep State Conducting An Attempted Coup In The United States?

Why has the Deep State gone to all this trouble? Pandemic’s, lockdowns, protests and a Democratic candidate that will soon be a vegetable? It resembles a coup. But what is the motive if the Deep State already controls things? They are gunning hard for a different political system entirely. Now that they have been caught with 9/11 and other faked events/false flag attacks……… Now that they have been caught redhanded they need to act quickly.

Sibel thinks that the coup leaders will not take over the mainstream media, since they have already taken it over. But she’s thinking that there will be an interim President appointed. So you see now why they went to all the trouble of appointing a Democratic party Presidential contender with obvious dementia.

Hydroxychloroquine Is The Antidote From A Biowarfare Perspective.

At the timing of this writing it looks like this has been something of a beat up.  With death rates as low as 0.1%.  But these really well worked out terrorist attacks are designed to make a fool out of everyone.  No matter what major position they take.
Francis Boyle says that the Americans (I would say the Deep State) between 9/11 and 2015 spent about 200 billion on biowarfare.  So we know, for reasons I’ve discussed elsewhere, that we have been subject to biowarfare.  So the question becomes … Is that the best you can do?  
Clearly with that sort of money the result I would have come up with would have been beyond the dreams of Thanos.  But Thanos didn’t worry about blowback and he didn’t need a specific antidote to the devastation he was foisting on the planet.  Plus he may not have been the result of generations of Rothschild and Jewish inbreeding.
Now you must understand that its not about how I think.  I don’t think that one pathogen always causes only one problem.  And I don’t think that one disease ought to be cured by one antidote.  But its not about me.  Its about the useless fucking scientific illiterates that make up our oligarchy.  So if some Rothschild runt-of-the-family demands his inbetweens demand that the scientists come up for one sure-fire cure to every one authentic bioweapon that they plan to release to the public …. then the scientists will have to follow those stipulations.  With 200 billion dollars they could have easily come up with a suite of pathogens that could kill 29 out of 30 of us.  So the poor value for money comes down to the reality that these rich parasites will demand a sure-fire antidote for every sure-fire bioweapon.
All that money going to waste for their pampered whims.
What I hope to convince you of is that every time the oligarchy unleashes a bioweapon on the public,  they will always have a specific antidote in their heads.  General health doesn’t work like that.  This is a comic book version of what immunology is all about.  But the oligarchy has that kind of comic book mind.
 From my point of view having one pathogen and one cure for the pathogen makes no sense.  But its not MY point of view we are talking.
So if they gave everyone in the United States Lymes disease, then clearly the oligarchy would not have done so unless they had a specific cure for Lymes disease in mind.  Its not that Ghanian Quinine won’t be excellent for other problems.  Thats not the point here.  Its just that before the oligarchy is going to unleash the Lymes disease pathogen,  on everyone, since they are lazy parasites and completely useless for all good purposes,
……   they will want to make everyone jump through hurdles to make sure they themselves have the antidote.  Turned out that there is a good chance the oligarchy had Ghanian Quinine in mind when they infected nearly all the Americans, and probably a great deal of the rest of us with Lymes.
Down the bottom I’ve taken the occasion to record some posts at Catallaxy that Sinclair has wiped.  Good enough place as any to see the kind of posts he considers are just a little bit too offensive for his blog.
Do I consider HydroxyChloroquine MY ANTIDOTE for the corona virus?  No because then I could tell you that you didn’t have to worry about building your vitamin D levels,  following up the initial burst of D with a lot of vitamin A.  I wouldn’t have to remind you that once these two were in play you were obligated to take vitamin K2, so as to keep your body clear of random calcium clogging up all your arteries.
If Hydroxychloriquine were   MY ANTIDOTE  I wouldn’t be telling you about all the very many things you have to do to prepare for this bioweapon.  Because if from my point of view …… If its an antidote …….   we can stay up all night swigging beer and surviving off potato crisps.  Then if we ever get a sore throat just take the antidote right?
Its not the way you and me think about Hydroxychloroquine that counts.  Its not the way Bruce of Newcastle thinks of Hydroxychloroquine that counts.  Its what the oligarchs who infected the world with this bioweapon … its what they think that counts.   To them Hydroxychloroquine is the antidote in the following sense:
Supposing America wants to attack China with a bioweapon? Supposing they tell their people: Hey these Chinese are growing too fast, getting too rich and influential and we need to take them down with this here virus we developed in North Carolina”   Is that plausible?  I don’t think its plausible because you cannot aim that cannon.  No use shooting a cannon into the other peoples front lines,  if that ball can go in any direction.  And same if its the other way around.  Supposing  China decides to secretly aim a bioweapon at the United States?  How can they control such a weapon in order to be the ones who gain from it?
So at this point you have to go back to basics.  As far back as Maxwell Smart basics.  If you want to unleash an indiscriminate poison or an international pandemic you must have the anti-dote.  And you must hoard that antidote in great quantities.  Then you have to stop other people from using it.   So just stop there and have a think about it.  I suggest I’ve explained that as simply as I can, and I hope I haven’t gone too fast for anyone.
Now we’ve really got to lock that in.  Step one.  Have the antidote.  Step two.  Make absolutely sure that you have very extensive plans to stop anyone else from using your antidote. 
Now is that clear enough? Can you think of any way around this? No there is no way around this.
This traitor called Boris,  who communes closely with Sinclair,  shows up at Catallaxy breathless,  with allegedly hot of the presses news last night.  And I caught this traitor.  It was an easy catch.  He knew he was caught too.   But before he knew he was caught he posted this link:
So its a confession.  These Jews have stockpiled the antidote. And now they will tell everyone in the world its not the antidote.  They will pull every string they can to stop all of us from getting it.  So your attempts to look the other way when these Jews were murdering Muslims, have “availed you but little I fear.”  Because now they are murdering the rest of us.   So now you will lose your mother, your wife, your kid, to this Jew (really Oligarchical) menace.   Because you didn’t stick up for the Muslims when you could have.
 My conscience is clear now, after having been very troubled in 2008.  But now you are going to see many people you are close to die horribly,  because you thought it was okay for all the Muslims too die horribly.  You were too gutless to condemn their killers.
The history of it is like this.  We had Sars-1.  Hydroxy-Chloroquine and zinc emerged as the best and easiest single method to deal with Sars-1.   Sars-2 is also a corona virus.  So we already had the antidote in place.  Everything that has happened since the current outbreak,  has been about getting the bad guys the antidote, and denying the rest of us the antidote …. At least to the best of their abilities.
So every action to fund a vaccine has been part of the plot to deny us the antidote.  Every test of the antidote has been part of the plot to deny us the antidote.  Since if you are running a bullshit trial of the antidote,  you are denying people who are dying the antidote.  So everyone who has died,  has died by way of the denial of the antidote.
Do you see? Its not that hard to understand.  Believe me.  They understand it in Israel.  Thats why they piled up the antidote.  So now, every Jew and his Momma, can go to Israel and get cured.
So Sinclair doesn’t need to worry.  JC could die but he would be welcome in Israel.  But Lizzie is a sacrifice.  Because she won’t get the antidote.  Everyone who dies today is a sacrifice.  Because they weren’t allowed the antidote,  as soon as they felt a sore throat coming on.
Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

JC, few weeks time if we wipe out the disease we could be sitting pretty. Obviously no overseas travel, but envy of the world.

We can be that now.

I took it as a malaria prophylaxis in the ’80s.

There were no side effects, however there were no prescribed effects either. I still got malaria.

Works for many people. But its neither here nor there since its a different disease. Malaria is a very tricky customer.

And it looks like border security has impounded my hydroxychloroqine import.

Its not complicated. It may seem to be because we are used to thinking of war as something that goes on between one state and another. But since this is biowarfare obviously there must be an antidote for the people waging war. So the only way to make this work is to hoard the antidote, restrict the use of the anti-dote, fund studies wherein the anti-dote is set up to fail, and basically run as many stalling tactics as can possibly be run … Such as vaccine studies, all a waste of money and sucking people into thinking that they don’t need to act on the personal level. If you have been hiding behind lockdown, and thinking you can put things off, you have been successfully targeted, stooged, and placed in danger.

But there was always going to be a simple antidote. Since biowarfare cannot go ahead without an antidote. I mean this on as simple a level, as you would expect from the Maxwell Smart television series.

Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Nobel prizewinner confirms what we should have known for some time now.

Dr Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize Winner, who Discovered HIV, says soronavirus is man-made..

With my colleague, bio-mathematician Jean-Claude Perez, we carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus,” explains Luc Montagnier, interviewed by Dr Jean-François Lemoine for the daily podcast at Pourquoi Docteur, adding that others have already explored this avenue: Indian researchers have already tried to publish the results of the analyses that showed that this coronavirus genome contained sequences of another virus, … the HIV virus (AIDS virus), but they were forced to withdraw their findings as the pressure from the mainstream was too great.

To insert an HIV sequence into this genome requires molecular tools
In a challenging question Dr Jean-François Lemoine inferred that the coronavirus under investigation may have come from a patient who is otherwise infected with HIV. No, “says Luc Montagnier,” in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory.

Everything that we’ve seen so far points towards this theory. Nothing but smoke and mirrors goes against it. The professor wrongly states that it came out of the Wuhan lab, but thats beyond his expertise, is not important to his findings, and even someone that old is subject to heavy pressure. There is only so far he can go.

The important thing is that you have to act accordingly. Its up to people as individuals now to act, or discover your Darwinian moment. Some of you have kids and grandkids. You’ve got to act.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.

Usually I’d expect him to back down. Its a dangerous time period right now because oil is so cheap. Some people may not want it that cheap. So if he fills up all the storage of their oil reserves, and the price is still that low, he might be tempted to do something very stupid and wicked.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Right Brumble. So lets start using the antidote. Because the deaths are caused by stalling tactics stopping us from applying the antidote. Preferably at home.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

We are all in this together because we are all being denied the antidote. I’m trying to get quinine out of grapefruit so I can have both EGCG and quinine in a cup of tea. But who knows how much of each I wind up with? By the bitterness of the taste, the one grapefruit seems to last a long time. The same forces who deny us the antidote are the ones who infected us. And they don’t appear to be Chinese.

A sophisticated operation divides the population into various groups, and makes fools out of all of them. Its time to stop arguing and start preparing.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Note how the financial markets, with all their fancy pants derivatives, have failed in their function of stabilising oil markets. Sometimes I used understatement for effect. The financial sector has actively destabilised the oil market. Unlike what a financial market, constructed on more free enterprise principles, would have done.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Martenson debunking attacks on the antidote. The presence of the antidote is central to the warfare. The denial of the antidote is critical to winning the war. The war against you. Its a small club of oligarchs. You aren’t in it.

Bruce of Newcastle

Graeme – You can’t use up zinc, it’s an element. But more zinc is probably beneficial. I am biased though as zinc is one of my metallurgical specialties. Nice zinc!

The loss of sense of smell and taste seems to be because the virus infects those cells.


Site Deity Insert.   “Bruce” is to my estimation a good and experienced scientist.  But I’ve noticed that in his dotage he’s getting to be overconfident, extrapolating wildly from his level of expertise, which is in chemistry, and not backing down quickly enough when he is wrong.  There would not be an ongoing requirement for minerals if they were perfectly recycled in the body.  We are held to have a ongoing zinc requirement.  Expressed as a daily requirement.  In the same way as its too expensive for our society to perfectly recycle zinc, so we keep mining more, so to our body lacks the capacity to perfectly recycle zinc, and so if you are sick you are just going to have to keep having those oysters with your zinc enabler.  Now also I’m about 80% sure he’s wrong about the virus attacking the sense of smell directly.  And pretty sure that the loss of smell is zinc depletion.  At least I will be until someone comes up with something to the contrary.  If Bruce had actually bothered doing any research on this SPECIFIC topic, and wasn’t just coasting on his admittedly deep intellectual capital, then I’d feel the need to go back and check things.  Check this out from the wikipedia:

Vision, smell and taste[edit]

Severe zinc deficiency may disturb the sense of smell[6] and taste.[8][9][10][11][12][13] Night blindness may be a feature of severe zinc deficiency,[6] although most reports of night blindness and abnormal dark adaptation in humans with zinc deficiency have occurred in combination with other nutritional deficiencies (e.g. vitamin A).[14]

“Disturb the sense of smell.”  Not as clear as I would have wanted and the number six reference is also unclear for my current purpose.  But zinc deficiency, as a cause of the loss of sense of smell, was mentioned on video, by a perfectly qualified person.  Don’t bet the house on it, but trust me:  Bruce is extrapolating with his objection.  He’s overconfident.  Wikipedia continues.

Immune system[edit]

Impaired immune function in people with zinc deficiency can lead to the development of respiratory, gastrointestinal, or other infections, e.g., pneumonia.[6][15][16] The levels of inflammatory cytokines (e.g., IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, and TNF-α) in blood plasma are affected by zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation produces a dose-dependent response in the level of these cytokines.[17] During inflammation, there is an increased cellular demand for zinc and impaired zinc homeostasis from zinc deficiency is associated with chronic inflammation.[17]

How about that then? Is that not more evidence that this virus tends to deplete ones zinc? You get the sore throat, lose your sense of smell, and then biff biff bang pow,  its going after your lungs.  You are going to need both more zinc and selenium for this critter.  But with Ebola the emphasis seemed to be a little bit more skewed towards selenium.  Whereas here its zinc and zinc enablers.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Someones getting a bit senile I think. Should take the lesson from the fat man and learn a few new tricks late in life. Here is the study in question:

Martenson has this one destroyed utterly by the 20 minute mark of the video. Since it wasn’t a randomised trial, and the propaganda against the antidote has been successful, the Veterans hospitals are only giving the antidote as a last resort. So the group who took the antidote were on deaths door, whereas the ones who didn’t take the anti-dote didn’t need it, according to veterans hospitals practice, since they weren’t already almost dead. Absolute crap study. Should never have been undertaken because we already know its the antidote.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

I’m sorry to say this time you really did faceplant numbers. Though as a long-time watcher and a first time contributor, this isn’t usually the case. So don’t worry about it too much. But pull a few strings and get yourself a prescription. Its the antidote, but you want to start with this and the oysters, just as soon as you get a sore throat.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

The United States … Or at least the Deep State, has a long history of chemical and biowarfare. As numbers knows only too well. This situation is no different. The Deep State damaged disproportionately the United States’ allies using agent orange in Vietnam ……. This time they have gone further and gone after US civilians. Before it was allied civilians. Now its US civilians. Which just goes to show that the (s)elected representatives are merely puppets in that fascist hellhole.

Let me press-gang a fellow Persian into putting American history into perspective.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Of course, the successful use of chloroquine to treat Covid-19 has never had any credibility until the bullshitter-in-chief pulled it out of his backside.

No actually we knew it was the antidote from Sars-1 and this operation has sent all that down the Orwellian memory whole. But thats okay. Trust me. Get yourself a prescription. Say you need it for your long-standing arthritis and that you’ve used it on and off in the past.


Bright Arrow, Who Rules The Truth

Post me one trial – just one – where it has been shown to be effective.

If you really want a trial go back to 2005. Because these aren’t trials. They are stalling tactics and its the nature of biowarfare that you must have the antidote and your targets must not have the antidotes. So you will find any number of real trials in 2005. But in 2020 you will find only stalling tactics.

Stalling Tactics Prove Its Biowarfare

We can tell that we are caught in the middle of biowarfare by looking at all the ridiculous stalling tactics and lies that are out there. As well as excessive smoke-blowing and ridiculous certainty as to the source of the virus.

Stalling tactics. Where are the stalling tactics? Every hydroxy-chloroquine study that doesn’t use zinc is no study at all its a stalling tactic. Everywhere you read that people were poisoned in a trial thats just someone typing.

Maybe he’s talking about Brazil. When he’s typing he lies. You cannot get a trial approved on the basis that you are going to purposely poison the volunteers. So if you are reading a report to this effect its a lie. Make note of the magazine. Thats no magazine its an intelligence agency front.

Or supposing if they actually went ahead and deliberately poisoned people to discredit a drug that has been used for 70 years, and is available right now at your local pharmacy, supposing some outfit hasn’t scooped them up and sent them overseas?

If they poisoned people on purpose with hydroxy-chloroquine then thats a full-blown misinformation campaign where, instead of typing complete nonsense they actively set out to hurt people to put some grit behind their lies. It cannot be anything else or they are pretending that three generations worth of knowledge has been lost in the last 3 months.

How about a vaccine. Even in the robotic vaccine camp thats the most stupid thing imaginable. Its fake news. They identified corona viruses 20 years ago. You cannot vaccinate for them any more than for the common cold. No good can come out of the attempt. Its another stalling tactic to get people killed and deny everyone actual treatment.

There is some dummy that looks harmless enough but is front man for the delusion that there will be an effective vaccine. Either take my word for it or check Dr Griffin out. When you find him you’ll see that there are no comments allowed on any youtube he appears on.

Don’t get fooled by these people. You know what to do and it doesn’t involve waiting for a virus. Get your stash together. Don’t let these ass-clowns make a stooge out of you this time.

Its not funny any more.

Got My Blog Back/Some Comments Retrieved From The Doomlord

Seems my blog was hacked in such a way to dob me into one of our government departments as a purveyor of online gambling.  I lodged an anonymous complaint, seeing this as a potential ruse for the usual suspects to gather any number of details about me.  Anyway the complaint appears to have worked and the government department, perhaps seeing that there is no commercial arrangements on this site whatsoever, have set my blog free.  Good work people.  Good to see that some public servants are actually working and not just doing the crossword.

While I was having trouble on my own blog I decided to infiltrate Catallaxy.  I managed to save some of my comments so I may post some of them here after I get back from my excellent outdoor quarantine lock-down gym.


More Later.

Reserve Banks shocking and sickening handouts to life-long bludgers/ Friends don’t let friends subsidise bankers.

Feelthebern and JC have their hands out again.


Full RBA summary.

• Cutting its target cash rate to 0.25 per cent to encourage banks to further drop borrowing rates for businesses and households;
• Commencing purchases of Australian government bonds to maintain a 3 year government bond yield of only 0.25 per cent, and to also support the liquidity of that market, which Governor Lowe said has become “impaired”. This will reduce the cost of longer-term, fixed-rate (as opposed to floating-rate) business and household loans that partly price off the 3 year government bond yield;
Offering banks a longer-term funding facility of at least $90 billion on a 3 year basis at an ultra-cheap cost of just 0.25 per cent;
• Working with the AOFM to launch an AOFM-managed $15 billion direct investment program in residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) and asset-backed securities (ABS). I have suggested at least $50 billion. This will further reduce the cost of borrowing for small business, households, and individuals via the AOFM funding highly rated and securitised pools of these assets at a cost, or spread, that is normalised. That is, not at current costs, which are enormously distorted by the virus-induced volatility.
• Continue to offer very cheap secured term funding to banks of up to 6 months or more at a cost of about 30 basis points (or 0.3 per cent) above the cash rate via the RBA’s existing repurchase (or repo) arrangements.

Here are some of my conversations with a welfare queen:


One of the reasons the AUD is tumbling is because the Aussie banks are having to tap the Fed Reserve overnight repo facility because the RBA has done so little.
The RBA knows this.
They see the flow almost real time.
They know the exact numbers at end of day & those who have tapped it.
The RBA’s decision making & lack of action has now made Australia a very high risk jurisdiction to hold assets in.


Magic Bronson

No excuses for banker subsidies bern. If anything you would instead outlaw the banks from tapping overnight loans, and let the dollar keep falling as a protective measure. The reason why 1997 was so benign for Australia is that Costello just let the AUD fall.



If anything you would instead outlaw the banks from tapping overnight loans,

So you are ok with zero liquidity, zero credit, zero economy?
You must have some attractive daughters you plan to whore out in exchange for food.



Magic Bronson

“So you are ok with zero liquidity, zero credit, zero economy?”

There are only two valid demand management strategies. Not three, not four, not red ink, and not subsidised interest to parasites. When you want to increase demand and liquidity you retire debt and get the new cash straight out there in the vans. When you want to dampen demand you re-establish and increase the reserve asset ratio and police this ratio with extreme prejudice.

No excuses bern. Friends don’t let friends subsidise bankers. Not now or ever.



No excuses bern. Friends don’t let friends subsidise bankers. Not now or ever.

Nice in theory.
Without functioning banks, it’s back to barter.
Hence my comment about you whoring out your daughters for food.


Magic Bronson

No no. Don’t try and bullshit people here bern. If you subsidise banks you don’t have proper capital markets. Bankers need to earn a living just like everyone else. And they can compete, go broke, sell off assets, and not harm anyone else, so long is all money supply is represented by cash in their vaults, or with the public.

No welfare queen behaviour from financial sector types need be tolerated ever on a site that is supposed to be about a free economy. The seignorage is for the treasury only, or possibly the mining industry. It doesn’t belong to the commercial bankers.



Magic, what’s your strategy for keep your daughter clean?
From my watching of apocalyptic movies, word gets around very quickly if someones whores aren’t “clean”.



If you subsidise banks you don’t have proper capital markets.

When have we ever had proper capital markets?
It’s a fiction.



BOJ announces unlimited repo’s for government debt collateral.
Fed running at $US500bill overnight repo’s & they even accept stock collateral.
With oil where it is, the Fed will seriously half to look at adding unrated paper as acceptable collateral for their repo operations with a 1 to 3 year facility.


Magic Bronson

I had 50 rolls of toilet paper bought at half price, while all you guys with high-paid bullshit jobs were sitting on your ass going “doopy doo, I’m alright Jack.” So cleanliness is not much of a problem where I am.

The bank subsidies have to go. The bullshit jobs in banking, big business and government have to go. Bigshot salaries need to collapse. So that we can have small business relief (deferred taxes, zero interest loans, interest rate suspension, deferred loan payments) and thereafter massive double digit small business expansion.

So there has to be zero tolerance for any of these banker welfarist notions like overnight discount rates. The plunge protection teams, pyramiding on on-call cash, or obscurantist promises to produce cash, rather than the cash itself. All that has to be so yesterday.

A single missile to the Hunter Valley can make our money supply disappear up its own un-wiped asshole right now. Thats an unacceptable state of affairs.



Bottom line, the world could have handled coronavirus.
But not when OPEC fell apart.
With oil in the mid-20’s every US producer goes bust & takes global bond markets with it.
Equity markets to bond markets are what a mossie is to an elephant.


Magic Bronson

“When have we ever had proper capital markets?
It’s a fiction.”

Right. We always subsidised the banks or let them make disruptive promises. Proves my point exactly. Probably the American situation from the end of the Andrew Jackson recession, until before the civil war, their supply and demand for loanable funds were likely working well. So well Jackson managed to pay off the Federal debt for the first and last time. Thats what is possible when you do things right. It just becomes an embarrassment of riches.



No liquidity.
No credit.
No economy.
The RBA knows this & has done next to nothing.
Their negligence is criminal.


Magic Bronson

“Bottom line, the world could have handled coronavirus.
But not when OPEC fell apart.
With oil in the mid-20’s every US producer goes bust & takes global bond markets with it.
Equity markets to bond markets are what a mossie is to an elephant.”

See the derivative markets and the big business focus of the bank welfarist. Whereas any sane person ought to understand that a collapse in oil prices is a huge mitigation for the rest of us. We have to get this small business focus, because its double digit small business growth that is going to make us well again.



With no credit, there is no small business.
You clearly have never worked in a commercial setting.
How long have you been a DSP recipient?


Magic Bronson

“With no credit, there is no small business.”

Don’t try and deceive people you welfare queen. Next you’ll be doing obscurantist tag team with JC. Who never saw a bank bailout he didn’t like.

Small business was supposed to operate on retained earnings and would be able to do so if we weren’t subsidising every banker and his Momma and every high-paid public servant. Any level of business revenue can be hit accurately using the two legitimate demand management strategies described. It is possible for banks to produce an appropriate level of credit without being parasites.


There has been talk about helping people out during the shutdown, with a universal basic income.  Now that is a good idea. But ….. if you try and help the everyday Joe and the bankers, both at the same time, its hard to imagine anything that could be more inflationary.  We will be saddled with a tonne of debt.  So we’ve got to stamp down hard on these banker subsidies.  They are not okay and they are never going to be okay.



So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

This one was written pretty much straight after the murder of the Soleimani peace delegation.   I have the date down as ninth of January.  I’ll change that date now because I don’t know how to put it up front.  This mass murder by the Americans annihilated more than one successful Jew-ISIS terrorist fighter.

I’ve brought this one to the front because I want you to think about things.  The hanging of black men in the old South? Were the black men always innocent? No I think they were probably mostly guilty,  and a big chunk of the not guilty may have been somewhat culpable.  But they all deserved a fair trial surely?

The Jew Leo Frank got more than one fair trial,  and each trial found him guilty,  and it was a blessed thing when the white men hung him high.

But there had to be so many times when everyone calmed down a little bit and upon contemplation they realised that “he didn’t deserve that?”  Or …… “Shit that black boy fucked up but it was Cletis that set him off”  or something of this sort.

Well this isn’t one of these times. This is more like crucifying a saint.  Such a huge fuckup.  Simply unbelievable that the deep state could have induced the President to screw up so badly.  If you murder terrorist fighters heading towards a peace conference, how can world leaders ever meet again in confidence?

The extreme nature of this fuckup, that the deep state foisted on Trump, is probably not recognised by one man in a million.  So much bad karma must flow from this as the decades roll by.

Think of the damage so far.  Iran retaliated and injured scores of American soldiers.  Oh you didn’t hear about that? Oh isn’t that funny? Well what else?  The Jews brought down a Ukrainian plane full of Iranian students.  They couldn’t have used this kill switch diplomacy, without the Trump murders.  Oh you thought it was an Iranian error didn’t you?  No it was a forced error.  The transponder was turned off.  Sooner or later people will track the planes itinerary back to some airport where Jews are running security.

There is no chance  WHATSOEVER about this being a coincidental error.  There is no chance of this at all, given any understanding of probability. And there will be hell to pay.

There has been the attack on a plane full of American soldiers in Afghanistan.  Which is not murder and not terrorism as it constitutes valid retaliation.  Surprise surprise? You didn’t hear about that one either?

Here is the original post:

The Black Prince

The White Prince

The Dark Knight

The White Knight

The problem with killing good people is you can’t bring them back when you need them. 

Fury/Wilder: Tyson should win with a knockout.

Its not so clear as it sounds though.  Tyson should be coming it at about 270 or a bit below. Deontay might come in around 220 or a bit higher.  Almost 50 pounds the difference.  To me I think the heavyweights have been coming in way too heavy.  The only exceptions being Wilder, and Anthony Joshua just in his last fight.   Maybe you’d have to make another exception with Tyson Fury, since he’s the only fellow that can be elusive when flat-footed.  Plus Tyson has had mental health problems.  Its probably important for him to be healthy generally.  Being super-skinny might not be right for him.

Tyson has lost all that extra flab around his waist.  He’s got more muscle and less fat then before.  This is a fellow who beat Klitchco carrying a spare tire.

Now how will the fight go? Tyson is a bit nutty he’s determined to go right at Wilder.  He’s actually going to try to knock out Wilder out in the second round.  I don’t think this is like Ali telegraphing that he’s going to dance and then lying against the ropes.  I think he’s actually going to try and do it.  So the first two rounds will be very intense.  Tyson should win both of them.

Wilder seems to be anticipating this sort of thing.  Such little footage as we have has him working on his hooks.  Now Anthony Ruiz is known for his unbelievable hooks.  Anthony should be down at 230 so he can go side to side with these taller guys … but I digress. Wilders not known for his hooks.  He’s known for his killer right that comes from quite a long way out for everyone else, but almost at mid-range for Fury.

Wilders not known for his hooks but they may be looking better than before in preparation for a lot of inside fighting.  Why would two fighters, not known for incredible inside fighting start trying to punch on close up?  Well its because they will be both in the same boat.  I heard a story about this UFC fight where both fighters were famed grapplers.  So you would expect them to take it to the ground right away.  But since they were both famed grapplers they just punched on.

Now consider this.  Wilders team might have played iterations on this story and figured if the tall guy was going in for the kill they could get all traditional on him.  Deontay outreaches everyone else.  Deontay at 81 and The Gypsy at 83.  So Deontay hasn’t had to set everyone up for the big right hand by way of hooks to the body.  Which is the normal traditional way of things.  If Tyson goes for the knockout and gets real close, then Deontay displays a heretofore unknown facility with hard hooks to the body, thats a great setup for the big right hand.

Tyson has got to worry about the big right hand.  But he’s also got to worry about his right eye opening up again.  He’s got a fellow called “Stitch Duran” in his corner but he’s gong to be really worried about protecting that eye.  This may mean fighting Southpaw stance a lot of the time and going back to orthodox, when in trouble or when seeking the knockdown.  Otto opened up his right eye with a left fist, but fighting Southpaw.  It might seem paradoxical to be protecting a right eye, having it forward like that, with a right jab.  But a right jab can be a good shield.

Now since the first two rounds will be so intense, and Tyson will be 19 stone, there will have to be a slowing down in the pace after that.  Tyson will have to regain some gas, and so he’ll return to a kind of elusiveness and energy-saving.  This is where everything gets to be so unpredictable.  Coming from my point of view,  where I almost always think lighter is better.  This is where my analysis might break down because carrying 19 stone its going to be hard to find the energy to finish Deontay off.  If he can finish Deontay off it will be after a bunch of energy-saving rounds.

About now I better address the implausibility of a knock-out given what people have seen from Tyson in the last few fights.  The most elusive fellow in the division with some of the weakest punches ever.  Almost as elusive as 66-67 Ali but only punching as hard as Ali.  Which is not very hard at all for someone who fights flat-footed.

I am somewhat relying on the attitude of Big John Fury here.  He didn’t want the first Wilder fight.  He reckons the young fellow was as weak as a chicken and still recovering from the difficulties involved with losing ten stone.  Other information coming out of the camp is suggesting that Tyson Fury is now hitting hard.  Really hard.  John Fury reckons that on the day that Tyson fought Wilder,  Lennox Lewis at his best could have cleaned up Tyson pretty easily.   An interesting admission.  One which I concur with,  since I think of Lennox as a fantastically complete fighter,  and the right weight and height. But Big John reckons the youngster is much better now.

Its so hard to imagine Deontay Wilder ever getting knocked out.  But still he’s only human.  Even though I’m picking Tyson to win, you can see that by my analysis, there is a few holes in that narrative.  Tyson having to drag 19 stone around the ring for that long.

How could things go the other way?  I mentioned the close in body hook scenario.  Also consider the shock of fighting Tyson the last time where Deontay had never met someone so hard to hit? Deontay confused and throwing haymakers at empty air? I think he was completely bamboozled.  Now he’s had a chance to try and work around that and adjust.  So the capacity to adjust, to this magical gypsy evasiveness, has to be what Deontay has been working on in the interim.

The other thing that could go wrong is the idea if you are fighting southpaw to protect your eye, your liver is vulnerable to someone whose great with the hooks.  Heretofore Wilder hasn’t been all that much of a threat in that department.  But he’s been working on it.

I’ve said that Tyson will win and I’ve outlined the parameters in such a way as you may not be convinced.  You may take my observations and extrapolations seriously and yet by your own estimations divine from this many opportunities for Deontay to knock the Gypsy Ninja clean out.

So while I’m picking Fury here, one can only really predict that the first two rounds will be intense. And after that the crystal ball clouds up.  Its going to be an interesting fight. Some people are picking a boring fight.




Not me.

Circumpolar Current; Framing The Question.

I gave what I think to be a short answer as to why that water goes round and around Antarctica.  But here is me framing the question that needs to be answered:

I think a cheap and nasty study should be engaged upon to see if the gigantic power of the Antarctic Circumpolar current can be explained easily by wind friction alone. I would doubt it myself. I would think that what we ought to have instead, if relying on wind friction, ought to be a fairly shallow weak sort of affair. Moving around and around but only feebly so. Its a bit like those super-rotating cloud banks on Venus that lack a good conventional explanation. Not much coriolis forces to work with on Venus. Convection remains an upward, randomised swirling force and cannot be press-ganged into explaining persistent powerful horizontal movement. People try to make that convection work in their minds eye for these sorts of things. But they cannot do it, so they move on and delegate these things to the building 7 part of their brain.

Of course even if the wind friction could explain the entirety of this power, we’d still have to have satisfying reasons for the consistency and power of the winds at sea level. But for those who are able to put together some draft back-of-the-envelope calculations to these things, from home and using only satellite data, I think its a worthy undertaking, even if you could never hope to complete the task, without funding and a team from crossover specialties. We don’t want to leave these things as eternal mysteries of life and elephants in the room. What could make the water just seem to act strange and go around and around like that? Think of the machinery that it would take to replicate such a thing artificially? The length and power of the flow of the Circumpolar Current, makes the Amazon rivers efforts, look feeble indeed. This is even the case although the Amazon has gravity working in its favour . No gravity to help out the Circumpolar Current. Plus cold salty water is far more viscous than warm fresh water. The mystery compounds on itself.

The Gulf stream is called a thermohaline current. The Gulf Stream has heat and saltiness differentials working for it. So people assume they have that powerful North-South energy explained and they think there is nothing more to see here. Well you know. I have my doubts about that also. But those explanations, or partial explanations, aren’t there for the Circumpolar Current. So I think its a serious mystery under the paradigms that hold sway at the moment. And I think it ought to be dwelt upon and looked at with much curiosity.

Water Vapour Schizophrenia Is The Essence Of Climate Science

From Elsewhere:


Has anyone ever walked through a fog, or walked up a tall mountain through a cloud and seen these micro-droplets that the cloud is made out of? I think most of you have. And I have. And I’ve watched these micro-drops very closely. The great poet said “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now. From up and down. But still somehow….”

I’ve walked through these clouds. The little drops don’t rub up against each-other if its static electricity we want. I’ve seen them. They keep their distance as if repelled by an “unknown” (ho ho) force. But the other thing is to be a greenhouse gas you want to capture that thermal energy and force it to drop lower

What greenhouse substance would be better than micronised water droplets to actually create warming? If no secondary force is acting upon them they ought to release their enthalpy and drop. Hot tiny droplets reversing the commonplace understanding that heat rises and in doing so acting like a greenhouse gas ought ot.

That would make micronised liquid water the ideal greenhouse substance. If the water vapour could release its energy of evaporation or itsenthalpy and the micro-water could drop down down down down only to evaporate before it hit the ground. Then that would be an idealised greenhouse gas because it would capture the thermal joules and pull them downward.

But thats not what we see is it? And if we don’t see that and the droplets suspend, could it be that they are in non-cloud form accepting electrical energy in an inbetween way? Neither as an insulator, thus creating stormy winds, nor as a fantastic conductor, thus solving the problem without drama. What if a column saturated air, without a cloud in sight, is leading to that sort of electrical conduction that creates heat.

But further to this, this is one of these special situations where I do in fact agree with greenhouse. For complicated reasons. I agree with water vapour causing greenhouse warming in the tropics because in the tropics a new parcel of saturated air doesn’t necessarily go straight up. But Cycles presented me with a situation of an whole column of saturated air that was akin to my model of the tropics. So the same assumptions would apply and we could pay some level of greenhouse effect in that situation if we aren’t being bloodyminded.

Why do the micro-drops suspend? See the whole situation we need to think far more deeply about. When I have to backpeddle, by my own admission, 70% I’m not saying that Cycles is 100% right and I’m 100% wrong. I’m saying that I was being blinkered and we need to think far more deeply about this situation.

We have to say that the water is suspended (if the droplets are indeed suspended) by electrical means. In every last case. But it can be particularly obvious in big black clouds with these huge juicy drops that they are suspended by electrical energy. Because after the first lightning and the thunderclap, often thats when gravity takes over and the suspended anti-gravity water falls down on our heads.

If airborne micro-drops of water actually fell in accordance with gravity, and yet caught enough energy to evaporate before they got to the ground then airborne micro-drops would seem to be the ideal greenhouse substance. They could drift down even though they were warmer than the air surrounding them. Are there even smaller droplets than those in the fog that act this way and toggle between water and water vapour? I don’t think anyone is looking. Tiny water droplets don’t seem to fall even on average. They defy gravity. White clouds defy gravity. If there wasn’t electrical energy involved the droplets in the white clouds would have to fall. Just on average and even if very slowly. They seem to be suspended by the earths electric field. Which means they must be ionised or aligned in some way on the molecular level, which means they could conduct.

I had always thought that evaporation was the ultimate air conditioner. Say for example if we spent a thousand years hydrating the continent. And we had trees around the water features and grasses throughout the inland. We would never get a heatwave. Because that hot wind blowing in from the north-west would pick up all this transpired water from the plants and there would be a cooling effect so that the temperature would likely never break 38 degrees. So in this situation the water vapour is a cooler. Definitely during the day it is a cooler. We must remember that the Siddons moon information tells us that we don’t have a heat anomaly that greenhouse is needed to fill. My step-daugters grandfather built a restaurant near Chiang Mai and towering above this restaurant is shade-cloth where water runs down but evaporates before it hits the ground. The refrigerant effect of this is astonishing. Its almost unbelievable. Like practicing witchcraft.

So the situation is that where a parcel of water vapour-laced air has special buoyancy the water vapour is a cooling factor. A refrigeration factor. But consider the tropics or somewhere that the air is already reliably full of water vapour? Then that parcel of air doesn’t necessarily rise. Or if it does another one just like it falls. Lets say we can break the ecological niches down to about 14 separate niches. My understanding is that the paleo record is telling us that when the planet heats up its as though the equatorial tropical zone is expanding and pushing the other 13 niches north and south, and up the mountains. Its as though everything is being driven by the tropical zones expanding and shrinking. If a parcel of water vapour does not head upwards its no longer acting like a refrigerant.

Cycles has talked about the idea of a whole column of saturated air but with no clouds as being this powerful heating situation which he says is all about greenhouse. If I’m interpreting right. Well you’d have to admit that if the whole column of air, and lets imagine it goes almost all the way up to the top of the troposphere …. well then the refrigeration effect of evaporation is going to be nullified just like my thinking of the tropics. So I think when this happens you get rapid buildup of joules. I don’t think its just about greenhouse. I think better conduction of electrical energy from the stratosphere will be a part of the story.

But there is this thing about temperature. Temperature tells us the direction of thermal energy transfer, and how much more energy that parcel of air can absorb. So that 36 degree air in the tropics probably has more thermal energy imbedded than 50 degree air in the Sahara. I say this because of the latent heat of evaporation. But the tropics can keep absorbing energy because of the lower apparent temperature than in the desert. And the desert heat will be lost quickly overnight.

I think its this schizophrenic function of water vapour that is driving everything. Notice that when the planet is warmer the severity of storms is less severe. I think thats the water vapour helping conduction of electrical energy so that the voltage difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth isn’t working itself out as much in terms of kinetic energy. So what I’m saying is that water vapour is usually a net cooler. But its bipolar. Its a bipolar situation and any runaway global warming could only be about expanding the tropics. As powerful as the joule buildup would be we are talking about a situation where even more of the planet is unlikely to break 38 degrees. Because thats how the tropics works. Thats how water vapour works. When the planet heats up the tropics don’t heat up. They just expand.

Understanding how the climate works both currently and historically means coming to grips with the schizophrenic role of water vapour. That would be my take-home story. If we are not getting this idea we are not really understanding the situation.