Water Vapour Schizophrenia Is The Essence Of Climate Science

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Has anyone ever walked through a fog, or walked up a tall mountain through a cloud and seen these micro-droplets that the cloud is made out of? I think most of you have. And I have. And I’ve watched these micro-drops very closely. The great poet said “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now. From up and down. But still somehow….”

I’ve walked through these clouds. The little drops don’t rub up against each-other if its static electricity we want. I’ve seen them. They keep their distance as if repelled by an “unknown” (ho ho) force. But the other thing is to be a greenhouse gas you want to capture that thermal energy and force it to drop lower

What greenhouse substance would be better than micronised water droplets to actually create warming? If no secondary force is acting upon them they ought to release their enthalpy and drop. Hot tiny droplets reversing the commonplace understanding that heat rises and in doing so acting like a greenhouse gas ought ot.

That would make micronised liquid water the ideal greenhouse substance. If the water vapour could release its energy of evaporation or itsenthalpy and the micro-water could drop down down down down only to evaporate before it hit the ground. Then that would be an idealised greenhouse gas because it would capture the thermal joules and pull them downward.

But thats not what we see is it? And if we don’t see that and the droplets suspend, could it be that they are in non-cloud form accepting electrical energy in an inbetween way? Neither as an insulator, thus creating stormy winds, nor as a fantastic conductor, thus solving the problem without drama. What if a column saturated air, without a cloud in sight, is leading to that sort of electrical conduction that creates heat.

But further to this, this is one of these special situations where I do in fact agree with greenhouse. For complicated reasons. I agree with water vapour causing greenhouse warming in the tropics because in the tropics a new parcel of saturated air doesn’t necessarily go straight up. But Cycles presented me with a situation of an whole column of saturated air that was akin to my model of the tropics. So the same assumptions would apply and we could pay some level of greenhouse effect in that situation if we aren’t being bloodyminded.

Why do the micro-drops suspend? See the whole situation we need to think far more deeply about. When I have to backpeddle, by my own admission, 70% I’m not saying that Cycles is 100% right and I’m 100% wrong. I’m saying that I was being blinkered and we need to think far more deeply about this situation.

We have to say that the water is suspended (if the droplets are indeed suspended) by electrical means. In every last case. But it can be particularly obvious in big black clouds with these huge juicy drops that they are suspended by electrical energy. Because after the first lightning and the thunderclap, often thats when gravity takes over and the suspended anti-gravity water falls down on our heads.

If airborne micro-drops of water actually fell in accordance with gravity, and yet caught enough energy to evaporate before they got to the ground then airborne micro-drops would seem to be the ideal greenhouse substance. They could drift down even though they were warmer than the air surrounding them. Are there even smaller droplets than those in the fog that act this way and toggle between water and water vapour? I don’t think anyone is looking. Tiny water droplets don’t seem to fall even on average. They defy gravity. White clouds defy gravity. If there wasn’t electrical energy involved the droplets in the white clouds would have to fall. Just on average and even if very slowly. They seem to be suspended by the earths electric field. Which means they must be ionised or aligned in some way on the molecular level, which means they could conduct.

I had always thought that evaporation was the ultimate air conditioner. Say for example if we spent a thousand years hydrating the continent. And we had trees around the water features and grasses throughout the inland. We would never get a heatwave. Because that hot wind blowing in from the north-west would pick up all this transpired water from the plants and there would be a cooling effect so that the temperature would likely never break 38 degrees. So in this situation the water vapour is a cooler. Definitely during the day it is a cooler. We must remember that the Siddons moon information tells us that we don’t have a heat anomaly that greenhouse is needed to fill. My step-daugters grandfather built a restaurant near Chiang Mai and towering above this restaurant is shade-cloth where water runs down but evaporates before it hits the ground. The refrigerant effect of this is astonishing. Its almost unbelievable. Like practicing witchcraft.

So the situation is that where a parcel of water vapour-laced air has special buoyancy the water vapour is a cooling factor. A refrigeration factor. But consider the tropics or somewhere that the air is already reliably full of water vapour? Then that parcel of air doesn’t necessarily rise. Or if it does another one just like it falls. Lets say we can break the ecological niches down to about 14 separate niches. My understanding is that the paleo record is telling us that when the planet heats up its as though the equatorial tropical zone is expanding and pushing the other 13 niches north and south, and up the mountains. Its as though everything is being driven by the tropical zones expanding and shrinking. If a parcel of water vapour does not head upwards its no longer acting like a refrigerant.

Cycles has talked about the idea of a whole column of saturated air but with no clouds as being this powerful heating situation which he says is all about greenhouse. If I’m interpreting right. Well you’d have to admit that if the whole column of air, and lets imagine it goes almost all the way up to the top of the troposphere …. well then the refrigeration effect of evaporation is going to be nullified just like my thinking of the tropics. So I think when this happens you get rapid buildup of joules. I don’t think its just about greenhouse. I think better conduction of electrical energy from the stratosphere will be a part of the story.

But there is this thing about temperature. Temperature tells us the direction of thermal energy transfer, and how much more energy that parcel of air can absorb. So that 36 degree air in the tropics probably has more thermal energy imbedded than 50 degree air in the Sahara. I say this because of the latent heat of evaporation. But the tropics can keep absorbing energy because of the lower apparent temperature than in the desert. And the desert heat will be lost quickly overnight.

I think its this schizophrenic function of water vapour that is driving everything. Notice that when the planet is warmer the severity of storms is less severe. I think thats the water vapour helping conduction of electrical energy so that the voltage difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth isn’t working itself out as much in terms of kinetic energy. So what I’m saying is that water vapour is usually a net cooler. But its bipolar. Its a bipolar situation and any runaway global warming could only be about expanding the tropics. As powerful as the joule buildup would be we are talking about a situation where even more of the planet is unlikely to break 38 degrees. Because thats how the tropics works. Thats how water vapour works. When the planet heats up the tropics don’t heat up. They just expand.

Understanding how the climate works both currently and historically means coming to grips with the schizophrenic role of water vapour. That would be my take-home story. If we are not getting this idea we are not really understanding the situation.

Preparing For The Corona Virus/Avoid The Vicious Cycle.

Here is where Lizzie beat up on me over at Catallaxy.

Old Tom Below Parr, you are a prize idiot.

First you rabbit on at the end of the Corona Virus Thread saying that a virus by itself can’t do much damage. Hello? Smallpox, Rubella for a foetus, HIV, Measles, Ebola and so on. The 1918 Influenza virus and plenty of others too didn’t need much help. In 1918, some people died within 24 hours or less of showing haemorrhagic viral attack in a variety of body tissues and systems, or just from total viral shock without haemorrhagic expression. The consensus now is that only one transmuting virus was responsible too. And then there were the secondary pathogenic attacks.

Lizzie sure knows her epidemiology doesn’t she? I think she had a big responsible job in epidemiology at a university when she was a bit younger. After doing a man’s job for so long I suppose that could be one of the reasons she feels a need to over-emphasise her femininity on Catallaxy.  I don’t think thats a bad thing at all. Quite the contrary; I wish there was more of it.  Its just something to note.

Yeah I can see I wasn’t careful enough when I talked about this one on Catallaxy and I can see why I was raising peoples temperature by playing down just how powerful a single virus can be. Unfortunately Sinclair wiped my somewhat cavalierly written posts on this matter so I cannot reproduce them and show where I was being a bit ridiculous. And also clarifying what I meant.

Lets number down what she has mentioned.

1. Smallpox.
2. Rubella for a foetus
3. HIV
4. Measles
5. Ebola
6. Spanish Flu

My argument, perhaps poorly worded, goes a bit like this; If you are tanked up on Iodine and vitamin D beforehand. If you have some selenium now,  and more stashed away when this virus hits town. And if you have a great big hoard of liposomal vitamin C, plus someone looking after you, no one virus ought to be able to do you in. I’m not too much disagreeing with Lizzie really. Because I admit that I was sounding a bit cavalier, pointing to the possibility of a beat-up, or alternatively of a more serious biological attack going on.

So what I’m saying is, since I was trying to put three hypotheses on the table (beat-up, biological warfare, and real organic disease) that made me play up a fundamental weakness of a single virus.

My argument is that a virus lacks the genetic sophistication to create serious poisons. But earlier I had admitted that this virus could really fuck you up because it goes after your lungs.

A single virus can usually only kill you if it throws you into a vicious cycle. 

I am particularly susceptible to that sort of lurgy that gets in your lungs. Since I spent 22 years breathing in flour in my workplace. So I, least of all, want to be unprepared for this particular nasty when it rolls out here in the winter. Once you get into a vicious cycle, where you can never sleep, because lying down makes you cough so much you can barely breath. So you cannot sleep. So you cannot fight off the virus. So you die.

I don’t usually believe in drugs and medications. But here I make an exception. I go straight for the cough suppressant so my lungs don’t get too irritated by the coughing. I also mentioned that we need to have our beds tilted upward. So that lying down doesn’t bring on the coughing. I’ve got ten ways to get rid of viruses from the rest of my body. But they are so hard to get rid of from some of these extremities like the lungs. Or the skin. Or if the nasty bacterial infection is hiding in a rotten tooth. Very easy to clear a body of the virus proper.  Very hard to chase the virus beyond these extremities.

So lets go through these examples mentioned by hyper-feminine Lizzie.

1. Smallpox. Kills through bleeding. Hard to get it out of your skin. You have to kind of pay that one. But notice it died out once we had a lot of flush toilets and clean drinking water. Viruses can be very infectious. But you’d have to wonder about how infectious this one is with hand-washing, flush toilets,  a lot of sunlight coming into houses, and sterilised water. Because as deadly as it was,  smallpox turned out to have short legs, once hygienic conditions were improved

How would smallpox go if we had high vitamin D levels, liposomal vitamin C on hand, cranked up on iodine which I’m slipping into my beer right now? Plenty of Selenium? How would we go? We will never know. Though it appears to have cut through scantily clad (one imagines) North American Indians? We don’t have the details. We can make no sound judgement.  I suspect that if we had all these things on the fly smallpox would stay local.

2. Rubella for the foetus. So you want Mum to have caught Rubella already. Caught and recovered from Rubella before she gets pregnant.  To the rest of us Rubella is pretty harmless. In fact we want to have had it. Of course a developing foetus can be knocked off its path of sound development very easily.

3. HIV Sorry Lizzie I don’t have to pay that one. While I may be exaggerating when I say that viruses don’t have the genetic sophistication to put down a well looked after person (with a string of caveats) not so with HIV. Because these retro-viruses are even so much more primitive than normal viruses. Nope. Thats not a valid example. The cells they infect last no more than about six weeks. The best that a retro-virus could do on one of these cells,  is to add a tiny amount of extra overhead to the immune system.

4. Measles.  Case in point.  Supposing Mum was never vaccinated and she got measles as a kid.  Suppose you get breast-fed until you are 4.  You stop being breast-fed.  You catch measles.  Mum watches you closely and looks after you.  Your immune system only gets better.

5. Ebola. Attacks the skin. Pretty hard to get rid of these skin infections. But notice. It never really spread to the rich countries. If you had all these things on hand that I’ve already listed the repair job would be almost as fast as the damage being done.

Looks like its a poor country problem. I think people who were looked after in the way I suggest would pull through pretty quickly. Unless you get into a vicious cycle.

Note how once your skin was peeling off then you open yourself to other problems. Thats the vicious cycle I’m talking about. Its probably only when these secondary problems are opened up that this would cause too much of a problem for you, which would make it too hard to fight off the initial virus. Without the secondary problems, and with selenium and liposomal vitamin C,  I imagine the virus would be gone in a short period of time, like most viruses.

6.  Spanish Flu.  Thought to be neither Spanish nor flu nor even a single virus.  Biological warfare so it doesn’t really count.

I am not saying that Lizzie didn’t win that argument with a good clean knockdown. Its just that my reasoning was spread over several comments. She probably read one poorly worded screed, and as an expert in the field,  she would have been mortified.
As I said Sinclair wiped out all my comments. But I advanced a similar argument over at opinion-dominion. I don’t think Steve has gotten rid of it. So I’ll reproduce it here:

“Probably Soon is over there using Chinese slang terms as deep cover. Chinese people can see us as smelling bad being as we tend to be more hairy than they are and they can smell the dairy products on our sweat. I’m here sweating all the time and probably clear through until April. Believe me I shower often. But if I want friends who are Asian girls all over again I better be perfumed up because those girls have noses like bloodhounds.

Nonetheless there is a scintilla of truth to the idea that the Chinese can be a breeding ground for new viruses and I believe its to do with part of their country being deficient in Selenium. Though today the deep state will be trying all manner of population control and ways to sicken all of us in general, and the Chinese people particularly.

We all better have a good stash of selenium, super high dose vitamin D from overseas. And if you can afford it a big box of lipisomal vitamin C. Also start building up the iodine in your system and maybe even think about colloidal silver. Think about leaning your bed uphill in some way, so that you can breathe better if you can barely get out of bed for a few days.

Viruses don’t normally have the genetic sophistication to hurt people all that much. But this one appears to be going straight for the lungs. If you can keep breathing you will pull through.”

I hope this post isn’t as flippant sounding as the one that lead to Lizzie beating me senseless in an argument. I’m not saying viruses cannot kill people. Clearly they can. But if you prepare and you have people who care about you, you should pull through.

Okay so you see why I looked authentically a bit silly this time around at Catallaxy.  And it may seem that me getting beat up is what this post is about.

Thats not the issue.  I want you to read this one over and over and over.  Because I’ve included everything you need to face down this lurgy, should it make it here in an organic sense, this winter.  Just read it again and find out about everything I want you to do to beat this thing.  Not excluding tilting your bed.  And you’ll get through it.  Even if you have but one single family member continually washing sheets and carrying soup.

Reinterpretation Of Visual Information In the Light Of Zionist Defamation

You and I have been swamped with the idea that the Iranians are these great terrorists.  This is something the great terrorist Netanyahu reinforces every time he opens his deeply sick and racist mouth.  It would have not escaped Netanyahu’s attention, and the attention of yahoo’s everywhere, that the drumbeat of Cato the Censor (Carthage must be destroyed) was ultimately successful.

The Israelis need not be destroyed.  But Jews must be brought under strict third party control, something akin to the control they have us under now.  We have to be released from our shackles, they must be under some supervision to make sure they forget about all mischief, and therein will be the peace and flourishing of the species.

For the rest of us we just need to use zen thought control techniques to counter-act the hateful rolling thunder of defamation, blood libel, and demonisation that the Jews have foisted off upon the gentile in stages.  The Russians copped it. The proud Cossacks were horribly defamed and slaughtered under zionist influence.  The Germans still suffer under the menace and blood libel of the Jews.  Then it was the Arabs turn.  And in fact the Jew defames whitey whenever he gets a chance. Organised Jewry is psychopathic against all Yamnaya.

So take the following information and see how it can be reinterpreted under the expectations created by Jew demonisation.

Here the great warrior shows us what he was really working for.  The safety and security of all of Gods children.  But in the light of Jew demonisation the picture changes radically.

Exhibit A

The White Prince, destroyer of ISIS, warrior for civilised values,  with a little Yamnaya Gentleman.


Exhibit B

Longstanding killer of women and children, the well-known terrorist Professor Moriarti Soleimani bin Goldstein, has captured an American child and is now brutally extracting information from the victim,  to aid in his plot to harm Americas legitimate interests.

The Mystery Of The Circumpolar Current

From Elsewhere:

Just great that Robin Duell is thinking in these terms whether he’s right or wrong. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Some folks interpret that as Newtonian putdown on the physical stature of Robert Hook. I prefer the motto of “seeing further by pushing down hard on the heads of recalcitrant dwarves.” Because most of ones understanding comes when you are arguing with people who have ran out of sane argument. WXcycles is no dwarf and in good time I’ll be going back to take in every word he’s written. A goldmine of excellent information. His combination of detailed observations, with pure fantasy physics, has helped me put this lingering nuisance of the circumpolar current to bed. Well at least its help me have a functioning mind model of what is going on.

So in my model of what is going on you have negative charge being created at the earths centre. Which has a voided region, where the iron crystalline core is supposed to be. As you have to conclude with any rational analysis of gravity, up and down reverse at some point as you travel to the centre of the earth. It may even reverse three times but it reverses at least once. Anyway the negative charges generated at the centre end up rising up to meet the positive charges coming in from space. Ultimately from the sun of course. But not limited to daytime. But Antarctica is covered by an insulator. Thick ice insulation So the positive charges have no choice but to swirl around and around the continent scooping up any negative charges they can find. Negative charges will be more concentrated on the coast where there is no ice, then in most places on the planet. Since the full body of the continent is covered by an insulator.


I was arguing with a BOM meteorologist over at Joanne’s place.  He lost the argument so I was trying to shame him into an admission.  But the scientific method is not favoured amongst scientists.  So I’ll copy one of his comments just so you know what I’m talking about.  Then I’ll copy all my responses so you can figure out what is really going on outside of his fantasy version.







More Later.

CO2 Warms But Only Above The Clouds/The Satellite Record Is Good Data But Still A False Positive.

Its true that I cannot prove the above statement because the bad guys have monopolised on the data.  But its the most likely hypothesis so I’d like to see research out there to prove if its wrong or right.  The global warming fraud, when confronted with the heat island effect, comes up with some fuckwit saying that the effect is not all that bad.  Then thats the end of the matter.  So they won’t compile separate graphs where the heat island effect is not part of the story.  They wave it away.  So we don’t have honest ground data outside the American raw data.

We have to work with whatever we have.  We cannot use the fraudulent NOAA and GISS data.  We know its dirty.  So we don’t have much to work with but we have to scrounge around for what we can get.

Tony Heller has managed to search out old Australian and American data that is honest data.  The fraudsters have this excuse that the lower 48 States is only 2% of the global area so they bullshit people that we can dismiss this data.  But its the only sound data that has been compiled without being fucked by Oligarchical minions.  Not all of them gentiles.  So we simply must go with the data we have.

What Tony Heller has gotten hold of shows us that we must presume a slight cooling trend for the globe as an whole, based on Australian and American data,  if the 1890’s or the 1930’s is our starting point.  Take another starting point and you may find another trend.  There is no excuses not to extrapolate this to the globe as an whole until you can find honest data for the globe as an whole.  And the money is not there to do that.  The data is there.  The money is lacking.

The honest way to go forward is not to whine that the Australian and lower 48 data is not complete.  It should be representative,  and if we are unsure we should expect money forthcoming for people to keep adding sanctified measuring stations.  No heat island effect and no fucking excuses for the heat island effect.

But what about the honest data?  The balloon radiosondes and the satellite data since 1979 is still honest data.  But there is a problem with it.  It gives us a false positive for very obvious reasons.   And the frauds on Broadway have exploited this false positive mercilessly.  Frauds on Broadway, not all of them gentiles, have taken the false positive of the honest satellite data, combined with their own horseshit, to allege that they have an 86% probability that the year 2016 was the hottest year on the instrumental record.

Complete fucking lies but very hard to stand up and call out once you have admitted that the satellite data is honest data.   So the forces of evil have landed one clean on the jaw here,  and its got even the biggest skeptics acting very cautious and restrained.  I see these dudes backing off some because the satellite data isn’t telling them the story they expected.

So what is going on here?  Let me explain this to the layman, to see why this supposed confirmation of the lies of the bad guys, by the satellite, is got to be assumed to be, at maybe 98% certainty, a false positive.  And why this cannot be resolved without an honest survey of the ground data.

Since the global warming fraud has started people have talked as if the sun did not give off infra-red.  In reality more than half the energy we get from the sun is infrared.  Since the global warming fraud people have talked as if the infra-red absorbed by CO2 is independent of that absorbed by water vapour.  In reality they are overlapping.  And while CO2 is a narrow absorber in three tiny ranges,  water vapour is a wide-spectrum absorber of infra-red.

In other words if CO2 mixes above water vapour it is absorbing some infrared prior to that infrared hitting the water vapour and heating it up.   As a result of that absorption, in the first instant at least,  some of the area above where water vapour taps out should be warmed by extra CO2, at the expense of the region underneath.  So our first assumption has to be that extra CO2 cools the atmosphere below the clouds but warms some part of the atmosphere above that.

Now how about the greenhouse myth towards the make-up of the light from the sun being too much in the higher spectrums, whereas the thermal energy coming off the earth being all in the infra-red?  Well thats kind of crazy-talk.  Because the ratio is less than two-to-one.  What about other energy?  Well yes you have electrical energy difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth.  Which is really a residual difference between the sun and the deep earth.

This electrical energy will get converted to thermal energy,  thermal energy has a way of working opposite to gravity, and the CO2, particularly where and when the air is dry, will pick up some of this, which the water vapour may not have done so on its own.   As we can see there are a lot of wild cards which mean we must rely on good data.

You might think that its a reasonable position to take that the CO2 will clearly absorb more joules outgoing than joules incoming so we can right away infer net warming.  The reasoning might go like this;  Since the ratio of infra-red incoming to infrared outgoing may be (lets say) 1.8 to 1 … and since I’ve admitted to another incoming source of energy … that will pull it up to maybe 2-to-1 and so the global warming theory still holds.

But in a 3 dimensional model, rather than a model based on watts-per-square-metre,  not every joule is equal.  Image a pyramid house.  Is the heater in the attic as effective as the heater in the basement, for heating the pyramid house, joule for joule?  No of course not.  The heater in the basement is far more important.   So the matter simply cannot be resolved except empirically.

Now we come to the honest data we do have.  And thats the satellite data from 1979 to the present.  Which does seem to show a tiny bit of CO2 warming.  Because the temperature has gone up even during solar cycle 24 (a weak solar cycle) leading to the hottest year being in 2016.   Well as we have seen the LEAST in doubt idea is that the extra CO2 ought to warm the atmosphere a little bit, above the clouds.  Above at least where the water vapour taps out.  So we expect a false positive with a high level of certainty.  Because of reasons explained above we don’t really know the net effect on the ground.  I say that the net effect on the ground ought to be cooling.  But for reasons explained thats more than can be inferred by just thinking deeply about it.

We need good ground data.  And no more excuses for why we don’t have it.

Michelson Morley Meaninglessness

Here is the usual modern interpretation of Michelson Morley and you can see right away how this wrong interpretation supports both mummified geocentrists and the Team Einstein fraud.
“If the earth were moving through the aether, than a source of aether wind would be created at the surface of the earth…”
But this is like saying that if we go outside the wind must be blowing at the speed that the earth is turning. But this is not the case. The earth takes the air with it, for the most part, and there is only a small coriolis effect. A small effect only.
Since aether connects every nucleon with every other, it follows that movement would be impossible unless the aether connections were constantly breaking and reforming. Plus since visual images are coherent it follows that matter, or at least massive aggregations of matter, take the aether with it, just as the rotating earth takes the air with it also. For the most part but not entirely.
So the entire basis of the modern interpretation makes no sense. We might have expected to find some tiny aether wind or perhaps none at all. Just as when you step outside at the equator there may be a small wind blowing from east to west but its never going to match the speed of the earths rotation.
Michelson Morley found a tiny aether wind but apparently decided to brand their own experiment as a “null result”. But the experiment is what it is. It ought not be branded. They detected the aether wind but it was small, as you would expect in logic, so they just threw in the term “null result” which should be ignored because it means nothing. Its a meaningless term. There was no “null result” there was only the experimental result which was incompatible with Team Einstein bullshit and with Geocentrism …. but not by any massive degree.
It would be like stepping outside at the equator and finding that the wind was not blowing at 1000 miles per hour, but only at 5 miles an hour, and being horribly confused. Michelson and Morley themselves weren’t horribly confused. They weren’t thrown into some sort of philosophical quagmire. What happened instead is many years later a lot of charlatans leapt on the phrase “null result” and these grubby little men proceeded to take over physics as their cousins might have taken over the meat packing business in any given city.
The Einstein brainwashing is wearing off, but unfortunately some very logical Catholic true believers and other religious types have swung back to Geocentrism.  Despite this apparent craziness what is notable about these guys is that they are considerably more logical than team Einstein.  You can imagine how despairing this is for anyone who knows what is going on.
The normal way of the oligarchy will be for them to promote and abuse the geo-centrists.  Its just like with their young-Universe creation myth.   They find all these creationists to promote and tie to the whipping post.   That way they can continue with their Big Bang fraud.  They can act like 13.8 billion years is a long time.  Whereas in reality its just the sparkle in a young girls eye.

Why The Inverse Square “Law” For Gravity Is Only Partly Right And Only An Emergent Property.

Is it pretty clear why the reverse square law for gravity isn’t a law but a range limited emergent property? I think I’ve dealt with it elsewhere amongst a big meandering thread. But I may have to do a single thread going over that material because it may be a bit confusing to some people. In order to create a cult of personality over Einstein that had to have a parallel cult to do with Newton. And Maxwell for that matter. So they can kind of jump foot to foot.

We can skim over the basics.  Gravity is a force.  Its obviously a pull-force.  And its instantaneous, this implies constant contact.  We know that matter is all joined by an aether since light has wave-length. Wave requires a medium. That medium is called the aether.  So we already knew that matter maintained constant contact, since matter is visible.

Mother nature is parsimonious with its mechanisms so that this same aether is responsible for gravity.  This aether theory is very similar to Bill Gaedes rope theory.   The thing is though, that the smallest unit of aether, has to be very tiny in comparison to an individual proton, electron, and neutron.  Since no one strand of aether has any real effect on any of these.  That is to say when it comes to the very small stuff the pull force of the connections is vanishingly tiny.

If this is new to you, take a breath and absorb all this, because we have to dive into the implications of how gravity would work nucleon to nucleon and what the implications are when we scale up.

Just in passing lets mention the electric universe guys.  Their main insight is that electrical effects, deeply mysterious that they are,  scale really well.  They see the same things happening on the scale of light years, that they see on the scale of just a few centimetres in the lab.  I think they have made their case really well.  But gravity, that slight pull-force that the aether creates, almost by accident, DOESN’T scale real well.

I think aether scales real well.  In that I think a Birkeland current is acting like a giant strand of aether, even though its travelling through all these tiny strands of aether.  And when light travels through aether its as though the aether is “scaled up” to allow it to do so.

Electrical effects aren’t size dependents (or so the case is very well made) but gravitational effects are.  Because a small insect barely feels the force of gravity as he climbs up a wall.  But the fat man feels the force only too much as he walks up the stairs.

Now imagine that the nucleon to nucleon gravitational force drops off to the third power and not to the second.  Like an inverse cube law.  You are on a spherical earth but the surface is perfectly flat.   Every molecule on the planet and in the air above you is exerting a pull force on you, but some of them at different angle.

As you ascend to the clouds like Jesus does in the story,  think of how the force vectors from many of the molecules of earth are changing?  The higher you go,  the closer to straight down a lot of these force vectors are becoming.  Now do you see what I’m saying about the end result being an emergent property?   The force vectors are changing so the resultant force is becoming more effective.  Thus compensating in such a way as to make the drop-off in force less pronounced.

Anywhere above the point where hydrogen weather balloons tap out, the only things subject to gravity are orbiting.  That is to say moving roughly perpendicular to the earth.  I’m saying that this movement reduces the gravitational pull “a little bit.”  Some items will have an elliptical orbit.  All circular motion involves acceleration.  But elliptical orbits accelerate and decelerate a lot more than circular orbits.  I’m saying acceleration, unless the movement (not the acceleration itself) is towards the earth (rather than perpendicular to it)  breaks a lot of aether connections and therefore reduces the force of gravity “quite a bit.”   So I’m saying that the inverse square law isn’t really true, only appears to be true, and only appears to be true in a fairly limited range, and that its an emergent property for the reasons mentioned.

Just wanted to clear that one up.  Because the big thread on growing earth, gravity and mountain-building can be a bit hard to follow.

So if you were to plug this sort of thing into a computer model you are going to find out why orbits are so forgiving.  Why gravity is not clumpy and crash-happy.  Why mathematicians can barely solve a three-body problem but the galaxy solves a multi-billion body orbiting problem effortlessly.  Why NASA finds that rockets pick up anomalous energy when they slingshot them around planets.  Why spiral arm galaxies don’t act the way the mainstream wants them to, so they had to make up dark matter.  All that stuff is explained by the above view of gravity.  So I’ve really cracked it. These problems can be solved if you listen to dissident voices, stop putting down people as “crackpots’ and you dwell on these things long enough.